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Join now! $1,000.00 Prize for the Filipino Photo Essay Contest

Around Philippines and whenever there's a chance to meet respectable and empowered individual, I made sure that I'll grab the opportunity and meet them with a smile. "Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. or "People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile" from the unknown author, these are just some of the proofs that a smile can make a difference or a smile was the result of a good and happy experience. Filipinos are not technically defining a smile as just a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth and by flexing muscles throughout the mouth.A smile is an expression denoting pleasure, sociability, happiness, or amusement. Smiling from the dictionary could be something that is understood by everyone despite culture, race, or religion; it is internationally known. Cross-cultural studies have shown that smiling is a means of communication throughout the world.

The official poster 

The Embassies of Chile under Ambassador Roberto L. Mayorga
and Brazil, University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines, University of Asia and the Pacific, Ateneo University, De La Salle University, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and The Philippine Star have joined together in a project called “Calidad Humana” , a project in order to preserve and promote the traditional human compassion, friendship and sense of humanity of the Filipino people and in order for everyone around the globe to understand how Filipinos can still manage to smile inspite of natural calamities and problems. With this goal, a photo contest, “Smiles for the World” has been launched with a first prize award of US$1000.

Ambassador of Chile Roberto L. Mayorga and me 

Ambassador Mayorga welcomed me with a smile when I reached the Chilean Embassy today, November 15, 2012 to discuss the dissemination of information to different social media practitioners that could give more entrants and to give awareness not only to the Filipino people but to the world the positive outlook of Filipinos in life and to encourage all the races to be the same in spite of the different experiences we are facing everyday. The project would like you to share your photo to represent the cheerfulness of a Filipino and to address your message to the rest of the world. Tell stories and let the rest of the world to know the uniqueness of that smile you took.

Deadline for submission will be on February 28, 2013 while awarding ceremonies are expected to be held in the first week of July. The cash awards are US$ 1,000 for first place; US$ 600 for second place; and $ 400 for third place. There shall likewise be non-cash prizes.

Competition Rules

1. This year’s competition is open to all Filipino citizens, regardless of age, place of residence, and occupation.

2. There shall be only one entry per person, submitted in soft copy to the following address:

3. An entry, to be considered, shall comprise the following:

a. An original 8×10 photo showing one or more Filipinos at home, in school, at work, at play, at leisure, or in portraiture. The photography subject(s) shall be existing persons, with the setting identifiable upon request of the organizer. Qualifiers and winners might have to be asked to produce 13R photo size.

b. A positive, encouraging message with no more than 140 characters (letters, numbers, and punctuation marks) in font Arial 12 spreading the smiles in the photo to the rest of the world.

c. A one to three-paragraph essay in English, with no more than 200 words (excluding punctuation marks), appropriately titled, that succinctly explains the message of the photo. While the essay shall be in English, Filipino words or terms may be used if deemed expedient by the author for absence of satisfactory equivalents in English. The concept of calidad humana (see above) should be explicit in the essay.

d. An accomplished form, see below, that indicates:

Full Name (First, Middle, and Last), Age (with Date-Month-Year of Birth)
Title of the Photo-Essay, Brand of Camera Used and Technical Settings (if any)
Home Address, Land Line, Mobile Number, and e-mail Address
Current School and/or Place of Work and Corresponding Mailing Address
Personal Certification on the originality of the photo

4. Deadline for submission is 28 February 2013; awarding ceremonies are expected to be held in the first week of July.

Entries shall be the property of the Embassy of Chile, which reserves the right to use the work, edit and publish it as deemed appropriate, but always duly acknowledging the author.

A panel of five (5) individuals shall decide on the preliminary qualifiers based on the criteria below. A final panel of five (5) judges, to be selected by the organizing committee, shall determine the winners without regard to scores earlier given to qualifying essays. Winners shall agree to be interviewed on camera on matters related to the theme of the competition

The decision of the preliminary and final panel of judges shall be deemed final.

