Monday, January 6, 2014

Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine: Truly Filipino with a twist

When you're at Quezon City and would like a revolutionary twist for the local dishes from different regions in the Philippines, there's one place now, not hidden but happy to serve their evolving dishes for everyone, head to Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine. 

Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine 

When my group went there to try the different signature dishes, we are amazed that they have many unique but from the traditional Filipino dishes as their dishes is evolved from the different regions in the Philippines add up also that the owners of this interesting restaurant made sure that the dishes will not be the usual home cooked food from our Grandmas table. 

Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine is like eating Al Fresco because of the design of the infrastructure & exposed but architecturally designed PVC pipes that served as the lamp posts. I love the traditional display of old photographs, books and furniture that made me ratatouille like think about the past, when were still living in the province under our grandparents home. The restaurant is  home away from home. 

The ambiance is suitable for celebrations and for just relaxing with family

I love the decor

Here's what we had for lunch and joyfully served us by Sigrid  Aragona Buendia, one of the owners of the restaurant. 

 Revolutionary food for your taste

Chopsuy Salad. The twist here is that, it's a mixture of our local dish from the cooked chopsuy but now with fresh vegetables and made just like a salad with dressing. 

Inihaw na Tilapia roll. This unique dish is not just pleasing to my eyes but for my taste. I love the mustasa leaves and fermented rice, I tasted same dish like this at Angeles, Pampanga when the Mayor of that town invited us at their fiesta celebration. I will surely go back at Tiago because of this. The grilled fish inside the mustasa with the buro is a must to try for everyone. Very healthy for all the figure conscious ladies out there.

Pinausukang Chicken and Pork is another dish I will never forget. A combination of two meat in one. A unique blend for every bite. According to Sigrid, it took the chef hours to cooked this. That made the Pinausukang Chicken and Pork so tender. 

Pork Sisig is another recipe to die for. It's a common dish for Filipinos but made more delicious under the progressive and evolving taste of the owners. Sisig at Tiago is made of pork cheeks and nape with onions. 


 Delicious Leche Flan

Leche Flan. Filipinos have sweet tooth and obviously, we all love Leche Plan and will order lots for take out because of the unique blend and interesting toppings of this favorite dessert. Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine Leche Plan is topped with sweetened pearls and banana, a new twist to usual Leche  Flan preparation.  

Suman. Occasionally our favorite kakanin is the usual Suman, another dessert that is made of rice. At Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine, it's crunchy because it's fried. Salivating because of the tablea chocolate sauce and sweet latik, a must try. 

Sigrid, Dianne and me

Me and Sigrid

Reviewing the article I did for Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine made me lke to go back as soon as possible, the taste of the different dishes will make you schedule a trip with the whole family.

The restaurant is newly opened at the corner of Tomas Morato Avenue and Scout Fuentabella Street and open from Tiesdays to Sundays from 11:00am to 11:00 pm. 

 Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine: Truly Filipino with a twist