Monday, March 21, 2011

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad

If I am Oprah

1. I'll donate 75% of my fortune right now
2. I'll encourage fellow successful entrepreneur to do the same thing.
3. I'll go to all third class countries and be an ambasadress of goodwill from my own foundation
4. Will help talented individuals to accomplish their goals internationally like Charisse
5. Will give funds to Efren Penaflorinda for him to continue his advocacy
6. Will build learning facilities or improvements for children to have a better education with equally passionate and qualified educators
7. Will improve row housing facilities with better quality structures
8. Will promote good governance and ethical leadership
9. My magazine "O" profits will be donated for livelihood programs
10. I'll do a fun run with Illac Diaz to support his "Bottle House" project and promote exercise against plastic surgery

If I am Christy Walton of Walmart

1. I'll donate 75% of my fortune
2. I'll encourage my billionaire friends to do the same way
3. Will put outlets around the globe and sell quality merchandize in low prices that could give works to people
4. Will promote green technology to have an environment friendly community
5. Will help third world countries to promote family planning methods either natural or artificial way.
6. Will give international scholarship grants for talented youths to become more competitive
7. Will build hospitals to 20 most populated countries for the newly board passers nurses and doctors
8. Will promote peace and harmony for Libya, Bahrain, Yemen
9. Will promote the use of paper packaging materials instead of plastics to reduce the purchase of chemicals in doing plastics that could harm the ozone layer.
10. I'll do forums and seminars on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

If I am Liliane Bettencourt of L'oreal

1. I will donate 75% of my fortune
2. I will support Carlos Celdran to promote Reproductive Health Bill passage and give him lots of Condoms from France to distribute
3. I will do a livelihood program for all members of LGBT to become professional make up artist
4. I will promote the use or reusable diaper for babies and adults
5. Will encourage people to become an environmentalist
6. Will encorage mothers to always look good  and healthy by means of exercise
7. Will promote breastfeeding with the help of medical professionals
8. Will promote good quality of life by means of limiting children they could afford to send to good schools
9.Will make Invitro fertilization affordable for parents who cannot conceive and cannot afford the medication
10. Will invite all my models to come with me all around the third world countries to promote the use bicycle to reduce the consumption of carbon dioxide

If I am  Susanne Klatten of BMW, Pharmaceuticals

1. I will donate  my 75% fortune
2. Will introduce and innovate green cars
3. Will go to third world countries and help Red Cross by donating medicines and encourage my billionaraire friends to do it as well
4. Will donate one car for every poor Filipino who could make a difference
5. Will make all hospitals in the third world countries like the Philippines all like "Asian Hospital" in Alabang with First Class facilities and medical specialist
6.  Will invest in the Philippines like putting up Manufacturing Companies of BMW and Pharmaceuticals
7. Will encourage investors to have business in the Philippines
8. Will support groups with advocacies for the betterment of the community
9. Will promote that honesty is the best policy to elementary students
10. Will ask my felow billionaire friends specially in the middle east to help developing countries to lower the price of oil.

If I am a freakin' billionaire

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Barangay Ayala, Alabang ordinance- Even the title is wrong and Striking statements

  The issue is not about Reproductive Health Bill but on how one posh Barangay in the South implemented and pushing an ordinance where even in the congress is still pending.  Barangay Ayala, Alabang with all the richness surrounding the village, rich and famous residents with a secular and international homeowners implemented an ordinance known as “The protection of the unborn child, Ordinance 01-2011”.
March 19, 2011, at 9 o clock in the morning, the second hearing was held at Sylvia Lina Theatre inside the De Lasalle Zobel School auditorium. People are wearing either yellow, white or purple. Yellow or with Purple for those who are against the ordinance which is obviously the Reproductive Health Bill supporters and White for those who are pro ordinance.