Without attempting to give weights to the criteria for qualifiers and winners, the basis for judgment shall be as follows:

Effectiveness of the photo, with the corresponding essay, to capture the spirit behind the Filipino smile and what it stands for;

The overall quality of the photo and essay entry as a medium of expression, without necessarily appealing to technical considerations, except perhaps for grammar, mechanics, and usage in the case of the essay;

The uniqueness and impact with which the photo and the essay convey the theme of the competition

Judging shall always be on the photo and the essay in combination.

According to the project site “CALIDAD HUMANA is human compassion, sense of humaneness, strength of character, and human tone. It is unique to the world. It is expressed through our cordiality and friendliness, our positive outlook in life, and SMILES on our faces. “CALIDAD HUMANA, literally translated as the quality of being human and loosely translated as strength of character, may refer to the sum total of distinctively human characteristics that dignify and ennoble a person and enable him to contribute to a culture of excellence either in his immediate, mediate, or broader environment … either in unusual or day-to-day situations and circumstances. It is not a state a person is in but a constant movement to attain the state of human perfection.“Calidad humana marks the person noble in his dealings, steadfast in his convictions, and unfaltering in his equanimity, without any pretensions … everything that contributes in the end to LIFE WELL SPENT. “One need not have most, or much less all, positive traits in heroic proportions, nor would one need to be exempt from defects of character. What is needed for calidad humana is a quality or a cluster of qualities that steadily stands out in one’s personal and social life, hand-in-hand with an unwavering struggle for the other human virtues.”

Around Philippines, you will find Filipinos with their happy smiles in spite of the hardships or problems. We are born to be tough and to show to the world that we could do everything and we have proofs, not only around Philippines but we are scattered and proving our worth around the world.

Join the contest here:

The Nutcracker Christmas at Manila Hotel

Around Philippines, there are so many luxurious and stand out 5 star hotels but there's only One Rizal Park where the historical and already in it's 100 years in giving prestige, unforgettable stay and world class service is located. Manila Hotel which opened in 1912 and extensively remodeled in the 1970s is a Philippine landmark, home to high society and to political intrigue, and often a scene of historic events.

This season, enter into the world of magic and fantasy as Manila Hotel takes inspiration from The Nutcracker, one of the well loved Christmas fairytales of all time. Take a trip to a magical land of sweets and experience a sparkling holiday classic. Huge nutcracker dolls, toys, gingerbread clock house, a giant christmas tree, and other festive arrangements will be on display at the Grand Lobby beginning November 14, 2012.

Executive Vice President of Manila Hotel Dr. Enrique Y. Yap Jr. and The Nutcracker

Celebrate the Yuletide season with the entire family and let manila Hotel give you an unforgettable holiday experience with room packages, grand feast and other exciting activities.

The lighting of the Christmas Tree led by Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, Manila Hotel President Atty. Joey Lina, and Manila Hotel Executive Vice President Dr. Enrique Y. Yap, Jr., signaled the beginning of the festivity. Children from the house of Refuge joined te celebration and treated with fun games and activities. Ballet manila led by Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja- Elizalde will be also performing The Nutcracker ballet at the Manila Hotel on weekends.

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim with the executives of Manila Hotel after the Christmas Tree Lighting

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Manila Hotel will also offer The Nutcracker Cookie Jar wherin part of the sales will be donated to the House of Refuge.

Room Packages

Come home to Manila Hotel this holiday season and experience a Nutcracker- inspired Christmas celebration with your loved ones. For the entire Month of December, experience the warmth of home with one room packages through a host of exclusive priveleges including accomodation in our luxurious suites, Christmas buffets, complimentary shuttle service to different tourist areas, and gifts for the kids.

For a more exciting Manila Hotel holiday, guests who will get the especially marked The Nutcracker room ving cards upon check-in will get a special prize. Also, whoever finds the hidden The Nutcracker card in the room will also receive a gift from Manila Hotel.

