Monday, November 28, 2011


November 25, 2011 Batangas City and Governor Vilma Santos Recto welcomed all media personnel from Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon at the Provincial auditorium of Batangas Province. The day is for the oath taking ceremony of the newly hailed officers and members of the press at the CALABARZON area.

Most of the attendees are from different publications and radio stations that are delivering news and information to the general public. This is also the time the group CAMPO or Confederation of Active Media Practitioner Organization second year anniversary was being celebrated with the new President Rubie Garcia from Cavite.

In this event, I am the only Blogger Columnist and this is because of Kliping Times where my blog “Empowered Grace” is being published every week with articles from Human Rights, Advocacy to Success.

From the Internet, “ Blogging, too, has become a pervasive form of media. A blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or interactive media such as images or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order, with most recent posts shown on top. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images and other graphics, and links to other blogs, web pages, and related media. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), audio (podcasting) are part of a wider network of social media. Microblogging is another type of blogging which consists of blogs with very short posts.”

The new Vice President of CAMPO is Mr. Zen Trinidad, the publisher of Kliping Times and the last one who spoke at the event. Guests were ASEC Zaldy De Loyola, Marlon Purification of National Press Corp., Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste and Philippine Information Agency Calamba City Norie Sumilang among others who shows their support.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No to Mining! Yes to Life!

I’ve been writing for years about Poverty in the Philippines, the situation is getting worst each day due to population increase. There are more beggars, more illegal settlers and more crimes parading non stop to our daily life. They said its survival of the fittest so the move and changes justifies all misconduct and wrongdoings but still we have many laws to follow for the security and sake of many lives, we don’t live alone and we cannot live alone. The question lies on the government on how they could help the country if the people are suffering and greed is the norm in the government office?

The Calamity such as Ondoy and Sendong right now is human induced calamity, I am blaming the illegal loggers. Don’t forget that in Mining, there will be removal of trees to get the minerals. More than 900 lives are lost because of the greed of the few. If one will check all the industries in the Philippines the area where the Mining industry is located right now is one of the poorest municipality, people doesn’t have a choice but to mine, so I am blaming the government official for not giving the people the alternative work.

Poor people became poorer and rich becomes richer. One injustice truth is working at the Mining industry. In the Philippines, we could define poor through the salary per month, which is below Nine Thousand Pesos while the rich will have 23 times bigger than that. There is a measurement of everything and the standard in which we live in depends on the amount of money one has on her bank account.

Mining might be one other way to survive only if the community doesn’t have anything to offer. People need to choose and government offices need to stop giving away business permits. The need for basic needs everyday and the will to survive are the only reason why we could work in a mining industry. Big facilities, big time foreign investors and the no benefit in the community, hazard to the environment and no future are the only we have if we will embrace this industry. Only the few and the investors will benefit to this industry while the majority few will suffer with the environmental hazard it will bring.

In the Philippines where we converted our Agricultural land to commercial spaces and shopping malls will have it’s toll 10 to 20 years from now. Before, we don’t drink bottled water and say, last 10 years ago. Why are we doing it now and not to mention, expensive? Because of pollution and toxic in our water system and yet people are still not aware or doesn’t care at all about the only environment we have.

In the Philippines where majority of the population are uneducated rely their source of life to farming or fishing. The Philippines is rich in minerals and that is why farming must be push not to convert the land to commercial purposes, it is our basic needs. It doesn’t mean that we will go back to hunting animals or we are turning our back out from progress but we are not the one producing chips for technology here that’s why we have work at Industrial or Science Park which are mostly located in Laguna and Batangas but we are just doing the assembly here. Companies like Fujitsu, Toshiba, Ionics and the like are manufacturer of finish products in the Philippines not producing the raw materials.

In Mining, we are removing the minerals. We are planting trees right now because the experts said that we cannot solve the Climate Change anymore but we could make the process slow by means of bringing back what we took from it. Mining and logging go together because you cannot mine without cutting the trees, so that makes the miners not doing their part to save the environment.

Our basic needs includes food and the major part of it came from farming and fishing. With Mining, its removing slowly our life, poisoning and putting toxic to the source of life and there will be no restoration for that or if there will be, it will take most of our life to bring back the beauty and richness of nature and our food supply, check law of supply and demand in this case.

A lot of heroes today or philanthropists who have will, power and means to provide the basic needs are not even government officials but has long term plans and methods on how to help the people in their own way. Those people are doing it for free and without asking for anything in return but to make a difference for the sake of her countrymen. One local hero is Gina Lopez who is the founder of “Save Palawan Movement.” She is gathering signatures to show the impact and power of the majority against Mining not only in Palawan but to other affected areas all around the nation. From her, we could do everything as long as we are united as one. No to Mining! Yes to Life! Is her rallying cry.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Injustice Reality

From the past months- an interesting conclusion from the observation of the Justice System role in the Philippines caught almost everyone’s attention. From heinous crimes done by the poor people to the allegedly billions of stolen wealth case of the elite and powerful paraded to the eyes of the majority.

