Monday, February 28, 2011


    Cristine Cereso, Elona  Yllone and Jomar Sonlarin from Letran College, all are fifteen year olds Christian students. With their Religion subject  in school, they discussed the Reproductive Health Bill every Monday and Thursday. As teenagers, these are the idea and information they have about this hottest issue.

·         Legalized contraception
·         Pag bata pinapayagan gumamit ng contraceptive, highschool students
·         Tinuturo kung ano lang yung facts daw about RH bill
·         Noynoy  into using contraceptives  but the Catholic church is against
·         Free condoms
·         Pigilan ang teenage pregnancy
·         Philippines is overpopulation because of poverty, illegal settlers  and people begging for alms
·         Okey to pass the rh bill
·         Condom is not a sin because it prevents AIDS/HIV and unwanted pregnancy
·         Natural to masturbate, it’s not a sin because almost everyone is doing it.

Work Backgrounds of the parents of these three teenagers;
Mother                                                                Father
Housewife                                                           Engineer
Government Employee                                       Government Employee
Employee                                                            Engineer

   Tuition fee in Letran more or less varies from 20,000.00 pesos to 30,000.00 pesos and without parents who can afford to pay, the quality of education will be different or more so, these three students might never go to school. They are the fortunate ones. In their vacant time from school they are into networking sites such as Facebook Life journal. Com, Twitter, Tumbler, Flurk, Friendster, Multiply and Formspring.  The technology gives an individual an edge and first  hand information about what is happening in the community and around the globe. After graduation in Highschool they like to take Psychology, Architecture and Engineering.

For their children in the future, maximum of three is the ideal size of the family for them. Asked about the popular question “When does life begin” and these are their response;
1.       Start with a heartbeat
2.       Fertilization though namamatay pa rin
3.       Pag fetus na more or less four months

   These students are smart but because they are still not into current events and no right information about Reproductive Health bill which might help the majority of the population a much better life, without awareness programs, seminars or forums, they will still be uninformed. Asked about how many brothers or sisters their parents have, some with eight to thirteen. Though life before is different than today, we can compare the status of living and quality of life.

   From Reproductive Health Advocates Network, Eleven mothers are dying everyday.  Might be the mis-information, lack of medical supports, poverty, induced abortion or wrong choice of decision. Lots of RH advocates are actively spreading the news about the benefits or advantages of RH bill. Poverty is all around us. Illegal settlers, national Housing Authority, Unemployment, increasing population, limited investors, economy and corruption. The future of these three teenagers are in the hands of the people who are actively supporting the Reproductive Health Bill. To some, if this is not the answer, for 69% of the population, it might be the answer. Taking the risk is what Filipinos are usually doing and good at. In this current situation, where everyone thinks that living is survival of the fittest, taking the risk is one  that is not a hard thing to do.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

EDSA 2011


  Sunny and people are wearing yellow shirts. All networking sites are talking about it and its been twenty five years. Time Street, where the former president Cory Aquino lived before are surrounded by Presidential Security Guards. Likhaan office is just few blocks away  and the meeting is about the controversial bill from six authors but the current administration just consolidated everything and renamed it as Responsible Parenthood (RP bill). The leaders inside the Likhaan compound are serious and focus on how to make the bill into a law to help the unfortunate individuals. It is February 25, 2011 and after twenty five years of the famous EDSA Revolution where the former president for two decades,  Ferdinand Marcos experienced the worst which was change. Change from his administration to a new administration and in front line is the widow, a housewife and wife of the former Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.
   Among the many individuals, officials and guards surrounding the house of the President is the Assistant Executive Secretary. He is wearing a yellow polo shirt and a lawyer from Arellano University. Only 31 years old, obviously, his work is exceptional and not ordinary, as the “alalay”, the word from him, he is happy all the time side by side with the Pnoy. His parents are both working in government. He is single and given a chance, he wish to have four children. He have two sisters, a lawyer like himself and the other one was a graduate of accountancy.

   For him, condom is not a sin, he is in a practical side, same as the issue about population and demography. Overpopulation from him cause poverty that’s why majority of our population are poor. Talking about demography, he thinks that the Philippines have enough for everyone though not everyone are can afford to get even one square area of every land. He told me not to release this for the media to know, but I am sure not telling his name is enough. People need to know everything, specially about the people who are with the head of the state.
  The last question is if he is supporting the reproductive Health Bill, he said that whatever will be Pnoys decision, which is into Responsible Parenthood, that’s also voila!, that’s from him…into Responsible Parenthood, that’s the conclusion actually, even though never saw even the famous porche.

   People are everywhere, radios all about this event and the topic sometimes is focused with the juniors of the leaders from the last generation not too long ago. Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos said that if his father was still alive and still with position, Philippines might be the same as Singapore  right now, while the son of the late fierce and strong senator who is now the incumbent President of the Philippines, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino III said contrary to what the young Marcos press release, the philippines might be like Japan.

Former mayor of Calauan, Buenafrido Berris, Zagu Owner Joy Inumerable, Engr. Grace nicolas and then Congressman who is now a senator, Bong Bong Marcos exchanging jokes in one of the events.
 Democacy is the word I heard over and over with the past two weeks. Freedom sometimes though with critics for comparing the then and after the February 25, 1986 EDSA revolution, some questions even the measurement or weights of the corruption before and after, which is which and what is the worst. One cannot blame someones opinion, it might be because he experienced the actual issue while a lot are still kids then, they know that something needs a turnover but the question still remains, Which life is better,before or after EDSA?

at the Marcos Mansion

Friday, February 25, 2011

FEB. 27,2011-RH Supporters Hold Memorial March for Mothers at the CBCP


RH Supporters Hold Memorial March for Mothers at the CBCP
Appeal to Bishops' Empathy Regarding 11 Preventable Maternal Deaths per Day

Manila, Feb. 24 – The Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN) and supporters are planning to deliver a letter to the CBCP via a march on February 27 at 4pm. In addition a peaceful action will be performed by the assembled supporters at the CBCP building (details undisclosed). The letter does not request that the CBCP stops preaching, “But we do expect you to care as fellow Filipinos who preach about love, especially love for the poor" it reads. “We expect that although all of you are men, you have learned empathy and affection from your mothers, your sisters, and your women friends."