Former Laguna Governor and now Manila Hotel President Atty. Joey D. Lina and me

F & B

Grand feasts will be offered for holidays so gather the family ‘round the dinner table as we serve you a delightful feast of your traditional favorites. Diners at Café Ilang-Ilang are in for a grand feast as Manila Hotel Executive Chef Konrad Walter prepares an exciting selection of traditional holiday and Manila Hotel favorites for Christmas Eve and Day buffets for PhP 2,500.00 ++ per person only. Enjoy your favorite puto bumbong,bibingka, and hot chocolate offered from PhP 1,000.00 ++ per person from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Formal table set up at the Champagne Room

Treat your taste buds with authentic Cantonese specialties at the Mabuhay Palace. A Traditional Yuletide Delights Set Menus will be offered from December 12 to 25, 2012. Price starts at PhP 1,300.00 ++ per person. For a sophisticated dining experience, the Champagne Room is offering impressive French cuisines fit for the festivity. Christmas Eve Dinner Set Menu with choice Cote du Boeuf or Roast Lamb will be offered with a glass of sparkling wine. A special lunch set menu will also be offered on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Mayor Alfredo Lim and Odessa Escaler

The Nutcracker with Odessa Escaler with a chest from Manila Hotel with goodies

Christmas is about sharing and you can find the perfect gifts for your loved ones in our Land of Sweets Gift collection available at the Deli. Nutcracker-inspired cocktails are also available at the Taproom and Lobby Lounge that will definitely set the celebratory mood.

Me and Dr. Enrique Y. Yap of Manila Hotel

Around Philippines, don't forget to go to Manila and still, there is no better way to spent your night and be part of history but at Manila Hotel. I myself feel the warmth and hospitality, maybe because Manila Hotel shares the character that we Filipinos love most which is trust.

Received these chest box full of goodies from Manila Hotel

For inquiries, please call 527 0011. Visit
 For updates, follow us on Twitter @manilahotel and on

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18 Sites. One Nation for Mother and Child Protection: PhilHealth Launches First Nationwide Run at Nuvali, Santa Rosa City, Laguna

I am an advocate of Information maybe that is why I am into Social Media first before I became part of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) as their Regional Media Coordinator. People must understand that an advocate is different from an employee who can be there only because of salary. An advocate is there to be informed and to be the catalyst of something that they think could be a great contribution to the community.

I've been with different running events because I believe with the objective and cause; to share and for people to become aware about the vision of the organizing team. Now, with the invitation of PIA, we went to Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna last October for the media launch of the PhilHealth first nationwide run.

PIA Provincial Coordinator Allan Ortilliano and Philhealth Officers

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) launches its first ever nationwide running event on February 17, 2013 to mark its 18th year of establishment. Following the agencys Vision and Mission:

"Bawat Pilipino, Miyembro,
Bawat Miyembro, Protektado,
Kalusugan Natin, Segurado"

"Sulit na Benepisyo sa Bawat Miyembro,
Dekalidad na Serbisyo para sa Lahat"
Core Values
Quality Service
Utmost Integrity
Social Solidarity &
Total Care

PhilHealth will have a nationwide awareness program for the protection of Mother and Child. Dubbed "PhilHealth Run 2013: Nationwide Run for Mother and Child Protection", the event aims to continuously draw national attention and support to its mission of providing all Filipinos with access to quality health care through social health insurance.

"The PhilHealth Run 2013 is part of our 'Be PhilHealth Now' campaign and indeed an excellent platform for us to celebrate our mandate of Universal Health Care as we move closer to achieving universal coverage next year" announces PhilHealth President and CEO Dr. Eduardo P. Banzon during the event’s media launch in Quezon City.

PhilHealth is mandated to provide all Filipinos regardless of status in life with financial access to quality health care services. In July this year, President Benigno Aquino III announced during his State of the nation Address that it reached its 80 million mark which translates to 85 percent of the entire Philippine population of 96 million.

The website address and singlet design

"This time, we are running towards bringing UHC a reality as well as making a statement on the importance of mother and child health in support of our country’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals" he added.

PhilHealth declared that the event also aims to help increase public awareness and create more advocates who will advance the issue. Proceeds from registration fees and sponsorships will benefit one national and 18 other local institutions that work for and cater to the health and welfare of Filipino mothers and children.

"We are targeting some 90 thousand professional and amateur runners from different parts of the country to take part in this historical event" adds Banzon, adding that the "run will be held simultaneously in 18 sites so they can better express support to our cause right where they are."

