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Globe Telecoms for asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015

G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI), a wholly-owned mobile commerce subsidiary of the leading 
telecommunications company in the Philippines, Globe Telecom, Inc. supports and 
joins The Asia Digital Marketing Expo, the biggest convention of leaders for 
Digital Marketing. The Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 will happen on July 26, 
2015 at the SM Aura SMX Convention Center in Taguig from 8AM to 6PM.

G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI), pioneered GCash, an internationally acclaimed micro payment 
service which transforms a mobile phone into a virtual wallet for secure, fast, 
convenient money transfers at the speed and cost of a text message. Earning various
 international awards such as GSMA Awards for the Best Mobile Messaging Service 
received in February 2015, Mobile News Asia’s Most Innovative Mobile Services and 
Global Messaging awards for Best M-Commerce Service application both received in 
June 2005, GXI continues to be a leader in innovation and provide ground-breaking 
business solutions to different sectors and make mobile money services more 
relevant to the growing market in the Philippines.

In this year’s Asia Digital Marketing Expo, headed by Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas 
together with TAG Media and Public Relations, G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI) will be 
participating as its Lead Sponsor showcasing Globe Charge, GCash MasterCard and 
GCash American Express® Virtual Pay and how these products are contributing and 
transforming the future of online marketing in the Philippines.

At Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015, top executives from different companies will 
also join to share their insights and expert opinions regarding the future of 
digital and online marketing in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific Region with 
the following key points for discussion:

• The digital economy of the Philippines
• Positioning the Philippines as a gateway from east to west and west to east
• Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?
• Disrupting tradition and embracing innovation
• Technology and entrepreneurship driving inclusive growth
• Micro- multinationals- e commerce connecting SMEs to ASEAN and beyond
Partial list of speakers are as follows;

Mario Montejo- Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
Xavier Marzan- CEO, Globe GXI
Constantin Roberts - Managing Director, ZaloraPhilippines
Tina Pang- Head of Online Sales, Twitter
Earl Valencia- Head Corporate Development/Innovations, Smart Communications
Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber Philippines
Richard Upton- President, John Robert Powers Asia
Donald Lim- Chief Digital Officer, ABS CBN
Janette Toral- E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino
Robert Yupangco- President, Yupangco Group of Companies
Chinkee Tan- Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Wealth 
& Wellness Coach
Rebecca Bustamante Mills- CEO, Chalre Associates & President, Asia CEO Awards
Mikel Yaw- CEO, Elabram Systems Group
Carlos Celdran- Brand Ambassador, Tour Guide
Maria Camille Montejo- CEO, NWSteel Technologies & Tree Top Adventure Inc.
Kim Bernardo Lokin- Managing Editor, Business Class Magazine
Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creative Voices Productions
Tanya Llana- Marketing & Sales Director, Victoria Court & General Manager, Hotel 
La Corona De Lipa
James Jimenez- Director, Commission On Elections
Lloyd Luna- CEO, Lloyd Luna Corporation
Jonathan Luzuriaga- President, Philippine Software Industry Association
Donald Felbaum- Managing Director, Optel
Lewis Hong- Web Digital Marketing Specialist, Xyxon Pte. Ltd.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

WORKSHOP: Is there a job waiting for you? By Lloyd Luna

Is there a job waiting for you? By Lloyd Luna 

 The question, "Is there a job waiting for you?" is not just for the graduating class of 2016 but also for the following professionals; 
1. Those who would like to shift career or 
2. just had laid off, retrenched or in the midst of closing down the company you're with for the last 5 years. 

More and more professionals now need more than the usual college degree and training sometimes are not enough. So, if being equipped might not give us the right career, how about learning how others did it. UNLESS you beat the average of 199 other applicants competing for the same position, you won’t get the job. You’ll be joining the world of the unemployed. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get depressed and disappointed, for you are just having your first taste of the real world. According to Lloyd Luna, "But you need not apply if there is already a job waiting for you, right? Trust me; regardless of your status today, this is possible. Whether or not you are enrolled in a first-class school, this can work for you as it had amazingly worked for me. It’s nice being hired without getting into tight competition. I have been there and done that. And I’d like you to know how I did it." 

Date: August 12, 2015 Where: FullyBooked BGC, Taguig Time: 2PM-5PM Registration Fee: Php 800.00, with book Php 1,000.00, Book only 350.00 Slots: 50 For more information and registration: 09166299381 or send an email to

Freelance Writing Workshop with Nizza Gueco

 For the very competive world we have right now in terms of getting jobs and upgrading our skills, the usual standard that we had in school was not enough. Trainings and seminars are here to give us some power and to differentiate us with the competition. 