Supporters will assemble at 4pm across from the Manila Hotel at the Cory & Ninoy monument, Bonifacio Drive corner Padre Burgos Street. After a one hour program, supporters will march to the CBCP, where eleven candles will be lit, memorializing the eleven women who die every day of reproductive health complications, the vast majority of which are preventable. The letter will be read and supporters will perform a mass action to call the Church's attention to the more than four thousand mothers who die every year from maternal complications that could be prevented by RH education and services, demonstrating “the lives lost, the children left behind, the hopes and relationships cut short, the contributions to society that have ceased.”

Supporters will then leave peacefully. “We only leave behind the 11 candles with their dying flames. May the memories of the eleven women who died today touch your hearts and minds.”

This RHAN event is part of the “RH, Ipasa Na” campaign, a nationally-coordinated effort that began with a rally at Congress in mid-February. Dr. Junice L.D. Melgar, the Executive Director of Likhaan Center for Women’s Health and the secretary-general of RHAN said “We hope that the bishops can feel our pain, and that they will appreciate the full value of women’s lives."

For more information on RH Bill advocacy activities, visit
For more information on the RH Bill, visit ; 

RHAN is the country's largest network of organizations and individuals working for over 10 years now for the passage of a reproductive health law

For further information, contact the current RHAN Secretariat: 
Likhaan Center for Women's Health 
Tel: 926-6230 • Fax:  
Contact person: Joy Salgado(0915 407 9894) ; Ellen San Gabriel (0916 602 5203)


Center for Women's Health Inc.
88 Times St., West Triangle Homes
Quezon City 1104 Philippines
Tel: (63 2) 926-6230
Fax: (63 2) 411-3151
E-mail: (backup)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


   He is from Southern Luzon State University, John Arvin Pastores is 19 yers old and a graduating fourth year college student taking up food technology. He is in Caluuan, Laguna together with his classmates doing On-the -Job training at Hacienda Macalauan. He came all the way from Lucban, Quezon. His mother is an accountant and his father manages their grocery store.

His view about Reproductive health Bill are as follows:
  • Population Control
  • Family Planning
  • Condom is a sin
  • Masturbating is not a sin and he is doing that
  • Philippines is not over population
  • Church is against the passage of RH Bill

   Monarissa Barcelon from Barangay Mabacan, Calauan, Laguna is 20 years old, Single, Highschool graduate with two siblings. Her mother is working abroad while her dad stays at home taking care of the household. Her dad was a college graduate while her mother reached highschool. Her two sisters are both studying, second year in college and first year in highschool.

   She doesnt have any idea about the Reproductive Health Bill, No idea who Carlos Celdran is even the word Damaso. They have TV at home and Newspapers are available in the market. She is not watching any news. She belongs to a Tau Gamma Sigma group with more or less 50 members and she is the secretary. Just like her mother, she is also a highschool graduate and as of now doesn't have any work. She is not continuing her studies because her two sisters are also studying and the money sent by her mother abroad is not enough to support all of them.

   From her, Condom is not a sin and pills because its a way of family planning. She is a non practicing catholic. If she will get married, she just like two children because of poverty. If she will have a chance to go to school, she likes to take Hotel -Restaurant and Management.

   54 years old Belinda Mercado Santain from Barangay Lamot 1 earnes 250.00 a day from her "paglalako ng kakanin".  Her husband, a trike driver earns 300.00 pesos daily. they have two children ages 14 and 18. She have three siblings and her eldest sister have 9 children the same with her brother in law with 9 children.
The combined salary is not enough for them because they are also renting an apartment for one thousand pesos monthly excluding the electricity. She got married at the age of 32.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Cycle of Life

   Poverty is not only limited now to lack of basic needs such as Food, Shelter and Clothing. This time, it includes lack of healthcare, clean water, education and nutrition. The human needs is also evolving just like technology. Human mind is so intelligent, a gadget so new could be obsolete in just a few days with a better, sronger and faster upgrade. Philippines has 93 million more or less in population and majority of the population is under the poverty line. Where the definition of poverty has a lot of meaning from different individuals, scholars or organization, one thing is sure, poverty do not satisfies an individual and occurs in all countries.

  Poverty is one big problem of any society. Young as early as days old can feel this and is obvious for the things surrounding him. For every adult, it's a nightmare, like a dream without hope, darkness around, misery or even as simply like a dizziness with only faith and no cure. The blaming game is just a natural act but the result is nonetheless the same. Filipino family loves to be with their children. Dependent children to their parents is not an issue unlike in western countries. There is nothing wrong in love. What is wrong is a lack of knowledge due to poverty and the capacity to think the difference between right and wrong.

 Luningning Bere is dark with short black flip away hair. She looks stronger than any housekeeper because of her masculine body built, harsh voice and 140 pounds in body mass weight. She is forty years old from  Barangay Basiad, Sta Elena, Camarinez Norte who is Elementary graduate with nine siblings. Her mother is a housewife while the father is a fisherman same as her husband. She have Nine Children too ages are 24,22,19,16,14,13,12,10 and 1 yr old. Her reason why applying as a housekeeper is to help her husband to buy new “lambat” because from her, if the “lambat” is new, it catches more fishes. While in Camarinez Norte, she was helping her husband by way of selling the fishes , “nilalako sa bahay bahay”.

   Her husband  who is forty four years old is also an elementary graduate, she married Luningning when she was still sixteen years old and she said, she was in love. The situation of her husband parents are the same as her parents. The mother is a housewife while the father is a farmer. As a fisherman, average income per day is 200.00 pesos. Luningning doesn’t have any regrets for having nine children and she stopped because her doctor told her that “manipis na ang bahay bata” so she needs to stop giving birth. They don’t use any condoms and pills because of her varicose veins, that’s what her doctor told her. As a housekeeper, her monthly salary is 2,500.00 pesos, she left all her children to her mother to take care with a consent of her husband. Two of her children are married already and lives with their husband.  The means of living of her son in laws are also fishing and her daughters are also a stay home wife. Three of her children graduated in high school. She practice her rights to vote last May 2010 election, she voted for Pnoy for president, only Mirriam Santiago for senator and for vice president, she don’t remember.

   This is the cycle of life which when I attended the planning session at Philippines for center and population development (PCPD) was one of the topic and facts. It is very hard to break the cycle because of population. Usually whatever is the work of the parents, possible that will be the work also of the children. With nine children and the source of income is very limited, what quality of life do you think Luningning can give to her love ones? She said she is happy. Does happiness is enough?. 