  Inside the entrance of the auditorium, there are papers that one need to sign for their name and address. There’s also a sign that says “anti ordinance” and “pro ordinance”. The auditorium is full and of course with different colors and divided by a rope which former representative and resident of Brgy. Ayala, Alabang Ruffy Biazon said that before the ordinance there is harmony but now a rope is dividing the community. On the left side towards the stage are the supporters of the ordinance and for anti in the right side.
  The air-conditioned facility is cold and the place is well maintained showing how fortunate and privileged the students who are attending in that school or showing how lucky those parents who could send their kids to this kind of learning facility. The panel for pro ordinance is composed of Atty. Luis Sison, Dr. Angelita Miguel Aguirre and Former Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel while for the Anti ordinance are Former Representative Ruffy Biazon, Former Solicitor General Frank Chavez and Atty. Mario Aguinaldo.   
   In the audience only anti ordinance have supporters and representatives from the Commission on  Human Rights, Department of Health,  Board of Pharmacist also present for anti ordinance were Former Secretaries of Department of Health Esperanza Cabral and Alberto Romualdez, Former General Roberto Biazon, Likhaan Secretary General dr. Junice demeterio-Melgar, Former Rep. Riza Hontiveros Baraquiel, Representative of Senator Pia Cayetano who didn’t make it to attend because it was her birthday that day, Atty. Beth Pangalanan of University of the Philippines, One of the organizers of the rally and Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines Chair Elizabeth Angsioco, Ramon San Pascual who is the executive director of the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc., a group advocating the passage of the Reproductive Health bill, Filipino Freethinkers President Ryan Tani, Aynila CEO Alvin Dakis, Janina Gillian Santos of DIR advocacy, Ana Santos of Sex and Sensibilities, Kevin Punzalan of De LaSalle University and many more who are champions and front liners for the passage of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill.
  The Public hearing about the ordinance have three issues that each from both sides need to answer and these are the following:
1. The alleged conflict in the prohibitions in the ordinance with the family planning program of the Department of Health.
2. The assumed right of any individual to access contraceptives and family planning methods allowed by the Department of Health.
3. Possible infringement on the right of pharmaceutical firms to dispense and sell contraceptives which are not deemed illegal.
Both sides per panelist have given three minutes each to answer the issue.

Here are some of the striking answers of the panelist for question number 1.:
Ruffy Biazon- “If approved by the Food and Drug Industry it’s not abortifacient”.
Atty Luis Sison- “Today is a red letter day to Barangay Ayala, Alabang. Defenders of 01-2011 ordinance, we have called Taliban, Idiot…but not Anti Life….”
Frank Chavez- “ Why Atty Sison have an introduction while us we didn’t got a chance  to have introduction but to answer the issue?...”
Aquilino Pimentel- “I will start at 9:15 am”, he jokingly said because of the time restriction.

Here are some of the striking answers of the panelist for question number 2:
Frank Chavez- “Thank You for referring us as the right side.” When the chair of the hearing told everyone that the first answer for the second issue will be from the right side first, but after Chavez comment he said, “My right side.”
Dr. Angelita Miguel Aguirre- “Contraceptive is not a cure for disease, it’s a prevention…”
Aquilino Pimentel- “It’s an issue with the use of reason. Ordinance is okay if it infringes any rights.”
Ruffy Biazon- “I am not a lawyer, the ordinance is against the Constitution, Republic Act 5921.”
Frank Chavez- “We are here not to talk about Reproductive Health Bill, we leave that to Congress. We are here for the ordinance.”
“ Atty. Mario Aguinaldo. “The law said Food and Drug Administration and Department of Health are the only ones who will tell us about abortifacients drugs.”

Here are some of the striking answers of the panelist for question number 3:
Ruffy Biazon- “ Only FDA has the right to classify whether condoms or pills are abortifacient or not…the barangay likes to go above for what is mandated by law.”
Atty. Mario Aguinaldo - “ “It violates a lot of law, one is about the goal of the economy, equal distribution, right to life..we need to be equal.”
Frank Chavez- “What makes the barangay Ayala, Alabang so special by prohibiting the selling of condoms and requires prescription. The ordinance didn’t recognized people who cannot afford the prescription. Challenge must be discussed in a proper court.”
Atty. Luis Sison- “ I didn’t know about FDA did public meetings on what is the abortifacient or not”.
Dr. Angelita Miguel Aguirre talks about the reality of ovulation. But one striking words that made some listeners curious is when she said “Magtatagalog na lang ako at baka hindi maintindihan ng mga nasa labas.”
Aquilino Pimentel- “It does not protect the unborn without the presence of the duly license physician, that is why prescription is needed.” Also the former Senate minority leader, said there is nothing irregular about the ordinance, the claim that the ordinance violates the rights of the people in the Barangay has no basis.
After the answers, there was an allotted 50 questions from the audience, twenty five for each group. But because the meeting is only till 12 noon, only few have been entertained. The following are some of the highlights;
Representative of the Commission of Human Rights- the Reproductive Health Bill supports the natural family Planning, Comprehensive health information and the barangay ordinance opposed and interferes the public life of the resisdence and their privacy.
Representative from the Board of Pharmacy-“The Brgy. Ayala Alabang ordinance is contradictory to the existing law”.
Atty. Beth Pangalanan of University of the Philippines said that the ordinance violates the constitution, life and liberty. She said that Life of the mothers must be protected first not only the unborn. She said about some article from the constitution that the couple has the right to choose the method of family planning not the barangay and even the name of the ordinance is wrong because it only says the right of the unborn.
Representative of Senator Pia Cayetano- “ The brgy does not have the power to execute such ordinance.”