The event is open to all Filipino and even non-Filipinos who are in good health condition. They can register in three-, five-, ten- or 18-kilometer category either online or at any PhilHealth regional and local health insurance offices where they are supposed to run.

The 18 sites are Manila, Baguio, Dagupan, Tuguegarao, Clark, Malolos, Laguna, Batangas, Legazpi, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Koronadal, Marawi and Butuan.
Mr. Greg C. Rulloda
Vice President for Corporate Affairs Group
(02) 687-2699

18 Sites. One Nation for Mother and Child Protection:
PhilHealth Launches First Nationwide Run at Nuvali, Santa Rosa City, Laguna

2013: Spark a Change

Because of poverty and lack of means, even kids now ages from 12 to 15 years old are working hard just to make ends meet or to help their parents, irony. Filipinos have extended families. Our parents treasure us and as much as possible would love to take care of us even already were adults. Some fortunate few went abroad to work as OFWs to support our brothers/sisters studying in College or our parents. Filipinos sacrificed a lot even to be far from our love ones in order for them to survive. 

Just like Paciano as a farmer when he supported the young Jose to finish his degree. A brother who will do everything for his family. Filipinos even then and right now are the same. Will sacrificed his own life for the sake of others. We still have Paciano with us, the question will be, when are we going to meet him. 

May 2013 is coming and campaigning period is getting nearer. The candidates will introduce once more their platforms, some candidates are new in the position but most of them are already an elected government officials but did they accomplished already their social contract to their constituents before? We need to check their track record.

Another year, another opportunity but how about the masses? Do they have a chance for change? Do we have a choice? 

Yes, we do have a choice. Campaigned period is not only for the candidates to show off their credibilities, their Partylist, their super wide smile or their firmed handshake. Campaigning period is the time, we could listen to their platforms, check their backgrounds, track records, ask questions during the meeting de avance or scrutinized every details about their capability to become a leader. The power is within all of us. We need to choose the best. We need to choose those candidates who have a will. Will to fight for what is right, will to fight against corruption, will to sacrifice himself for the sake of his constituents, will to show to others that in-spite of poverty, the community can do it as long there's unity. 

The candidates are campaigning because they know he needs each and everyone of us. Check the bills they are supporting, from there you will find what kind of person he is. Check their educational attainment, we need competent, knowledgeable and educated leader who could stand in any stage or could talk to all leaders around the world who could help the community for investments, infrastructure and could entice world leader not only national to visit the community. Let's all aim higher. Let's not settle for the "pwede na" but for the best of the best. Let's spark a change. The power is within our fingertips in this coming election. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Calauan: Are you ready for a change?

In 2007, the population in Calauan, a 3rd class municipality at the province of Laguna was 54k. At present it ballooned to more or less than 70k because of the National Housing Authority
(NHA) that caters to different calamity victims from all around Manila with ABS-CBN Bayan Ni Juan sa Calauan and Binay Compound.

Calauenos, from then till now, do we have any good changes? 

Let's just talk about the three years that passed to make it more detailed.

1. Infrastructure like Schools and Hospitals.

2. Peace like the ratio of our Policemen and people. The ratio must be 1:500. What's our ratio? How's the peace and order within our 17 Barangays? How's the crime rate in your area, lesser?

3. Health and Education accessibility- How's our ambulance, medicines and information dissemination for health? Do we have an easy access as in!  did our officials reached us or exerted effort to reach everyone?

4. Livelihood programs for the majority.

5. RA9003 or Waste Management System

6. Social Contract- Don't forget about PLATFORMS or their Plataporma. ALL things they PROMISED last campaigning period, don't forget that it's their COMMITMENT. 

Even though there's no written contract between those elected officers and us, their platforms are their social contract to us. Did they ACCOMPLISH all already? Because if not, WHY ARE you going to vote for them once again? 

Remember, VOTE WISELY. It's not about NOW but check the long term programs they have for the community. 

Some might be good sa pagsasalita during the meeting de avance but was it enough?

WHAT DID THEY DO from the 3 years they spent in office? For some, it's more than one term. 