   With poverty all arond the world not only in the philippines, with so much wealth, financial stability and great minds from first class countries, does distribution is the problem? For every change there is resistance and culture in the philippines will be the same in this lifetime. With the majority of the population under the poverty line, political will reform might be the answer. With the executive power and connections with different organizations, utopia can be achieve if not now, one step at a time in the future. The next generation will benefit on this. there might not have one single "Luningning" again with nine kids and poor, which her name could be translated in english as "ray of light."

Sunday, February 20, 2011


   Fourteen years and still with a dimple and sweet smile on his face, I can still recall the first time I saw him. Eighteen years ago, with a striped shirt and I hate the color, with fit denim jeans and sunglasses covering his small and fragile face, I was peeking and with faster heartbeats than the usual, for the first time, he is here, eye to eye and I am just 19 years old. The subject was Chemistry and I hhate science. Sitting in as we called it before, waiting for me while the professor seriously discussing while my mind is somewhere else.

   I believe that the happiest day in every single woman is when somebody is courting you or have a relationship with someone you love. The feeling? the most beautiful girl on earth. You always wants to dress well, with perfume or cologne whenever going out with him, the way you talk is different, cannot go out without a comb, lipstick and cellphone inside your best bag. The feeling is unbelievable and wonderful or better be the word is amazing. He is the man of your dream and every single moment, whenever he is with you, there's magic in the air, you feel that nothing is impossible and with him, you feel so secured.

   That was then, and for all those years with three precious babies, some political no career, engineering practices, stagemom, student servant and a lot of complaints with the reality which people still cannot accept change. Love is still in the air. Yes, theres a contract, through thick and thin, for richer and for poorer. Though the ones with thin and poorer made us fight, at the end, love is still what we have.

   Things all through out the years might have some changes, but the best thing that ever happened is having three precious babies. With a POS or Policystic Ovarian Syndrome, because of science and american dream, they are here. Life in this world is short but with your loveones, nothing seems impossible, even life forever. Character and attitude are what counts to me, there might be a lot of destructions but with husband, so responsible and loving like mine, everything will fall into its proper places. Truly love conqueres all, I believe, I have lots of faith with possibilities and possitiveness. I love life specially with people who loves me.

   I am so fortunate to have a family like mine. My parents, the foundation and basis of all my decisions and judgements never fail me. Without all of them, I will be lost, a little misunderstood for so many ways because of the changes I want to do, breaking the norms, spilling the beans and putting everything in a transparent condition. Just like my parents, who will fight for the truth, my kids are excemptional, smart and witty plus talented artist. i am very blessed with a lot of things, it might not be material fortunes but mine is the best. Love from my family and the best family in the whole world. With a husband who always supporting me, nobody but him can control me, can love me, can do anything for me and trully will stay with me no matter what, nobody but him.

Friday, February 18, 2011



Dear Pnoy,

   I know it is hard to be the President of the Philippines, specially with platforms such as removal of corruption from the government. For many years now, the country have been subdivided to differnt culture, religion and points of view, primarily because of poverty and the low quality of life which is obvious from the amount of illegal settlers all around the city, kids begging for alms in the middle of the road and rampant violence such as carnapping, snatching, killings and economy.

   With this receint incident about the former Secretary of energy Angelo Reyes who surprised the nation with his public suicide infront of his mothers tomb and the hottest issue for women which is dropping the Reproductive Health Bill as one of your priority bill, i can imagine the headaches, heartaches and stressed. When you get the former senator mar Roxas as one of your adviser, your countrymen cant help but think if it is a wise decision or was it just returning a favor for him giving a way for your candidacy? I saw also the former senator Webb in one of your gatherings and obviously he supported your candidacy then a sudden turrnaround of events when the son, Hubert Webb, for 15 years behind bars is now a free man. Lets go back to returning the favor, We, the filipino people elected you, we checked your difference from other candidates and with a former president mom and a hero dad, what shall we say, you have the name and it is in your blood, we elected you.

   With your new and expensive cars, we cannot blame you for having those, you are rich, bachelor and with a hachienda and like an unico hijo, you can afford to buy those. But the question is not about the capacity to pay but the right time for showing off. In this community where a lot of families have been relocated with a median of 6 children per family with parents who doesnt have work, having those extra ordinary cars is too much to bear. How can you be happy driving that when you can see a child walking without slippers, mud in his feet and raining without umbrella, as our leader, dont you think it is your responsibility to eliviate us from poverty? Its been nine months since you becme our new leader, you are different from all of them.

   I am a woman, an empowered one, have lots of complaints because of the truth that I can tell to everyone. I am not afraid because I believe that the truth will set us all free. I am supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill because i dont want to see my fellow women wicked and abused, If I can be independent, I know they can too. I believe of saving lives of my countrymen will help us to have a good quality of life, if not in my lifetime, I am hoping for my children time. I experienced to offered work to my community but without any government position, I dont know why they stopped me. Do I need to have a position to help? I am confused Pnoy. And with all the problems of our country, I am sure you are too.

   I have three kids and my husband and I are both working hard to give them a nice future and yet the money we received is ust enough for our everyday life, i am thinking how much more with those family with 6 to 8 children and the salary per day is just equal to one slice of cheesecake from the famous coffee shop. I understand you Pnoy, It is hard to bear all the burdens which supposed to be not yours. But you meditated, you campained, you tried hard to get elected and now, as the most powerful man in the philippines, what is the feeling? Is it hard to admit that RH Bill can help or might help the philippines to progress, might give us quality life, might give my children better education and life in the future, might be the solution for our overgrowing population, could prevent abortion, with a choice between natural and modern method to get pregnant and most of all for that 69% who agrees to all of this, they are the ones who voted you and you said, we are your boss. It's the first time in the history of this country to hear that magic word, us, a part of the majority of the population, your Boss? nice to hear but Pnoy, please we understand your situation, but prove it..that we are yoour boss, majority of us.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


                                    Grace Nicolas, Mayora Felisa Berris and Board member Angelica Jones

   Sa loob ng tatlong pung taon, dinadaan daanan, nilalampasan lampasan at nalalanghap ang mabahong amoy mula sa daan, minsan umuusok usok pa. Ito ang naranasan ng mga biyahero mula sa ibat ibang bayan patungo sa ciudad ng San Pablo na kung saan makikita at nakalantad sa mata ng madla ang pinagtatapunan ng basura mula sa truck na galing sa Calauan at minsan ibat iba pang truck na galing sa ibang munisipyo ang natutunghayang nagtatapon dito. Sa pagkakaalam ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan, ito ay ligal na tapunan ng basurahan ng munisipyo ng Calauan na may humigit kumulang na may 60,000 kataong naninirahan at nadaragdagan pa sa ngayon dahil sa ginawang National Housing Authority na kung saan mahigit kumulang sa tatlong libong pamilya ang inilikas dito mula sa ibat ibang trahedya sa maynila.