Barangay council spokesman Luis Sison earlier said the ordinance was already being enforced, but Alfred Xerez-Burgos Jr., the real estate magnate and the Brgy. Ayala, Alabang Chairman said though the ordinance was passed, it was not yet being enforced pending approval by the city council.
Meanwhile, Netizens are curious about what will happened about the ordinance and the topic for every Reproductive Health pages in Facebook. One page that is getting a lot of discussion about this ordinance is the “Reproducive Health Bill, I Support “ page in Facebook with this link

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sa nangyayaring sunod sunod na sakuna sa ibat ibang bahagi ng kapuluan mula noong 2004 sa Thailand at India hanggang sa pinaka bagong sakuna o kalamidad na naranasan ng bansang New Zealand at ang pinaka bago ay sa bansang  Japan, ating naitatanong lalo na ng mga kapatid nating krisityano kung “katapusan naba ng mundo”. Ito ay paulit ulit nating napanood na mangyayari sa hula ng batikang si Nostradamus at nakalathala rin daw sa Bibliya. Sa iba lalo na sa mga relihiyoso, hindi na ito kabigla bigla o natatangi dahit ito ay nakapaloob na at nakatala sa mahal na bibliya na kung saan ay talagang inaantay na lamang kung kailan darating.
  Sa 93 milyong Filipino na naninirahan sa Pilipinas, mahigit Otsenta Porsyento ay mahihirap at karamihan ay walang pinagaralan at umaasa sa mga impormasyon galling sa gobyerno na kung saan ay mahigit na imposible na sa kanila makakarating dahil sa kahirapan, walang pamasahe para makarating sa lokal na barangay pamayanan o di kaya ay walang panahon dahil sa abala sa paghahanap ng makakain sa araw araw.
   Ano nga ba ang dahilan ng mga kalamidad na ito? Sa mga siyentipiko, dahil sa nagkaroon ng pag galaw ng lupa sa malapit sa dagat ay inaasahan ang tsunami o pagtaas ng tubig na umabot sa ilang metro. Maari ring maging resulta ng lindol ang pag guho ng lupa at mga aktibidad ng bulkan. Halos umabot na sa dalawang  libo ang namatay at ang iba ay nawawala pa dahil sa isa sa pinakamalakas na lindol na naganap sa bansang Japan. Ang mundo ay 71 porsyento na binubuo ng tubig at ang natitira ay kapatagan. 8.9 ang lakas ng lindol sa Japan na nagresulta sa tatlumpung piye na tsunami na kung saan ay napinsala ang lahat ng madaanan nito. Nagkaroon pa ng napakaraming pagyanig o “aftershock” na kung saan ang mga residente ay nangangamba pa rin at ang karamihan ay wala ng mga tirahan.
   Ayon sa isang miyembro ng Iglesya ni Kristo, Nalalapit na ang katapusan ng mundo, ito raw ay nasa bibliya at ang maliligtas lamang ay nasa loob ng Iglesya ni Kristo ngunit hindi lahat sa kadahilanang hindi lahat ay mabuti. Hindi rin sa tubig ang magiging dahilan ng pag gunaw ng mundo kundi sa apoy. Mga lingkod lamang ng diyos ang maliligtas at wala kahit saang relihiyon ang makakatakas dito. Sinabi rin nya na ang mga sumusunod lamang sa utos ng diyos at ang mga nagpapasakop lamang kay kristo ang hindi makakaranas ng pag gunaw ng mundo at ito ay makikita sa “Gawa 20-28” sa Bibliya. Ayon rin sa kanya, siya ay hindi natatakot dahil alam nya na sya ay maliligtas at lahat ng nangyayari ay hindi na kabaha bahala dahlt lahat ay nakasaad sa bibliya.
   Ito ay isa lamang sa napakaraming myembro ng isang organisasyon na relihiyoso. Bilang isang katoliko, ang naganap ay napakaraming pwedeng magpaliwanag mula syensya hanggang sa pangkaraniwang nilalang. Kung ang gobyerno ng pilipinas ay hindi magiging handa sa ganitong mga kalamidad, baka higit pa sa mga nawalan ng tirahan ang maranasan dito. Ang Japan ay isang tinagurian na napaka higpit at napaka galing sa kanilang mga produkto na ginagawa. Ang mga gusali ay siguradong nasa tamang disenyo, ang ginamit na mga materyales ay nasa tamang  ispesipikasyon, bilang at laki ngunit ating nakita kung paano lamunin ng tubig at mga bahay na gumuho ang ating natunghayan pagkatapos ng kalamidad.