58 people died in a massacre from a far- flung area of Maguindanao and 730 days have pass with no concrete solution to the problem that the justice will be bestowed upon to the victims. The accused elite with their famous and popular lawyers is happier than the family that was left behind and starving to death.

The monopoly of a giant company is better to be called Ceasar of this time without any option for the poor consumer. Every month this Ceasar will just collect with the computation that a common Juan will never understand while the Higher court is assuming that every Juan knew and aware about the system.

So too think of really big time good looking crooks with their clean and ironed well suits freely roaming around and enjoying their precious lives, remember infamous professional thieves proudly displaying their stinking stolen wealth and throwing and displaying well with cameras their donations for poor people. Don’t forget some high-ranking politicians infamous for their big families and graft and corrupt practices yet still manage to command the adoration of the majority of the population—and you find systemic injustice reality in the country as their common playground.

With a good fortune and the precious blessings brought about by social injustice will never just be a common reality to every Juan. Came across with this statement from a high-ranking official that not all legal is right, does it means that not all illegal is wrong? Come to think of it, it is morally impossible to find anything really good or truly right when injustice is an element of the court. So honesty is not really honest, generosity might have a hidden agenda behind or in other words, people doesn’t have no satisfaction but greed.

A Hacienderos will have all his land while the tenants will die as tenants tens of his grandchildren till the agricultural land will be converted to a commercial leisure residential part in the South. What is the life of one leader if the cost is only 60,000 pesos, same as the cost of one luxury bag? Everything will be forgotten, as time goes by, life to everyone, to others will still go on and will just continue to mind their own business to survive in this harsh injustice reality that we are all in.

The justice department has been investigating a powerful elite for their role in suspected election rigging in 2004 and 2007. They were also facing corruption inquiries in connection with several government contracts and yet never from the entire months of request the accused attended or appeared a hearing in court, which is another reason to become rich and powerful.

Conclusion: In the event that the new yellow administration famous with so many slogans and swamped by so many invisible concrete decisions, propositions, solutions to poverty, suggestions is unconditionally committed to its battle cry of principled, objective and straight policies and upright governance, it stands to reason that with unity everything will be possible, its over-all national plan of action cannot but have as its cornerstone and priority mission, none other than a consistent, serious and operative Justice System all over the country. And the rest of what is basically good, right and fair for the Philippines and the Filipinos, simply follow as a matter of course.

From a respected leader “ Thus: Away with untouchables! Away with those above the law! Away with justice only for the poor, the ignorant, the little people. Justice for all or none at all!”

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacquaio- Marquez Fight: Business as usual

I am more a Chess fan than Boxing (I don’t like blood) but my time to appreciate it became recently only with Manny Pacquiao as the boxer who is still the Champion. People like to dream and Manny with his multi tasking skills as a singer, congressman, entrepreneur and print ad model and not to mention his evergrowing empire makes the Filipinos “proud” or “envious”.

I am a proud Filipino and proud about the talents of Pinoy but a lot of different reactions from yesterdays fight make me wonder about the truth..well for me, winner or not, it’s always business as usual.

My Favorite Random Twitter Comments from Pacquaio and Marquez Fight

Before the fight

danrafaelespn Dan Rafael
These guys are made for each

kookabar Mikey O. Tan
The #PacMarquez tweets are more exciting than the match itself.

DonManganar Don Manganar
Pacquiao must win. Or we are in danger of having him as a full-time congressman.

RT @danrafaelespn Marquez is winning this fight thru 8. Manny looks confused.

After the fight

HBOboxing HBOboxing
"Another Collision, Another Controversey"

raissawriter Raissa Robles
I just hope Manny Pacquiao retires before his brain gets addled by too many head blows.

servantblessing Gabby Lopez
How Manny won? Pacquiao: 176/578 punches Marquez: 138/436 punches. Let the evidence speak.

HuffPostSports HuffPost Sports
#Pacquiao defeats #Marquez in controversial majority decision. A fourth fight? Or time for Mayweather?

chuckiedreyfus Chuckie Dreyfus
Pinoy pride and being a Pacquiao fan aside, JMM came in prepared and fought awesomely. Pacman won but JMM stole the show. Congrats, Manny.

WilsonLeeFlores Wilson Lee Flores
Congrats Manny Pacquiao,avoid politics & bad politicos,being Hero is greater than being President of the Philippines! Push reforms.