   Ang Republic Act 9003 na mas lalong kilala sa "Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000" ay may mga alintuntunin na dapat sinusunod ng isang lokal na gobyerno. Nakasaad dito na kailangang pangalagaan ang health ng mga mamamayan at ng nakapalibot dito, Ienganyo ang mga mamamayan na gumamit ng tamang pamamaraan na kung saan ay maiingatan at lubos na magamit ang mga bagay upang makatipid sa konsumo, magkaroon ng susunding proseso na kung saan mabawasan ang basurang itatapon, uliting gamitin, paghiwahiwalayin ang mga basurang di magkakapareho bago mailagak sa MRF o material recovery facility na naaayon sa prinsipyo na itinalaga ng batas, enganyuhin ang mga pribadong mamamayan sa tamang pagtatapon ng basura. Ito ay ilan lamang sa alintuntunin na nakasaad sa RA 9003 na kung saan ay nararapat na magawa at ipasunod ng lokal na pamahalaan.

   Sa loob ng napakatagal na panahon, tatlo ng pamunuan ang umupo sa munisipyo ng Calauan, noong nakaraang taon lamang, natunghayan at ikinagulat ng karamihan ang pagsasara ng nasabing basurahan sa tabi ng daang pang publiko. Ang mamamayan ay nagtatanong, kung noon pa ay ilegal na ang tapunang ito, sa loob ng mahabang panahon, ngayon isinara ng wala rin namang nakatalaga ng alternatibong pagtatapunan ang labing pitong barangay ng Calauan? At sa loob ng halos tatlong dekada, ngayon lamang ba nalaman na ilegal ang pagtatapon dito na kahit sinuman ang dumaan ay malalaman mong tapunan ng basura sa tabing daan? Tayo ba ay nagbubulagbulagan? ano ba ang naging posisyon ng DENR at ng pamahalaang lokal tungkol dito? at sa ngayon, saan dinadala ang basura?

   Aking nakadaupang palad ang bagong halal na dating Mayor ng Los Banos na sa ngayon ay Bise Gobernador ng Laguna kung paano nya nagawang pasunurin ang mamamayan ng kanyang nasasakupan sa hindi pag gamit ng plastik sa lahat ng tindahan. Ang munisipyo ng Los Banos ay tinagurian noong panahon ng dating pangulong Ferdinand Marcos na Science City na halos Otsenta porsyento ay gubat at di maaaring galawin tulad ng bundok ng Makiling. Naririto rin ang tanyag na University of the Philippines na kung saan ang mga tinaguriang iskolar ng bayan ay nag aaral. An sikreto, sabi ng Bise gobernador "Three months mind conditioning". Na kung saan sa loob ng tatlong buwan ay nagsagawa sya ng pagtitipon, seminar o forum upang ipamahagi o ipahayag ang kagandahan at benepisyo ng pag gamit ng papel kesa sa plastik na sa ngayon kahit iba na nag namumuno ng bayan ay sinusunod pa rin ng mga mamamayan.

   Ilang linggo lamang ang nakakalipas ng ipatupad rin ng lunsod ng muntinlupa ang dina pag gamit ng plastik sa lahat ng tindahan at kung ito ay nagawa ng ibat ibang bayan, sana magawa rin dito sa maliit na bayan ng Calauan. Ang problema sa pagtatapon ng basura ay isang malaking isyu noong isang taon pa at sa pag iisip ng mga mamamayan ay ano ang dahilan at dipa masolusyunan. Napag alamn rin na sa lungsod ng san Pablo nadadala ng truck ng basurahan mula sa Calauan na kung saan nagkaroon ng Memorandum of Agreement ang dalwang bayan hinggil dito na nakasaad na labing pitong barangay ng Calauan ang magtatapon sa lunsod ng San Pablo. Ang tanong? may bayad ba ang pagtatapon sa ibang bayan at king meron ay magkano? diba sapat na magkaroon ng tama o ligal na tapunan ng basura sa Calauan na kung saan baka sa hinaharap ay mas makakamura pa at makakatipid upang magamit pa ang ibang pondo sa ibang pangangailangan ng bayan?

   Ordinaryo at pribadong mamamayan lang po ang nagtatanong na walang alam sa batas ngunit nakakakita at nakakarinig ng tama at mali. napagtatanungan rin ng kapwa mamamayan ngunit ang kasagutan ay dipa rin maarok ng kaisipan. kahit mga opisyales ng barangay ay nagtatanong at sino ba ang isang pribadong mamamayan upang makaalam ng kasagutan. Ang MRF, mahal ba ito at wala na bang ibang paraan upang di masiphayo ang mga mamamayan sa mga inilagak na mambabatas sa lokal na gobyerno? DENR ba nag sasagot sa problema ng pamahalaan tungko dito? Alam ba ng mamamayan na bawal ng magsunog ng basura upang maprotektahan ang ating ozone layer sa mapaminsalang usok? Epektibo ba nag nagagawang "awareness program" kung mayroon ang lokal na pamahalaan upang maintindihang mabuti ng mga mamamayan ang tamang pamamaraan sa mga isyu na dapat maresolbahan? May pera ba sa basura namapapakinabangan ng mga mamamayan? may pondo bang inilagak ang nasyonal na pamahalaan ukol dito para sa lokal na pamahalaan? ang nakatalaga ba sa MENRO ay espesyalista sa kanyang hinahawakang posisyon na sa ngayon ay nararapat ng lubos na makatulong sa pamahalaan at nasasakupan nito? Isa lamang ang huling katanungan, kailan magkakaroon ng ligal na tapunan ng basura o MRF ang buong pamahalaan ng Calauan?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


   IARCWFMPC, an acronym for Imok ARC Women and Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative located in Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna. With a population of less than 600 families and voting population of less than 200, this barangay, the highest point in the municipality of Calauan with farming as the main source of income.  De Los Reyes is one surname who owns some of the largest amount of land in that area and farmers with dirt, horses and still poor are waiing for some blessings that they think is what is just due for them. This place is called as Special Agrarian Reform Community (SARC) specially classified as PEACE DEVELOPMENT ZONE.