   Sa napakatagal ng karanasan ng ilan nating mga inhinyero ditto sa pilipinas, mula sa pagsunod ng “easement” hanggang sa “setbacks” na ginawang batas n gating gobyerno upang maiwasan ang sakuna para sa mga residente at nagpapagawa ng bahay o gusali, napakaraming hindi nakakasunod dito. Karaniwang rason ay:
1.       Napakaliit ng lote kung kayat gusting gamitin ang buong “area” para lumawak ang titirhan.
2.       Kurapsyon sa mga namumuno na sinasang ayunan ang mga nagpapagawa ng bahay kahit bawal sa batas.
3.       Walang kwalidad na mga “row housing facility”.
4.       Minamadaling mga straktura upang medaling malipatan na nagkukulang naman sa tamang “curing time”.
5.       Ganid na mga kontratista. Para lumaki ang tubo ay binabawasan ang timbang ng mga bakal na gagamitin o di kaya ay gumagamit ng mga “substandard” na materyales.

   Ito ay ilan lamang sa mga rason kung bakit nagkakaroon ng pag guho sa ilang straktura dito sa pilipinas at kung kaya’t pumapangit rin ang nagiging reputasyon ng ating mga kababayang nangongontrata ng ganitong mga proyekto na nadadamay rin ang mga naghahanapbuhay na may integridad sa buhay. Sa ganitong kadahilanan, sa hirap ng buhay at sa mga nakasanayang Gawain na dapat mabago mula sa pangit na kultura n asana ay mabago ng paunti unti ng bagong administrasyong Aquino.
   Ang pilipinas ay binubuo lamang sa ngayon ng 93 milyong katao, humigit kumulang at kung ikukumpara sa bansang Tsina ay napakaliit. Mas madali at mainam na turuan ng pagbabago na makakamit lamang kung ang pagbabago ay magmumula sa taas ng gobyerno. Ang implementasyon ay magaganap kung lubos na ipakikita ang pag eenganyo at tuwirang pagbabago lalo na sa pagsusumite ng mga “proposal” sa ikagaganda ng bayan. Ang kalamidad ay hindi inaasahan, tulad ng Ondoy, isang di inaasahang nagdulot ng perwisyo at delubyo sa buhay ng nakararami nating kababayan. Isa ang nagging problema sa nakaraang kalamidad na iyon, basura. Kung napakalakas na lindol at tsunami kaya an gating nakaharap? Handa na kaya ang pilipinas sa mga makabagong “tools” na kinakailangan? O ipagdarasal na lamang natin na kung katapusan na ng mundo, sana hindi totoo ang sinasabi ng ibang relihiyon na sila lamang ang maliligtas.

Friday, March 11, 2011



March 9, 2011. Ms. Nafis Sadik might be well known from her advocacy, surrounded by Mr. Bart W. Edes and Ms. Ursula Shaefer from the Asian Development Bank in Manila with over forty individuals in the audience. The topic is Health and Reproductive Health for Asia and the Pacific. It is about gender equality, women empowerment, reproductive health in the philippines, myths and knowledge. Since 1980, the developing countries are already following the family planning methods while the philippines because of its cultural background and resistance to change is still  using the natural method. Ms. Sadik as an activist and worked with United nations said that "the battle never seems to end, like a zombie in a horror movie."

