Friday, October 7, 2011

Awareness Projects

Good day!


My name is Grace Bondad- Nicolas. I have 4 projects right now for all communities in need and of course this is with the help of my fellow NGOs. Mine is for you to become aware about these opportunities.

1. I have a 4.5 hectares of land worth php 36M. Initially I am planning to give 1M for donations to all NGOs who could give me a successful client, all you just need to do is refer. My Dad told me to add 2M instead so it became php3M.

2. My group of environmentalist is looking for villages to grant more or less php500k. This is for communities that don't have access of water. We will survey the area and check for the free installation of pipings, tank etc for the community. Everything will be free together with the trainings about RA9003 or solid waste management, water management etc. We already have 13 communities, we still need 87 more.

3. Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) has 32 hectares of land in Calauan, Laguna. Only 6 hectares is productive. I talked with the head and told me that they will allow us to use the remaining 26 hectares. For more infor about this read here (Secretary Acosta article). We hate idle lands, a lot of farmers, fishermans are in need. Filipinos are in need.

4. "Looban" at Brgy. Silangan, Calauan, laguna is in need of two Solar Lamps. Looking for sponsors. For more info:

My group is compose of NGOs, environmentalist, politicians, bloggers, out of school youth and leaders who just want to help. We are here to do what is right. One of my advocacy is awareness, I dont want that I am the only one who knows opportunities like these.

We do free seminars, trainings and forums about environment, health, call center work, paintings, livelihood programs, feeding programs or all things that could help the Filipino people.

For any more questions: text, call or even tweet (@nobodybutgrace)me.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead.

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