Right now, the industry of Digital Marketing is getting stronger especially that more and more companies now are acknowledging the power of the internet. If one likes to be an entrepreneur and would like to do part time jobs or to support different companies as the outsource, one must venture into freelancing. 

In this online portal, we feature different workshops, seminars and the like, check the details below on how to be equipped as a freelance writer. 

WHAT: Freelance Writing Workshop
WHEN: Saturday, May 23, 2015. 12nn - 6pm
WHERE: QC near Welcome Rotonda (details will be given to the attendees) 
HOW MUCH: 1500 per slot. Refer to the poster for group discounts.

Are you stuck in a routine wherein you wake up early to prepare for work, travel more than an hour to your office, spend 9 (or more!) hours doing boring and never-ending work for a boss that you hate, clock out tired and weary without a sense of fulfillment, travel more than an hour again to go home, eat, prepare for bed, cuddle and spend time with your family (if you're not too tired), sleep for less than 8 hours only to wake up early the same morning to repeat this routine?

Then it is time for you to ditch that routine and become a freelance writer. Where work and play is possible.

A workshop like no other
Don't mistake this workshop to be like the ones you have attended so far. What does this workshop have that is different? Unlike, other workshop that offers general insights in being a freelancer, this workshop will guide you through everything step by step. 

In this workshop, you walk in an employee tired of their day job, or an employee looking for extra income, You come out still an employee but with a renewed spirit and a long term freelancing job if you are chosen. If not, you still walk out with a freelancing profile that is ready to send out your first application and accept your new job.

Still curious about what I am talking about? Here are some of the things you will learn.

Career path guidance
Did you know that there are two types of freelancers? This workshop will help you determine which type will suit you, your schedule and your skills better.

Profile creation
There will be an on the spot profile creation. Know how to vamp up your profile to get yourself noticed by your clients.

Niche picking
Learn which niche or "genre' as you call in with music will work best for you and your skills.

Usual rates
Learn about the usual rates for every writing job. Know that bidding too high won't win you the job, bidding too low won't either. Never commit that mistake again after this workshop.

Cover letter creation
When applying for the job. Your cover letter is your weapon, you have to penetrate through the client's shield and make him realize you are the one for the job. Know what and what not to include in your cover letter.

Choosing the job

Learn about the jobs that are fit for you. Differentiate scams from legitimate ones.

Bidding for the job

Learn how to manipulate you bid in order to get the job.

Getting the job
Know what to do when you get the job. From accepting the offers and terms, to actually starting with the job.

All of these will equip you to be more competitive in the freelancing world. These will make sure you can start your career right after you leave the workshop.

Hang on. There's more.
Of course, I won't let you walk away with just that. I also prepared some bonuses that can help you with your freelancing careers.

Are you curious already? Here they are:

Withdrawing your earnings. Not everyone are aware of the policies and processes when it comes to withdrawing their earnings. Know what websites you have to register on and what bank accounts you have to enroll to.

Time management tips. When you have all the time in your hands, how can you budget it to fit your lifestyle? How can you prevent procrastinating when you don't have a boss?

Productivity tips. You know what they all say, work smarter not harder. No matter how hard you work, if you are not organized, you will not be able to finish you job. So I will teach you how to work smarter to finish the job in lesser amount of time and therefore have more time for yourself or your family.

Budgeting your earnings. Of course I won't let you earn extra just to vamp up your lifestyle and spend more. There will also be a brief and helpful talk about how to spend your money wisely.

Ooops, there's still more.
Here are some of the inclusions of the workshop:

§  Certificate 
§  Pastries and coffee buffet from Paulette's Choclettes
§  Writing tips from Nizza Gueco
§  Writing activities
§  a chance to have a long term job with Do It Write Solutions
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Or send me an email on:

Thank you!

Asia CEO Forum: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Economy

Many feel the upcoming election is critical to the country's future and will determine whether the tremendous economic and social advancements made by this generation of Filipinos can be sustained.  If the effective leadership of the most recent 2 presidents can be repeated, it is thought the country will reach a tipping point that will propel it to First-World Status by the middle of the century. However, a bad choice in this election could unravel a decade of progress and send a generation of Filipinos back to squalor.