   Gender is not related to infrastructure that are being built nor there are many mistaken idea with regards to women. Descrimination is always rampant, not only about race but also in gender. Women seems powerless in some organization. But the government need to realize that women are the one who are giving birth, getting pregnant, must be given an integrated program before the start of puberty to menaupausal stage and a lifelong concept. Today, the age of power or knowledge is different. In africa, some ten years old are already getting married while in Asia even the usual is 18 years old, the age of women getting married is getting younger.

   The maternal death mortality is also different for every nation. One death from every eight individuals in Africa while  one death for every 144,000 individuals from a developing country. the difference might be knowledge and tools from the government, population, economic status or human rights. According to Ms. Nadik, Maternal Deaths are preventable. 20 million women die with a lack of knowledge but with an available reproductive health program, human rights and help from the government, deaths can be avoided and can be prevented. Reproductive Health information doesnt reach the women outside marriage, adolescent and poor women in a rural areas and because of these there is a high mortality deaths in Asia.

   How valuable is a woman's life? This is a question where is not only applicable in this third class country but all over the world. It is about life. The technology is there, resources can get somewhere only with political will reform in underdeveloped countries such as the philippines. According to her, "Family is the basis of society and both women and men should have the same benefits." This is about gender equality. Rural women who have an ample knowledge do not share the same fortune with women's who are living in urban poor. There's a big gap like descrimination in work  for employment, age, status and heres a large number of women who are malnourished. But women comes a long way in terms of political issue in South Asia like the philippines, with women in power and with political positions.

   Though there are many myths about women because of descrimination like in farming, its mens work only and women are mostly staying in the house which is an old practice. Ms. nadik wants to encourage the asian Development bank to focus about gender equality to help the women to succeed and be empowered.  Time to take serious because womens concerns are valid, must also be included in every planning process and might change the society. Infrastructiure is not only for men. there are women engineers, architects and carpenters now. The government must consider this as women always play a vital role in the society.

   Reproductive Health is not only for the poor but for everyone. It's so happened that majority of the population is poor and dont have a quick or available access to the needs like knowledge, medical facilities, capacities and capability to pay for their medicines. This is where the government must give the Reproductive Health to all women. This is by means of passing the bill in which the Philippines is pushing right now to become a law. Ms. nadik is an advocate and activist with guts to go around the world to spread the good news and encourage everyone about gender equality. The forum took only a couple of hours but gives empowerment to all women who attended together wt the men in their suit and tie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

letter read to CBCP - February 27, 2011

To the honorable bishops of CBCP,

Peace. We came to your office not to stir up trouble, nor to plead with you. We’re just here to give you a simple message.

Eleven women die every day from pregnancy and childbirth, a continuing tragedy that can be ended by the RH bill you are blocking.