GelSantosRelos Gel Santos Relos
"@juLiusbabao After 12 rounds, judges 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 to winner by majority decision and still champ, Manny Pacquiao”

tammygdavid Tammy David
RT @orangerose: The crowd is booing Manny Pacquiao. And it is very loud.

gmanews GMA News
Manny Pacquiao, after the fight: "It's very clear that I won the fight.

AndreasHale Andreas Hale
I wouldn't argue TOO much with a 114-114 score. But 116-112 for Pacquiao is insane.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In just 1 single click

Reposting from my article for Blog Watch because it’s timely (Iblog7: In 1 single click= E power Seeing my friends as speakers for different outstanding events makes me wonder that if they could do it, if they could do an spectacular something, why it’s very hard for others. Poverty is one hindrance, but what if everyone could afford? As we have this journey, how can we manage to bite back when they are always telling us that reality bites?
(This is me discussing Blogging for Advocacy for Iblog7 At Malcolm Theatre, University of the Philippines, College of Law, Diliman, Quezon City)

In Blogging for advocacy, everything comes naturally. It is about yourself, your passion and your environment in which you focus all your forces together with some luck. Blogging is not for everyone. To be a good blogger, one must have the will, time and an open heart to accept the challenges. There are three things to consider; Empowerment, Encouragement and Enrichment.

In 1 single click, an individual, group of people or even a politician can be empowered. It’s about influencing a target market about the issue. With the use of the fingertips, it could even start a revolution. The power of that 1 single click just like an ‘enter” sign for the “go signal” to allow the missile to be released could cause a disaster or peace. Empowerment is having power, making everything or thinking that everything is within your reach. It gives somebody courage, confidence and will to continue.

In 1 single click for an advocate, everything needs to be done. An awareness program for the citizens to be concerned, a training or seminar for a group of people to become skilled or a forum for those who are misinformed to have the right information. From the events and experiences of an advocate, the time has come to write which is as easy as 1,2, 3 because of the facts, observation, interviews and curiosity. A blogger must be knowledgeable about the issue. The world is the market and audience. Encouragement will be easier with proofs and reputation thus facts must be the objective.

In 1 single click, there are many connections. With the same advocacy group like RHAN or The Reproductive Health Advocates Network, while blogging, one can enrich everyone, no impossible. Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress and Blogspot are just some common tools to show the advocacy, from there one might encourage, empower and enrich the whole country without knowing it.
Blog Watch Team

The power of the internet and your fingertips might be the biggest issue today because of the positive or negative strength of the world wide web. It’s like praying that you are thinking somebody out there will do the work. In just 1 single click, everything will never be the same again.
In blogging for advocacy, it must be non-profit. One must not consider it as the day job. Donations and supports are welcome to be able to sustain the goal and objective but not for thyself. In one single click, one can help by expressing through blogging.
Participants at Iblog7 with Janette Toral at University of the Philippines, Diliman, College of Law (check where I am*wink). (Thanking @enjayneer and Pusang Kalye for the pictures)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Crimes of the Elite

Pilipinas na binubuo ng mahigit kumulang na 95 Milyong katao ay naghahanap pa rin ng isang Lider na makakapagpasunod sa karamihan, tuwid na daan ang kinakailangan at may kamay na bakal. Kadalasan ang mga nahahalal sa pinaka mataas na katungkulan ay mga kilala, batikan o may mga dugong pulitika ng nananalaytay sa kanilang ugat. Mga maykapangyarihan na sa kani kanilang bayang sinilangan at ginagalang sa kanilang komyunidad, nagtapos sa matataas na paaralan sa ibang bansa o kaya naman ay nagka posisyon dahil sa popularidad sa palakasan man o sa pinilakang tabing.

Napansin nyo naba ang pagkakaiba ng krimen sa ngayon na ang nasasangkot ay mahihirap at may kapangyarihan? Napagnilay nilayan na ba nating lahat ang pagkakaiba ng hustisya kung ang nasasakdal ay isang hamak na Juan o isang mayamang si Diego? Gaano man kagaling ang namumuno sa ating bayan, may prosesong pinagdaraanan ang paglilitis, ngunit ang kaibahan sa haba ng panahon, prosesong pinagdaraanan at sistema ng hustisya ay may malaking pagkakaiba ang mahirap at mayaman.

