Thursday, November 17, 2011

Injustice Reality

From the past months- an interesting conclusion from the observation of the Justice System role in the Philippines caught almost everyone’s attention. From heinous crimes done by the poor people to the allegedly billions of stolen wealth case of the elite and powerful paraded to the eyes of the majority.

58 people died in a massacre from a far- flung area of Maguindanao and 730 days have pass with no concrete solution to the problem that the justice will be bestowed upon to the victims. The accused elite with their famous and popular lawyers is happier than the family that was left behind and starving to death.

The monopoly of a giant company is better to be called Ceasar of this time without any option for the poor consumer. Every month this Ceasar will just collect with the computation that a common Juan will never understand while the Higher court is assuming that every Juan knew and aware about the system.

So too think of really big time good looking crooks with their clean and ironed well suits freely roaming around and enjoying their precious lives, remember infamous professional thieves proudly displaying their stinking stolen wealth and throwing and displaying well with cameras their donations for poor people. Don’t forget some high-ranking politicians infamous for their big families and graft and corrupt practices yet still manage to command the adoration of the majority of the population—and you find systemic injustice reality in the country as their common playground.

With a good fortune and the precious blessings brought about by social injustice will never just be a common reality to every Juan. Came across with this statement from a high-ranking official that not all legal is right, does it means that not all illegal is wrong? Come to think of it, it is morally impossible to find anything really good or truly right when injustice is an element of the court. So honesty is not really honest, generosity might have a hidden agenda behind or in other words, people doesn’t have no satisfaction but greed.

A Hacienderos will have all his land while the tenants will die as tenants tens of his grandchildren till the agricultural land will be converted to a commercial leisure residential part in the South. What is the life of one leader if the cost is only 60,000 pesos, same as the cost of one luxury bag? Everything will be forgotten, as time goes by, life to everyone, to others will still go on and will just continue to mind their own business to survive in this harsh injustice reality that we are all in.

The justice department has been investigating a powerful elite for their role in suspected election rigging in 2004 and 2007. They were also facing corruption inquiries in connection with several government contracts and yet never from the entire months of request the accused attended or appeared a hearing in court, which is another reason to become rich and powerful.

Conclusion: In the event that the new yellow administration famous with so many slogans and swamped by so many invisible concrete decisions, propositions, solutions to poverty, suggestions is unconditionally committed to its battle cry of principled, objective and straight policies and upright governance, it stands to reason that with unity everything will be possible, its over-all national plan of action cannot but have as its cornerstone and priority mission, none other than a consistent, serious and operative Justice System all over the country. And the rest of what is basically good, right and fair for the Philippines and the Filipinos, simply follow as a matter of course.

From a respected leader “ Thus: Away with untouchables! Away with those above the law! Away with justice only for the poor, the ignorant, the little people. Justice for all or none at all!”

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