We know that your opposition is based on a papal encyclical. We do not expect that you can change this encyclical.
We also do not expect you to stop speaking about social issues, even if many people do not agree with you.
But we do expect you to care as fellow Filipinos who preach about love, especially love for the poor. Despite your elevated social status, we expect you to respect the rights of others who do not agree with you. We expect that although all of you are men, you have learned affection and empathy from your mothers, your sisters and women friends.
Together with allies and friends, we are more than a thousand women, mostly from the crowded and tangled alleys of Metro Manila. If we could get you to live in our shanty homes; share with you the paltry meals that we have every day; have you witness the upright lives of neighbors who use contraceptives; let you listen to children longing for the mothers they lost to maternal complications—we would do so, to open your minds about our need for RH.  But these are impossible wishes, so we have come to you.
It pains us to hear you downplay the deaths of mothers. You and your allies have dismissively said that many more die from other illnesses; that pregnancy is not a disease; that the government has more important things to fund; that the possible fusion of sperm and eggs is more important than a woman's life.
How many more must die before you are touched?
There is a saying that perhaps you believe in as well: Whoever saves a single life, saves the world entire. Allow us to tell you the true story of a mother whose life could have been saved by programs in the RH bill.
Olivia was a quiet woman who kept to herself, and lived in the poor community of Barangay Tonsuya, Letre, Malabon. She was only eighteen when she got married, and after just a few years had nine children. Because she had no money, she delivered her tenth child at home, helped by a traditional birth attendant. Her youngest was delivered alive; but Olivia bled profusely afterwards.
Abigail, her thirteen-year old eldest child, was feeding her then. In between sobs, Abigail said that Olivia stopped eating, spilled her drink, and shortly bade her farewell with the words: "Abigail, take care of all your siblings."
Olivia died on May 2, 2009. She was only 37 years old. After her death, Abigail and her two other siblings dropped out of school. The three youngest children, including the baby, are due to be given up for adoption.
How many stories of Olivias must we tell you before you believe? How many more Olivias need to die before you sympathize?
We bring eleven candles to symbolize the eleven women who have died or will die today. By lighting each candle, we remember and honor the life each woman had, which in unique ways, provided love and light to her children, to her partner, to her friends, to her siblings, to her parents, to her community, to her factory, and most probably, even to her church.
By letting each of the eleven candles stand in front of your office, we commit to memory the painful words you used to trivialize the deaths of mothers. We commit to memory the extreme actions that you took against the RH bill, and the reckless delay of a law that could have saved a majority of these mothers.
More than four thousand women die every year from maternal complications, deaths that could be prevented by RH education and services. The thousand or so of us who are here today will lie down in the street to show you a fraction of the scale of this tragedy: the lives lost, the children left behind, the hopes and relationships cut short, the contributions to society that have ceased.

We will leave your office in the same peaceful manner that we came. We only leave behind the eleven candles with their dying flames. May the memories of the eleven women who died today touch your hearts and minds.
Ernesto M. Pernia, Ph.D.
Professor, UP School of Economics, formerly Lead Economist, ADB           
Elena E. Pernia, Ph.D.
Professor, UP College of Mass Communication • formerly Dean of UPCMC     
Mr. Benjamin De Leon
President, The Forum for Family Planning & Development, Inc. • POPCOM Commissioner
Sylvia Estrada Claudio, MD
Professor, Women & Development Studies • Director, University Center for Women's Studies, University of the Philippines
Ms. Rina Jimenez-David
Chair, Pilipina, Inc.
Alberto G. Romualdez, Jr., M.D.
Dean, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila • former Secretary of Health • Vice-President Forum for Family Planning & Development
Ms. Elizabeth Angsioco
National Chairperson, • Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines         
Junice Lirza D. Melgar, MD
Executive Director, Likhaan Center for Women’s Health Inc.            
Ms. Teresita Borgonos
National Vice-Chairperson, MAKALAYA
Ms. Mina Malabed
RH Coordinator, MAKALAYA  
Mr. Ryan Tani
President, Filipino Freethinkers            
Ms. Ging Cristobal
Lesbian Advocates Philippines, Inc.
Ms. Magdalena Bacalando
President, Pinagsamang Lakas ng Kababaihan at Kabataan
Bb. Lotlot dela Cruz
Secretary General, KAISA KA
Ms. Gloria Santos, President, KUMPAS
Ms. Rhoda Avila
Secretary General, Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines
Ms. Mercedes Donor
VASRA Q.C. Leader, Piglas Kababaihan
Ms. Malu Pontejos
Ms. Amy Amar
Secretariat, Partido Lakas ng Masa        
Ms. Tessie dela Cruz
RH Advocate, Zone One Tondo Organization            
Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas
Founder, Do It Right Advocacy

Friday, March 4, 2011


  A respected and successful businessman is known  from his Word of Honour (Palabra de Honor), quality and timely deliveries and has a good management skills. As a manager, one has a good motivational skill, leader, empowered and must implement what is due for the organization expectation and client satisfaction. Businessman or manager, they are both leaders, same as the president of the philippines. The newly elected President, Pnoy as he would like the people to call him must show leadership and word of honor when he said that he supported then the Reproductive Health Bill and told to the press that the principles are not mandatory that is why there are choices and options with the controversial "contraceptives" under the bill where the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines is so against.

   They said "Kung anong nakikita ng bata na ginagawa ng matanda. sa mata ng bata ay tama." In politics the implementation must come first from the upper level of management which have the executive power down to the barangay level in order for everyone to follow, well from what they say, "follow the leader".