Sa kaso na may kapangyarihang opisyal na nadidiin ngayon sa “Plunder”, ilang beses na ba nating nasilayan ang kanyang presensya sa hukuman? Humarap na ba sila upang ipag tanggol ang sarili mula sa nag gigitingang mata ng taong bayan at nangitngitngit na mga mapagmasid? Sa ating natunghayan sa radyo man o telebisyon, mukha yatang nagkakaroon ng mga sakit sa katawan ang mga nasasakdal. Mula sa diksyonaryo, ang salitang “Plunder” ay katumbas ng “magnakaw”, “manloob” o “mang agaw”. Magnakaw ng hindi kanya, manloob sa iba, o mang agaw ng hindi sariling pag aari. Sa madaling salita ay kumamkam o kumuha ng hindi nya pagaari ngunit ito ay hindi kayang gawin ng iisang tao lamang lalong lalo na kung ang pinaguusapan ay kaban ng bayan. Napakaraming proseso ang pinagdaanan ng pagnanakaw, hindi lamang iisang araw ang ginugol ditto kung limpak limpak na salapi ang nakulimbat. Ang tanong mangyari ng mga pangkaraniwang mamamayan ay kailan may makikitang may kapangyarihang nakulong.

Kung ang nagkasala ay isang pangkaraniwang mamamayan, kulang sa pinag aralan at walang abogadong magtatanggol man lamang, hindi pwede na ang rason ay nagkasakit ng ilan ng buwan, hindi pwedeng humiling na mangibang bayan man lamang upang doon magpagamot at higit sa lahat mas mabilis pa sa ulupong ang proseso ng paglilitis. Napaguusapan ba sila? Gaano kahirap ang maging mahirap.

Sa mga mahihirap nating mamamayan, suspek ka pa lamang ay naka kulong kana. Natanggalan ng ilang araw, buwan o taon sa iyong buhay bago mapag alaman na wala ka palang kasalanan. Ang hustisya sa Pilipinas ay isang “iling” sa karamihan. May magagawa ba ang mahihirap upang ipagtanggol ang kanilang kinasasapitan? Sa tuwing eleksyon, ang ating mga inihahalal na may mga platapormang; Itaas ang pamumuhay ng nasasakupan, pagkakapantay pantay ng mga mamamayan, trabaho para sa lahat, pag iingat sa inang kalikasan, pag igtangin ang proyektong inprastraktura para sa bayan o matanggal ang krimen para sa tahimik na pamumuhay ay ilan lamang sa mga pinanghahawakan o rason kung bakit natin sila nahalal. May nakatupad naba?.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Unethical YOU : Anti Epal Bill

Projects are defined as work involving a single or group of people to finish it that usually involves research, design or implementation. Projects can be further defined as temporary rather than permanent that are constituted by teams within or across organizations to accomplish particular tasks under time constraints.

From the dictionary, An official is someone who holds an office (function or mandate, regardless whether it carries an actual working space with it) in an organization or government and participates in the exercise of authority (either his own or that of his superior and/or employer, public or legally private).

A government official or functionary is an official who is involved in public administration or government, through either election, appointment, selection, or employment. A bureaucrat is a member of the bureaucracy. An elected official is a person who is an official by virtue of an election. Officials may also be appointed ex officio (by virtue of another office, often in a specified capacity, such as presiding, advisory, secretary). Some official positions may be inherited.

A person who currently holds an office is referred to as an incumbent. –wikipedia

Today, we could see different tarpaulins, posters or even names of an incumbent or previous government official written on the Infraastructure, public works or activities that are project of the government, local or national. Senator Miriam Santiago made it a point for the Filipino people to become aware that the money spent for this projects are from the taxpayers money not from the government officials with their pictures smiling attached to the project on going or done.

Anti Epal Bill or formerly titled “An Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project” or Senate Bill number 1967 is directed to politicians who claim credit for government projects. “Epal” is slang to “mapapel” or best defined as people who are attention grabbers, crave a role that are not theirs or scene-stealers that are not appropriate.

In terms of those government officials specially the incumbents with lots of tarpaulins as big as 10 ft x 10 ft square meters with their pictures and claiming it is their projects on going, the Senator find this unethical that could lead to corruption and evil because the project is funded by the taxpayers money.

Here are some points from the bill.

S. No. 1967
Introduced by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Philippines in
Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. Short Title. - This Act shall be known as the "Anti-Signage of Public Works Act."

SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. - It is the State's policy for public officers to serve with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency, and to maintain honesty and integrity in public service.

SECTION 3. Definition of Terms. -For the purpose of this Act, the term:

A) "Government" means the national government, the local governments, the
government-owned and government-controlled corporations, and all other instrumentalities or agencies of the Republic of the Philippines and their branches;

(B) "Public officer" means elective and appointive officials and employees, permanent or temporary, whether in the classified or unclassified or exempt service receiving compensation,even nominal, from the government as defined in the preceding paragraph;

C) "Public works" includes, but is not limited to the following: streets, bridges,sidewalks, walkways, public buildings, public parks, sewage facilities, basketball courts, waiting sheds, and lampposts, which are funded, wholly or partly, though public funds released by the Government\ and (I?) "Signage" any form of writterl announcement, installed, posted, hanged, painted or otherwise displayed in a public place.