  A woman, tall, pretty, dark and slim is very known for her fight against corruption, justice for fellow farmers and a leader of different organizations. She is smart and is showing from the words, issues and informative answers. For almost a year now, she is known for her integrity, when she was also behind bars with now an elected senator and even an elected national government official with a controversial coconut house offered work for her but she declined. There are only two people in this world, one with integrity and one who doesnt.

  Because of hardwork and skill to communicate, the Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA)  on  Coco Coir Processing Project for Imok ARC Women and Farmers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (IARCWFMPC )  was discussed and signed on July 23, 2010. It was attended by the Chairperson of the said cooperative, its selected members and Emma Alanguilan, Development Facilitator (DF) of  said barangay.

   PARO Fritzi explained that the funds  for the training should be used as it is written and directed. She also noted that the cooperative will be trained in coco coir processing for them to start an agri-business enterprise on their own and right now, producing tons of products and they have a direct person marketing the output. This is first in the municipality with five free new machines for the project and since coconut is one of the resource in this area, some eco-friendly materials has been produced and ready to show the whole philippines all about it.
   They are still producing "Walis" for the cooperative but this help from DAR gave them hope for the future of their children. Majority of the population is poor and because of the leadership of one smart woman, the cooperative have one source of income. The products since made from coir dust are alternatives for plastics which is not advisable to use nowadays because of the long term decomposition and is hazardous to our only environment. With the machines from DAR and effort of the cooperative, these are yet not enough for the the production area is still without concrete flooring. The production area which is also the training site started with a mixture of "kayakas ng niyog" and galvanized iron sheet, 60 square meters in floor area and cocnut columns are all solicited. Today the roofing is fully made of galvanized corrugated sheet.
  Products produced are Coco pot, coco twine, christmas ornaments and coco log sheet, all made of coconut coir dust. The cooperative is looking for sponsors for the floring they need for the production site and if possible an extension of roof for the stocks. Nothing has been put into waste from raw materials to finish products. An eco friendly output and a livelihood program for the cooperative.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



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By Engr. Grace Nicolas

In our effort to encourage discussion in all walks of society, Mulat Pinoy has been requesting messages, articles and commentary on popdev matters from various personalities.
Our contributors are a varied sort: some from NGOs, others from a more corporate background; some are well-known across the board while others lead quieter lives. Regardless of who they are and where they come from, they have something to say about our population, and we should all listen.

The following message is from Engr. Maria Grace Nicolas of Calauan, Laguna:
Grace on the campaign trail

I saw the needs of my community, which was lagging behind its neighboring town. When I organized a meeting in October 2009 with then-Congressman of Ilocos Norte Ferdinand “Bong bong” Marcos Jr., and eight mayors from different parts of Laguna together with their vice mayors and councilors. I thought I had a calling: to be the next councilor of Calauan, Laguna.

It was a good campaign, if I may say so myself. It was the best campaign in the history of this town. Many volunteers with complete uniforms donated by supporters, a striking campaign jingle, motorcades, good speeches, three barkers going around and a group that I joined because of the mayoral candidate. He was honest, intelligent and articulate, a businessman who wants to prove something. It was his third try for that position, without any promises but change and progress.

“The mango tree bears many fruits, and passersby used to throw stones to get the fruits. You are like the mango tree. You are beautiful, intelligent and sensible. It’s not stones that are thrown upon you, but intrigue, and rumor.” This is a letter from my mother, my first teacher.

I lost that election, but I have no regrets, simply because of the many people I reached. There are 17 barangays in my town, and I got less than 4000 votes, but I was overwhelmed and thankful. I have been to the highest mountain that I didn’t even know existed, crossed the river with a bamboo tree as my bridge. I have see how fortunate are the people relocated from calamity areas, now living at the National Housing Authority in their own shelter, surrounded by mountains and fresh air.

Mothers would wash their clothes in the cold and clear river. Fathers would fetch pails of water from the geothermal plant, where they are provided multiple outputs for water. A friend of mine said it would take 30 minutes to get there on foot, via a rough and winding road from their house. If you were fortunate enough to have a horse, it would take 20 minutes.
I saw a man there, and I asked him about his work. He told me he is a civil engineer. I was so surprised. Here was an educated man, in the middle of a sitio, with a tool in his hands for cutting wood. A month later I hired him and he is now supervising my residential project at Crown Asia.

When I ran for office, these were my platforms: infrastructure development and senior citizen additional benefits. But during that campaign period, I accomplished so many other things.
We were able to conduct seminars for environmental awareness, with the help of DENR. We set up feeding programs for the children for different barangays. We helped erect an electrical post that helped 15 families. A chapel that had remained unfinished for years was finally completed. I helped organize a livelihood program for women.

With the help of FIRM (Friends of Imelda Romualdez Marcos), I set up and a Sagip Ilog and cleanliness program
It made me think: here I am, with no actual position in the community, and I can do all these things by myself. Surely someone with a better position in government can do more?
I have been attending all the seminars and conferences I can find, with topics ranging from environment to current events. I do this not for myself, but for those unfortunate ones who can’t do what I can do, who cannot go where I can go. I want this small community to be aware and be concerned.
I am pushing for the Reproductive Health Bill as one of my advocacies too because it can help the economy. It can solve the poverty issue for a middle-class family, so they will have fewer children to feed, and they can send their children to good schools. They can have just enough for the family they have.

I attended a CafĂ© Scientifique meet-up, for the launching of a new book. The author said that Filipinos are lazy. I raised my hand and told her that I will not accept that we are lazy. It’s just that we don’t have enough tools, like books supplied by the government. We don’t have enough employment. We are introducing change, but there is always resistance.
People ask me, why I am doing this? The reason is best phrased by my husband, who said, “This is our only lifetime, so do your best. Be your best. Don’t waste your life, and be different so you can make a difference.”

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why am I supporting the RHBill.

Got married at twenty two years old and the Catholic parish church asked us for the parents consent because apparently, only age twenty five and above is the right age to get married. I love my life, have responsible, loving and selfless parents who are giving me and my two sisters their whole world and everything our hearts desire. My hubby had a good job, an I.T professional under the best school for computers with a good health insurance. Makati Medical hospital is one of the best and that was 14 years ago, I remember my gynecologist name Dr. Grace Luna. How can I forget, we have the same first name. All I can remember for six months of getting us pregnant was a pill called "Clomid", she prescribed that fertility pill for me and Buco Juice?, Laguna is two hours drive to that hospital and our expectations of getting pregnant till we both decided to moved to the land of green and honey never happened.