Here's the list of candidates who are seeking for different positions. Some are new in the position, some are incumbent, one doesn't have a competition, some are just returning back and some are just nuisance?

For Mayor;
Jun Brion
George Berris
Darry Velasco

For Vice Mayor;
Allan " Dong" Sanchez

1. Agonia, Fermin
2. Catapang, Apolinario
3.,Celario, Nestor
4. Del Valle, Filemon
5. Escarez, Dante
6. Hernandez, Chesska
7.Hilario, Zenaida
8. Ilagan, Germegildo
9. Kraft, Kingsly
10. Larona, Joseph
11. Larona, Maria Jesusa
12. Maligalig, Dimna
13. Manalo, Joselito
14. Mendoza, Evangeline
15.  Putungan, Oscar
16. Ramilo, Roberto
17. Roxas, Gertrudo
18. Sanchez, Allan
19. Urbano, Renato

A lot of familiar names. As much as I don't like to care and just curious about the candidates about their real motives or real deal, there's something beneath our heart that is very much concern. It's a human characteristic and nature to care and to give our own opinion for all things we see. As much as we know that politics to some are just business, we still believe and hoping for the best. 

One candidate who I know could bring CHANGE and I will surely vote is #14 Mendoza, Evangeline "Vangie" from Barangay Imok. She's an incumbent Barangay Councilor. I'm very sure most Calauenos don't have any idea about her but after reading below, I'm sure you will be just like me, she's not only our local pride but a national leader for many. 

Here are my reasons;

1. For truth, justice and pride of Calauan- She is the national president of PESANTE Filipinas, a group of farmers from all around the country who are fighting for their rights. I am with them when they did a rally and barracks for days at the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) main office at Quezon City and got to have a conference with the DAR Assistant secretary about their needs. 

2. Empowered Leader-She made Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay come to Calauan for the Farmers Congress. Twelve provinces with 300 participants attended the event with the support of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Governor Jeorge "ER" Ejercito together with different government leaders from different provinces. The congress was a success. 

3. Environmentalist - When Father Robert Reyes known as the Running priest did an environmental awareness run, shes the only government official from Calauan who supported the event and joined us to different cities and municipalities in order for the people to know the importance of being aware and concern about the environment. Last 2012, she actively joined me when I conducted a Talakayan about the Ozone Layer with different leaders from Calauan. 

4. Against corruption and fighter- Remember the Oakwood Mutiny? that controversial uprising against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Councilor Vangie are with General Danny Lim, Father Robert Reyes and General Antonio Trillianes.  If you will closely check the pictures, she's the only woman hand in hand with them on the road. She spend an overnight at the cell for fighting what she thinks was right.

Councilor Evangeline Mendoza runs as independent candidate. For whatever reason, oh well! I have some in my teeny weeny brain of mine. 

To Calauenos, I cannot blame. We all have our reasons but for me it's not about me and the reasons I explained already in 2010.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Laguna Social Media and Blogging Summit

Last September 27 and 28, 2012 at 8:00am to 5:00pm with the support of the Provincial government of Laguna under Governor Jeorge "ER" Estregan Ejercito, the FIRST Laguna Social Media and Blogging Summit (1LaBS) was held at the Cultural center of Laguna. The expected 300 participants from all around the Philippines who are compose of writers, bloggers and students became 600 on September 27, 2012 and on September 28 was 900, these are students from LSPU, STI, AMA and bloggers from Manila and Pampanga who allotted two days of their time to attend this historical event. 

Pagsanjan Mayor Girlie Javier Ejercito welcomed everyone and even sang the Pagsanjan "Bangkero" song that made the opening of the summit more memorable.

The Opening Remarks came from the Lead organizer of the event Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas who not only a social media one of the most influential blogger, columnist and advocate but also a speaker herself at different summit in the Philippines and who is also a Lagueno from Calauan. 

Here are the list of speakers and their topics who came to Laguna not just to share their expertise in blogging and Internet but also to experience and promote the tourism of Laguna.

(Tony Ahn) Agency Confidential: Behind Blogger Relations 
Keynote Speech: Tony displayed a blogger event budget and discussed  how and why agencies charge what they do in order for their clients to engage with bloggers. 