   From the different views of women who got offended by the turnaround decision of Pnoy from supporting to not priority, the question lies on what really trigger, convince and the final decision to drop the Reproductive Health Bill as one of his priority after a few days where the six house bills related to RH  has been approved to be consolidated and now renamed it to Responsible Parenthood. The sudden surprised from all the RH advocates including Reproductive Health Advocates Network(RHAN), Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines(DSWP), Pinagsamang Lakas ng Kababaihan at Kabataan (PILAKK), Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD), Reproductive Health I Support Group (RHISG), DIR advocacy and all people who voted for him because one of his platforms is Responsible Parenthood.

   Where is the word of honour? On different networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot, almost all topics are all about the quick changes in decision of Pnoy. The President has dropped the RH bill from the list of priority bills he would submit to Congress leaders during the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) meeting on Feb. 28. Word of honour or "palabra de honor" as some filipinos calling it is a very important characteristic of a person specially with individuals who leads a lot of people like a manager or businessman, what more if someone is the President of the Philippines. Palabra de Honor can better explained as  "marunong tumupad ang isang tao sa kanyang binitiwang salita". So does Pnoy have the Palabra de Honor? another point to consider of Pnoy is this about Palabra de Honor, "Dapat maingat ang isang tao sa pagbitaw ng pangako dahil aasahan ito ng kanyang kausap. Kapag ang pangako ay laging napapako o di natutupad wala ng sinuman maniniwala pa sa bibitawang salita ng nangako."

   Filipinos who voted for Pnoy are happy when he won, of course and given, less corrupt and usually thats what they say. Somebody with honorable parents, with good political background, rich, son of a hero, son of a religious and called the  mother of democracy, son of the former president and most of all the one who is not greedy of power that needed to go to a spiritual retreat to make a choice which is to run or not to run in the  May 2010 Presidential race. Carlos Celdran, an RH advocate who is now facing a trial this comng March 10, 2011 for "offending religious feelings", who didnt vote for Pnoy and publicly supported Pnoys cousin Gibo Theodoro was furious and called the president P-boy instead of Pnoy from his facebook status and in which P from him doesnt mean President.

   The author voted for Pnoy for a change. everyone are smart, educated and has all the will to fight with their platforms. But for nine months now, with increasing price of petroleum, South Luzon Express Way(SLEX) toll fee which if one will exit in Alabang from Calamba, Laguna goes up from twenty one pesos to seventy three pesos, a shocking reality for everyone on the driver seat. With carnapping, bombs and higher prices of basic necessities, so far, a lot of filipinos are disappointed. Though people in this country with the majority of the population who are poor, from the last survey from Pulse Asia, 69 percent supports the RH bill. Population is more or less 93 million in 2010, this is the time to show off. To show off the power, change and political will reform. To our everdearest Pnoy, our President, Filipinos are believers, Patient and still looks up for this new administration. Show that you have the best characteristic of a leader aside from being not corrupt, show that you have a Palabra de Honor.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Amazing and are you taking me as stupid?

March 3, 2011- Saw my published post since 2010, can’t believe about the different idea , curiosity, eagerness, feelings and information I wrote.  As a project Engineer of my own Company and working for almost two decades which I think more than, compare to my adult life. Middle ages women are usually full of guilt, revenge and empowered. With the experiences and wisdom from the inside and outside world, one kid cannot imagine what life is all about but in the eyes of an empowered women, life is just starting with all the drama, insecurities and traumatic experienced, a woman is stronger than before.

   With a life like a wheel with ups and down and yet limited in time, one came through the struggle and criticisms of reality. Without it, you don’t exist or you are not human. When my kid got sick, with disappointments in life, turnaround of events and tears, I am still thankful for so many chances and options this amazing and mysterious life is giving me. I am just comparing myself to those much unfortunate individuals who are begging for alms, no family and nothing to look forward to.

   I believe that life without love is a mess. There will be no hope, no faith, no wishes and no joys. I love to write and that is for sure. I love to help and can even give the only money I have to others if need to. I did that anyway. No proofs but only a talkative me. That is me and I believe that honesty is the best policy. I am with my eldest daughter right now. She is in her deep sleep while with air conditioned room, she even open the portable electric fan for me because I complained for mosquitos. Now I am so cold like a dead fish. I remember all the people with me during the past year. What a company I had with them. All of them, no work, so I told one of them this morning to organize a group of 200 individuals for a job fair through my friend with a manpower agency. Sometimes, the problem is with the individual, so choosy with work and no time for free skills to be given after the seminar or training event.