Before Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City was called the “Murder Capital of the Philippines” and one of the poorest regions in the country. Today, Davao City is rated as one of the most peaceful cities in Asia and among the Top 10 Most Livable in the entire world -- in addition to having a vibrant economy and rising living standards.  Many call Rodrigo Duterte the greatest city mayor in the history of Philippines.

Join us for this special occasion to see and hear the man who might be the future of Philippines.  This Asia CEO Forum luncheon event will be held on Thursday, June 25 (11:30am to 2:00pm) at the Makati Diamond Residences, the city's newest 5-star facility (located on Legaspi St. across from Greenbelt5).  Register at this location: .

Chosen by land-slide in every election he has run since 1988, Rodrigo Duterte is easily one of the most popular leaders of our era.  His willingness to take extreme personal risks to make positive change for others makes him unique among elected officials of any nation.
Many cynics inside and outside the country say Philippines has a track record of “shooting itself in the foot.”  They say it is only a matter of time until the country "flushes itself down the toilet" all over again.  Let's hope they are wrong and Filipinos achieve the greatness they deserve.

See Rodrigo Duterte and decide for yourself.  
Confirm your attendance and payment on the Official Event Website at (Visa, M/C, Amex, Paypal accepted). The price of admission is Php2,000 and includes elegant lunch (Php2,500 if paid at the event). We expect a sell-out event and cannot guarantee seating for late-comers.

Asia CEO Forum, presented by PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, is the largest regular business event in Philippines with major sponsorship from AIG, Aon, Ascentia Consulting, Aseana City, Daiichi Properties, DB Schenker, Figari, JLL, MDeC, Meralco, SAP and SHORE Solutions.  See details at For information on sponsorship and participating in the dynamic Philippine economy, send a personal message directly to me.

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51 Days Away from Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015


We're 51 days away from the "Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015" happening on July 26, 2015 at SMX Aura, Taguig, Philippines, the country's BIGGEST Digital Marketing Conference of the year. Meet our 23 Leaders as speakers and Learn from them, eventually, you will be one too.

The "Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015" is gathering 23 top-tier leaders from different industries to share their experience and expertise in digital marketing. Leaders like;
    -Mario Montejo- Secretary, Department of Science and Technology
    -Constantin Robertz- Managing Director, Zalora
   - Tina Pang- Head of Online Sales, Twitter
   -Dr. Donald Lim - Chief Digital Officer, ABS CBN.
    -Kristian Melquiades - General Manager, Viber
    -Earl Valencia- Head of Corporate Development/Innovation, Smart Communications
   -Jonathan Luzuriaga- President, Philippine Software Industry Association
    -Donald Felbaum- Managing Director, Optel
   - John Upton- President, John Robert Powers
    -Janette Toral – E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino.
    -Rebecca Bustamante -President & CEO, Chalre Associates.
   -Mikel Yaw -Managing Director, Elabram Systems Group (ESG)
    -Chinkee Tan - Motivational Speaker, Book Author, Radio Host
    -Carlos Celdran – Brand Ambassador, Tour Guide
    -Robert Yupangco – President, Yupangco Group of Companies
    -Tanya Llana - Business Strategist and Director of Sales & Marketing, Victoria Court
   - Camille Montejo – CEO, NWSteel Technologies & Tree Top Adventure.
   - Pocholo De Leon Gonzalez – CEO, Creative Voices Productions.
  - James Jimenez - Director and Spokesman, Philippines Commission On Election (COMELEC)
   - Lloyd Luna- CEO, Lloyd Luna Corporation
   - Lewis Hong- Web Digital Marketing Specialist, Xyxon Pte. Ltd.
   - Kim Bernardo Lokin- Managing Editor, Business+Class Magazine

At Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015, different top executives will join together to share the future of online marketing in the Philippines and for the Asia Pacific Region with the following points;

·        - The digital economy of the Philippines
·        - Positioning the Philippines as a gateway from east to west and west to east
·        - Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?
·        - Disrupting tradition and embracing innovation
·         -Technology and entrepreneurship driving inclusive growth
·         -Micro- multinationals- e commerce connecting SMEs to ASEAN and beyond

Confirm your attendance now by following these 3 steps;

1. Deposit the registration fee of Php 2,000.00 ($45) to
TAG Media and Public Relations
BPI Checking Account # 1680 0010 29
2. Scan the deposit slip
3. Send the scanned deposit slip to A confirmation email will be sent to you.

We are still accepting sponsors and partners, just let me know.

Thank you and warm regards,

Grace Bondad Nicolas
TAG Media and Public Relations
M: 09166299381