Life in the states was different, almost everyone are polite, first class service anywhere I go, no culture shock for me, everything or everyone is equal. Got the best health service provider from Aetna, the hubby was working for one of the biggest financial company located at Wall Street, New York City, I am living an American dream. For almost three years, we are still trying to have a baby till my Filipina/American gynecologist referred me to one endocrinologist who little I knew will change my life forever.

Let me give you some background about this person who changed my life. Dr. Daniel Navot M.D. Has an illustrious career in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility spanning over 30 years. Dr. Navot, as early as 1977 was running the renowned 'infertility clinic' at  the Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem Israel.  He considers Professor Bruno Lunenfeld, the first physician to successfully employ complex ovulation induction as his mentor. By 1978 Dr. Navot was on the pioneering team of In Vitro Fertilization in Jerusalem Israel. Already an accomplished fertility specialist he became a visiting scientist at The Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia, then the preeminent center for IVF in the Nation. In 1987 he became the Director of In Vitro Fertilization Program at Mount Sinai Medical Center and subsequently Professor and Chief of Division of Reproductive Endocrinology in the same institution.  During his tenor at Mount Sinai he has propelled the division to become one of the leading programs in the Nation in infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization, egg donation and cryopreservation. In 1994 Dr. Navot has established the Fertility Institute of New Jersey and New York in Bergen County, New Jersey. The first full service fertility center in northern New Jersey. Dr. Navot has Board Certifications from both the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American College of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. (from his own website)

My husband and I went to this city inside New Jersey where we live that time, the time that we both must be at the clinic is before Seven am in the morning. Before that time, we arrived and more than ten couples were there already, waiting and some are browsing the picture album of all the babies and families. I got a chance to browse the photo albums and I saw multiples of babies in one birth delivery from one mother. There were quadruplets, identical, fraternal and some till seven babies born at the same time in one mother. I have somewhat jealous from those mommies who have bundles of joy, not only one but multiples. The clinic is a Reproductive Health Clinic, everyone here are trying to get pregnant just like me. I am so happy when the nurse called my name, it’s my time now to meet my endocrinologist.

   He is sitting behind the table, writing something, white, he is a Jew I supposed, wearing eyeglasses and with a smile, he asked me and my husband to sit down for some interview first to know something about us. I told him I am taking "Clomid" to get pregnant and for almost three years that’s what I am taking, never been tested for some fertility issues and even my husband. He asked me what country where I am from and after some more question and answers with regards to my menstruation and body he told me that I need to have a test, like an X’ray but this time to check my ovary. Did the test and after that told me that I have a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is why I have an irregular menstruation and ovulation where the fertilization of the egg will happen only that time. He told me also that "Clomid" must be taken with limitation like two months then if it will not result to pregnancy must be stopped. He told me all the procedure that we will do, there will be no pills, but all will be through injections. He took a three inches needle with water inside and told my husband what to do because everything for the estrogen level or points to become pregnant will be done even the injections by my husband in our home. My hubby tested the injection process on me with that three inches needle. After teaching us all the process or procedure, he prescribed the meds needed. That’s the start of everything for me.

Several injections for legs and arms, my husband as an I. T professional became a doctor of sort and figures out how’s the best way or angle of the needle before he injects. Several check up after some weeks about my blood level, blood pressure and estrogen level. Different meds prescribed and continuous injections at home. The time came when Dr. Navot told us that it’s time for us to do the insemination which is after two to three days. We did the insemination. A lot of prayers, a lot of faith and hope that soon both of us will going to have a baby, I don’t care about the gender as long as they are healthy. After a week, excited we are, we bought a pregnancy test, two boxes, I checked, waited then there’s a very blurry line, I’m confused though excited to show that to Troy, my husband, we don’t know what to think, the line is so light, we cannot even see it. We did the test every day, the line becomes darker and darker...we were pregnant at last after three long years.

Dr. James Lee and Andria just minutes after I gave birth to her at Engle wood Medical Center, New Jersey, USA.
A healthy baby girl was born. the joy of having a complete family is indescribable. We gave her lots of toys, all the books that I could read for her and as a newly made mom, everything came naturally. we never been happier, but much happier are both Troy and my parents, they are both first time grandmas and grandpas because Troy and I are both the eldest child.

   After two years, 2002, we decided to consult Dr. Navot again, this time for another baby. We did the same process. I got a gestational diabetes that time. Had a nutritionist too to monitor what kind of food I need to take and how much food for the health of my baby and me. We did the pregnancy test at the clinic. Dr. Navot show to me six dark big spots. He told me to my surprised, six eggs have been fertilized. I am stunned with joy never thinking about the consequences. Dr. Navot told me that there’s still no heartbeat and that some of the dots will perish in time but not always. I told that o my husband through phone and as I recalled it, there’s a huge silence. He cannot believe it. That multiple result was the cause of the prescribed meds issued to me to make sure that there’s going to be a multiple fertilized egg. The process from the first try we did is the same, though the first baby is singlet as they call it, it’s usually possible to have multiples when using the process I did to get pregnant and they are calling it IVF or In Vitro Fertilization.

   After a couple of weeks, I came back to the clinic, did the same process again to check the dark fertilized result, but this time, four got heartbeats. I'm going to have quadruplets. I suddenly called my husband and again, with long pause. We are all excited till after a couple of months, my new Korean gynecologist told me that because I am petit, with 5 ft height and weighing 90 pound, I need to choose between one or two babies only, not four due to my built and that I cannot literally can bear four babies in my tummy, our body has  a limitation and for mine, must be one or two, that’s the most important choice and decision I ever did, to make a choice, meaning, my four babies inside my tummy, two of them must be gone in order for the other two to survive. No choice for me but instead of one, I chose two.

   Yes, everything you heard about salt is true. At Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City is where going to do the procedure, the procedure I will never forget for the rest of my life. There’s two three inches needles with salt. the doctors explained to us what will be the procedure, there’s a monitor where we could both see my four babies and the exact procedure that will be happened, that’s where the needle with salt will be put directly to the fetus heart and wait till the heartbeats gone and since they will removed two, it will be two times with different needles, no amnesia and that’s the hardest part of my pregnancy, literally, I feel the pain and felt hell. They are gone now, they will be just be inside my body while I have two fetus with heartbeat with me. the doctor told me to rest for fifteen minutes then we can go. I am so surprised, that’s simple but that time will never be forgotten.