   It’s almost 9:30 pm and I want to finish this. I remember how wonderful is my mother since then till now. I am always telling this to my daughters and telling to everyone how proud I am not only having an amazing mother but a responsible father who is always in front of me ever morning, visiting me to give wisdom because he believes that as one grow older, she should gain wisdom. Yes, I am a proud daughter. Nobody is perfect but for me they are. Talking with different kinds of people with their oh so different status of living, background of education and upbringing gives me an ample time to realize the fortune and love that somebody up there tried hard for me to experienced. Middle aged yes I am, but truly, one stuck at 17 years old, Is it only moi or everyone?

   I am sleepy now and realized I am like writing like a diary like theme, oh yes, young at heart. I always wanted to be a writer anyway and with this oh so uber good technology and a laptop from my wonderful husband, everything is coming true. The are all sleeping including my two housekeepers. I am wishing for every problem one have a quick solution but not hara-kiri. I remember my foreigner client this morning, how nice of him with an honest smile, he is young with a Filipina wife. And how fortunate the Philippines that he is enjoying every minute of his stay in this third world country. Amazing is my favorite expression so far aside from “ are you taking me as stupid?” and “bureaucracy”. Easy to say and nobody is complaining.

Sponsorship Speech for RH Bill suspended due to malfunctioning aircon.

  March 1, 2011. I am at Congress right now but sitting in their cafeteria. Hungry from Laguna and having lunch. Supposed to attend a session but is suspended due to non functioning aircon. Imagine a barrio girl from Laguna came all the way here for that? They told me to wear shoes and dress up nicely. I did. The session is supposed to start at 4 in the afternoon but arrived here at 2pm. Early because I am always late for every meeting at Likhaan with a group of empowered women and men. I am representing the DIR advocacy which I am the founder. As a working mother, doing this kind of things like attending rallies and checking problems not my own is not easy but I am happy and enjoying every minute. If others cannot do it, I can.

   I am waiting for almost 500 individuals from DSWP to Gabriella. Women who are fighting for the truth and justice and I am just a “salingpusa”. I became aware about my community and current events in 2009 when the senator of the republic who was a congressman then asked me to organized an event for him. Ondoy was also one reason. With my favorite subject in graduate school, I became aware about the disadvantage of being uninformed.  People tend to blame the government for every disaster. But what did you offer as the citizen of this country.  I came all the way from Laguna and the session is cancelled. It’s two to three hours drive not to mention the boring travel time and my work.

   Truly in helping, need to be unconditional. No proofs, no exchange, no returns and no rewards. Though very disappointing, here I am waiting inside the cafeteria.  Got a message from RHAN, we will just have a rally outside, South wing gate to show our support for the RH Bill and to show our disappointments. Everyday, Eleven mothers are dying because of the birth complications, uninformed and induced abortion.

   Rep. Kaka Bag-ao, Dr. Junice L. Demeterio Melgar, Elizabeth Angsioco, Rep. Edcel Lagman and almost 500 supporters of RH Bill are in attendance.  This morning, I heard from the radio the session about the ombudsman, impeachment and congress which is also done inside the House of Representatives. True or not, with budget, maintenance, generator and scheduled sponsorship speech about the pending reproductive Health Bill, I cannot help but think if its sabotage? But why?

   Lots of vehicles are coming out from the south wing gate with number 8 in their plate number. From a very expensive Hammer to an old Van, I wonder about the congressman inside, who is he/she and I wonder what they are thinking seeing us shouting and with banners outside the gate. I remember  when some congressmen last May 2010 election, even the heat of the sun, they are campaigning, wanted to shake your hands and with a smile on their face. Now with a very important session, because of air conditioned, its suspended.

   Joy Salgado of Likhaan Center for Women's Health Inc asked me if I wanted to talk infront of all supporters and I said yes. I said about my disappointments, my will to attend eventhough I will be coming from Laguna with the intention to bring home and share my experience and knowledge from this event. There are also attendees from Pampanga to my surprised. With me is a writer, Ricky Maramba, the author of he book “The Force”, member of DIR advocacy and came from Malate.