Blogging for Advocacy (Sonnie Santos)

 Advocacy and Social Media (Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines National Chairperson Elizabeth Angsioco)

 Impact of Social Media on Voters Education (Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez)

Social Media in Good Governance and Advocacy (Congress Chief of staff Wenchie Flores Sabban)

What To Do With The Money You Earn From Blogging (Award winning financial speaker Fitz Gerard Villafuerte)

 iBlog for Health (presidential awardee for health Nurse Alvin Dakis)

The Art of Personal Branding (Famous voice talent and GNN producer Pocholo Gonzales)

Blogging for motivation and empowerment (Best selling author Lloyd Luna)

 (Benjamin Vergel De Dios) Executive Director- Knowledge Community

September 28 Speakers;

Welcome Address from the Regional Director of the Philippine Information Agency  (Norito Cabotaje)

Keynote Address from Dr. Nestor De Vera, President of Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) 

Ethics and Etiquette in Blogging ( Juned Sonido)

The State of Education in the Philippines–present conditions, needs and prospects for reform. (historian and rocket scientist Dean Jorge Bocobo)

 Travel + Photography and Social Media (Jaypee David)

Marine Life Advocacy (Jayvee Fernandez)

Actionable Start-Up SEO Blogging Strategies. (Mark Acsay III)

Strategies to Maximize Facebook Business Pages – (Jonel Uy)

Politics in Blogging (Author Janette Toral)

 The first Laguna social media and blogging summit is a success. The event hashtag which is 1LaBS or an acronym of the summit TRENDS on Twitter at number 6 that day. Trend is a twitter term which means its the MOST talk topic in the WHOLE Philippines. 

The objective of the summit is to bring to Laguna the best speakers and writers from social media to share to Lagueno the benefits of technology today. This in return, because the speakers are famous plus with writers and media as participants who are there not only to learn but to cover the whole summit. This will give mileage to the province in terms of tourism. 

The organizers would like to thank Governor Jeorge "ER" Ejercito of the Province of Laguna, Laguna 2nd District Board Member Neil Andrew Nocon, Andrew Grace Home Builders, Tiny Buds, Tony Ahn & Co., Melba's farm, Teen Azkals, OneA events place, Cafe Lupe, Asia Blooms hotel, KCs Catering, Jonessa Enterprises, D Star salon, Walk this way, Solid hosting, Geiser Maclang, Gardenia, Chowking, SM, When in Manila, Creative Voices, Microsoft, STI, AMA, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Manila Blogger, Phil IT, Philippine Information Agency 4A, Mary Pauline Salon, PRC, Kliping Times, McCarranz Graphics International, ALAM, Comelec and Mayor Ed Pamintuan of Pampanga, TaG Media and public relations. 


Gardenia Booth


Customized IDs from COMELEC

#1LaBS Technical Team

Philippine Information Agency Regional Director Norito Cabotaje

Laguna State Polytechnic University President Dr. Nestor De Vera

Dean Jorge Bocobo with the Gardenia Representative and Rod Magaru

Laguna 2nd District Board Member Andrew Neil Nocon, Janette Toral and the 1LaBS Team

Marine Life advocate Jayvee Fernandez

Jaypee David on Photography and Social Media

Juned Sonido on Ethics and Etiquette in Blogging

Mark Acksay on SEO

Sonnie Santos preparing his presentation

Jonel Uy

1st day Participants

2nd day Participants

Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines National Chair Elizabeth Angsioco

Fitz Villafuerte

Motivational Blogger Lloyd Luna

1LaBS Sponsor Mernels Chocolate Cake owner with Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez and Laguna Tourism Officer BM Andrew Neil Nocon

Nurse Alvin Dakis

Congress Chief of Staff Wenchie Flores Sabban on Good Governance and Advocacy

GNN Producer and Creative Voices Pocholo De Leon Gonzales 

Rod Magaru interviewing the participant

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Productivity Improvement Program

When the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) launched the Productivity Improvement Program I would say it was one move that will benefit both the employee and the whole organization or company. The Productivity based pay is also an output production measurement and must give an awareness to the employee about their capacity and balance between the input and output.