   Gave birth to my twins, they are both healthy though the weights are 3.9 pounds and 4.3 pounds respectively. Small but imagine combining both of their weights if singlet? 8.2 pounds, and that’s heavy. Another wonderful event in my life. And that’s after seven months where I found out I am pregnant with multiples. Because of the technology in the states and a good hospital service, even though the babies were born at seven months, they are alive and healthy. Another woman doctor in the hospital where I gave birth was amazing, maybe it’s her advocacy when she found out that for days I still don’t have milk. She lend me the automatic breast pump from the hospital, issued some meds and told me what to eat always, with soup. I followed her advised and unexpectedly, I have tons of milk for my twins.

   Because of what happened to me, because of the great blessings I received and realization that if I stayed in the Philippines, even with a good hospital, people will call me "Baog" or childless or without the capability to bore a child where in the states nothing is impossible. What’s the difference? both good health insurance, good decide based from this story of my life. I have three healthy, pretty, smart and loving children now and without the help of Dr. Navot and my hubby’s work in the states, I will never be happy like now. My family is complete and I have three amazing children to teach good morals and values.

   The issue today. "When does life begin?", From my experienced, it depends on the perception of an individual. A very sensitive question and different answers came from different authorities. When I had those six dark spots which were the fertilized eggs, does it mean there’s life already? when forgot heartbeats, was it the beginning of life? because we said that when somebody died, he lost the heartbeat. I asked Dr. Navot about this and this is his answer, the exact message he sent, which I received through email.

"Dear Maria,
Very happy to hear that all is well with you and your family. The
topic of "when does life begin" is on of the more complicated moral
and Each Moral, religious and Intellectual
authority would have a different definition. The most liberal concept
is that life begins with Fetal Viability, namely around the 24th week
of gestation. The strictest definition would define it at time of
unification of gametes, or in other words successful fertilization of
an egg by a sperm. Other landmark suggestions are at the time of
embryo implantation (7-8 days after ovulation), missed period or
observation of fetal heart beats on Ultrasound (4-5 weeks after

Personally I tend to have a liberal view on this topic.
Hope this is somewhat helpful.- Dr. Daniel Navot

(Andria at 11 years old now during her First Holy Communion)

My twins; Alexis and Alexa both are 9 years old now

As a catholic, I know what is right and wrong, we have a free choice and God gave us free will. We are all humans who wanted to survive and choices for the betterment of everyone. People could judge me for what I did, my husband and my dad don’t want me to share this because they are not proud for what happened but the choice from them is right. Saving the life of others while sacrificing the others is not a hard decision, we need to choose and I chose LIFE.

My healthy and amazing kids; Andria and my twins Alexa and alexis now

Saturday, February 12, 2011



   A respected and successful businessman is known  from his Word of Honour (Palabra de Honor), quality and timely deliveries and has a good management skills. As a manager, one has a good motivational skill, leader and must implement what is due for the organization expectation. Businessman or manager, they are both leaders, same as the president of the philippines. The newly elected President, Pnoy as he would like the people to call him must show leadership and word of honor when he said that he supported then the Reproductive Health Bill and told to the press that the principles are not mandatory that is why there are choices and options.

   They said "Kung anong nakikita ng bata na ginagawa ng matanda. sa mata ng bata ay tama." In politics the emplementation must come first from the upper level of management which have the executive power down to the barangay level in order for everyone to follow, well from what they say, "follow the leader".

   From different views of women who got offended by the turnaround decision of Pnoy from supporting to not priority, the question lies on what really trigger, convince and to final decision to drop the Reproductive Health Bill as one of his priority after a few days where the six house bills related to RH  has been approved to be consolidated and now renamed it to Responsible Parenthood. the sudden surprised from all the RH advocates including Reproductive Health Advocares Network(RHAN), Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines(DSWP), Pinagsamang Lakas ng Kababaihan at Kabataan (PILAKK), Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD), Reproductive Health I Support Group (RHISG) and all people who voted for him because one of his platforms is Responsible Parenthood.

Where is the word of honour? On different networking sites such as Facebook, Tweeter and Blogspot, almost all topics are all about the quick changes in decision of Pnoy. The President has dropped the RH bill from the list of priority bills he would submit to Congress leaders during the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) meeting on Feb. 28. Word of honour or "palabra de honor" as some filipinos calling it is a very important characteristic of a person specially with individuals who leads a lot of people like a manager or businessman, what more if someone is the President of the Philippines. Palabra de Honor can better explained as  "marunong tumupad ang isang tao sa kanyang binitiwang salita". So does Pnoy have the Palabra de Honor? another point to consider of Pnoy is this about Palabra de Honor, "Dapat maingat ang isang tao sa pagbitaw ng pangako dahil aasahan ito ng kanyang kausap. Kapag ang pangako ay laging napapako o di natutupad wala ng sinuman maniniwala pa sa bibitawang salita ng nangako."

   Filipinos who voted for Pnoy are happy when he won, less corrupt, usually thats what they say. Somebody with honorable parents, with good political background, rich, son of a hero, son of a religious and called the  mother of democracy, son of the former president and most of all the one who is not greedy of power that needed to go to a retreat to make a choice, to run in the 2010 Presidential race. Carlos Celdran, an RH advocate who is now facing a trial this comng March 10, 2011 for "offending religious feelings", who didnt vote for Pnoy and publicly supported Pnoys cousin Gibo Theodoro was furious and called the president P-boy instead of Pnoy from his facebook status and in which P from him doesnt mean President.

   The author voted for Pnoy for a change. everyone are smart, educated and has all the will to fight with their platforms. But for nine months now, with increasing price of petroleum, SLEX toll fee which if one will exit in alabang from calamba goes up from twenty one pesos to seventy three pesos, a shocking reality for everyone on the driver seat. With carnapping, bombs and higher prices of basic necessities, so far, a lot of filipinos are disappointed. Though people in this country with the majority of the population who are poor, from the last survey from Pulse Asia, 69 percent supports the RH bill. Population is more or less 93 million in 2010, this is the time to show off. To show off the power, change and political will reform. To our everdearest Pnoy, our President, Filipinos are believers, Patient and still looks up for this new administration. Show that you have the best characteristic of a leader aside from being not corrupt, show that you have a Palabra de Honor.

Friday, February 11, 2011


   February 10, 2011, A special day, some 300 kids are waiting for the planned feeding program at one barangay in Laguna. "Do It Right" advocacy is having another feeding program, at the same date for the second time. Barangay Mabacan inside the third class municipality of Calauan, Laguna is one from the 17 baranggays of this municipality. Mostly farming is the means of living there due to its wide cuts of land, ricefields, sweet pineapples with distinguishly smaller crown, lansones trees and rambutan trees which are the common view wherever one go in that area. The place is  rising above the surrounding land and from the highest point , one could view the Laguna de bay and Los Banos.

   The rice porridge is still hot and at eleven o clock in the morning together with the Mabacan Health workers, brgy. councilors and teachers from that elementary school helped each other for the distribution. The kids are lined up, waiting fo their turns and happy. The principal was happy too and looking forward for the next one. The little ones from Grade 1 to Grade 4

   The School where the feeding held is just beside the barangay hall, the next planned event for that same day is the Responsible Parenthood Bill Forum. The Barangay Health workers together with the councilors are ready and comfty seated while waiting for the introduction. Information is effective by means of any awareness program through forums and seminars. While the issue between the government and CBCP are still hot specially after the approval of the six bills related to Reproductive Health have been consolidated and enamed it to Responsible Parenthood bill.

The issues from the forum are these:

  • Do It Right advocacy
  • RP Events
  • Catholic views; contraception and abortion
  • Pills as cancerous
  • Quality of life

  • Do It Right advocacy

  •    Explanation about why some advocates are doing the forum is easy to elaborate especially if that is the objective and currently doing it in action. Not to mention that the advocates dont have any government positions. The view of DIR (Do It Right advocacy) are these; In order for one to be concerned, one need to be educated first and be aware. The group aims to show all the methods, concepts and different approach to do this. United for doing what's right and right alone.

    How to do it:
    Through forums and seminars with interaction, discussions and exchanging of different ideas.
     To be aware about the environment, government and own local community.
     Also about empowerement. Without any bias with religion, race and gender.

  • RP Events

  •    For December 11, 2010, the last event of DIR is the first Reproductive Health (now Responsible parenthood) forum was held at #1, Brgy. Imok, Calauan, Laguna. DIR went to all the 26 municipalitties and four cities in Laguna for invitation. The event was a success with speakers from the anti supprters and supporters of the bill.

       Start of 2011, February 20, DIR went to Brgy. New Washington, Kalibo, Aklan for the RH forum. Explained to everyone the benefits, misconceptions and the truth about the advantages of the bill. It was attended by the townfolks and brgy. councilor.

  • Catholic views; contraception and abortion

  •    The Philippines is the third largest Catholic nation in the world after Brazil and Mexico, with the last survey from Pulse Asia, more or less 68% of catholics are in favor of the bill. This is due from the fact that majority of the population is poor and one reason or point of the passage of the bill is to elleviate the poor from their current status that might give them God, better quality of life by means of educating about the good choices and as a responsible parents. The Catholic church which is represented by the CBCP are against about the passage of the bill due to the endorsement of contraception which from them are against from the will of God. They are taking contraception same as abortion as sins. The RP bill does not legalize abotion, It is stated clearly that it is to prevent abortion. using of contraception from the bill is not mandatory  but just a choice which the individual is still have to decide.

  • Pills as cancerous

  •    Different individuals have different needs specially about medication. Going to the specialist like a medical doctor is encourage first before buying any kinds of medication for what is due for each patient. From by Dr. Frederick R. Jelovsek, "Most women are unaware that birth control pills are one of the few medicines that actually prevent cancer. In fact, 30-40% think that pills increase the risk of cancer. It is important to know the numbers." Also every woman responds differently to differen pills and sometimes the general principles just do not apply.

  • Quality of life

  •    Given an example about the whole pizza with eight slices while the parents have eight children and compare with the same whole pizza, same cuts but parents with four children, which parents could give the most slices to their kids? From the Responsible Parenthood bill, one point is to give quality of life for every individual if possible. Because poverty is everywhere and can be felt by many, who doesn't like to have change? Though for every change there is resistance but with some sacrifices and right decisions, it might lead to a better life not only for the parents but for the children.

       From the Cost of living in the Philippines by Jose Marc Castro, "The Philippines has a very low cost of living.The unemployment rate is not tremendously high but poverty may have been rampant due to overpopulation. The Philippines is the 12th most populous country globally with over 88 million people." This was a survey last 2009 but from the actual statistics for the year 2010, the Philippine population is more or less 93 million. With so many graduating college students every year, how many companies or organization are in need of new freshly graduated employees and how many are the vacancies? One cannot compare the population of China to the Philippines in terms of progress. China has many investors, communist country and with over 1.3 billion people (1,330,044,605 as of mid-2008), it is the world's most populous country. Difference? China's population growth has been somewhat slowed by the one child policy, in effect since 1979. Even the most populous country with billions of people, the investors are still coming in eventhough the report  last February 7, 2007 that Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao told the press the need for an equitable distribution of wealth as the government was facing serious challenges to generate greater employments for the youths.

    Comparing the unemployment rate between Philippines and China:
    From China Daily
    China's Employment Situation and Policies
    Updated: 2004-04-26
    In recent years, as the employment pressure has been continuously increasing, the Chinese Government has adopted many measures to curb the sharp rise of urban unemployment. By the end of 2003, the registered unemployment rate in the urban areas was 4. 3 percent, and the number of registered jobless urbanites was eight million.
    In 2004, the Chinese Government has plans to find employment or reemployment for nine million people, and reemployment for five million laid-off persons, of whom the number of those who have difficulties finding a new job is one million. The registered unemployment rate in the urban areas is planned to be controlled at around 4.7 percent.

    Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of December 30, 2010

    2003  10.2%    population is more or less 84 million
    2004  11.4%    population is more or less 88 million

       From the simple explanations about the Responsible Parenthood to the Brgy. health workers and Councilors and with the Donation of more than a hundred pieces of condoms to their Health center, looks like everyone realized the advantage and benefits of RP Bill. It is about a matter of choice. Pro poor explaining ric and can afford individuals will not go to barangay health center to get the contraceptives but directly to the drug stores. Choice about own body whether one can give quality of life with lesser children in accordance with the salary or income they received. Everyone in attendance were all Catholics and as chatolics, everyone has a free will, can choose whatever is right and much better if there are choices.

                    Condoms received by the president of the brgy. health center from Carlos Celdran