On August 23, 2012, out from the 23 manufacturing companies at the Laguna Techno Park (LTP) at Binan, Laguna, only 7 are still not practicing the new DOLE program. The majority from this group shared that the program gives more strength and opportunities for the whole organization. The program according to them gives consistency, institutionalized a process, clarity and transparency. The program also gives more strength to the workers according to an HR Manager from Panasonic Precision Devices Philippines Corporation.

To encourage more the different companies not only at TLP but to all manufacturing businesses in the Philippines, the DOLE Region 4A under Director Alex V. Avila with Robelinda dela Rosa, Board Secretary of RTWPB IV-A initiated the giving of certificates of acknowledgement to those companies that complied with the Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) and Productivity Based Pay Program (PBP).

Assistant Vice President under Yutaka Manufacturing Philippines Atty. Ma. Fatima U. Liu gave a message to the HR Managers and employees at the Amtek Manufacturing Company Hall with media practitioners headed by the Philippine Information Agency 4A.

Here are the companies that complied with the programs;
F. Tech R&D Philippines, Inc.
Ichinomiya Electronics Philippines Corporation
Katolec Philippines Corporation
Yutaka Manufacturing Philippines Incorporated
Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines
Meinan Philippines Incorporated
Wakorepco Manufacturing Philippines Incorporated
Swedish Match Philippines Incorporated
Superflex Logistics Incorporated
Ryonan electric Philippines Corporation
Surtec Philippines Incorporated
NIPPI manpower Services
Sapphire Industrial Laundry Services Incorporated
Takata Philippines Corporation
Panasonic Precision Devices Philippines Corporation
Nihon Garter Philippines Incorporated

A background from May 2012 launched of the program. Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said that Wage Order No. IV-15 issued by the CALABARZON Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) introduced for the first time a two-tier wage system consists of a floor wage.

The first tier, which covers all workers and functions as a social safety net, and a productivity based pay, while the second tier is determined jointly by workers and management based on agreed set of parameters and is linked to individual, group or organizational productivity, performance or a combination of criteria. Under the wage order, companies are required to set up within three months after its effectively the so-called Productivity Improvement and incentives Committee (PIIC).

The PIIC shall serve as the implementing mechanism of productivity-based pay with equal representation from both workers and employers. Its functions include determination of productivity-based pay schemes, parameters, measurements, coverage, and amount of productivity-based pay to be given to covered workers.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sotto against a Million Bloggers in the Philippines

August 16, 2012, A lot of Bloggers at the Social Media site Twitter pours their outraged over Senator Vicente Sotto III after his interview with ANC's Headstart Karen Davila was reached the Netizens with his statement " Bakit ko naman iqu quote ang blogger? Blogger lang iyon." (Why am I going to quote a blogger? She's just a blogger.)

With the Senator statement, he obviously didn't realize the capabilities of bloggers. From wikipedia " Social networking is one of the most active web-based activities in the Philippines, with Filipinos being declared as the most active users on a number of web-based social network sites such as Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Friendly and Twitter. The use of social networking website has become so extensive in the Philippines that the country has been tagged as "The Social Networking Capital of the World," and has also become part of Filipino cyber culture. Social networking is also used in the Philippines as a form of election campaign material, as well as tools to aid criminal investigation."

According to the internet, "A blog from the term web log is a discussion or information site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Until 2009 blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often were themed on a single subject. More recently "multi-author blogs" (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. MABs from newspapers, other media outlets, universities, think tanks, interest groups and similar institutions account for an increasing proportion of blog traffic. The rise of Twitter and other "micro blogging" systems helps integrate MABs and single-author blogs into societal newstreams. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog."

In the Philippines with more or less than 100 Million in population and counting which according to some advocates are because of the lack of Reproductive Health Bill (lack of education, poverty and accessibility to hospitals, accessibility to condoms, pills and other reproductive health services and products for free among others), the country garnered more percentage in online usage, meaning, majority of the population are voters every election and the Senators statement from some bloggers was very discriminating.

From Jon Russell of Asian "Asia dominates the world’s biggest social networking markets according to research from blog 24/7 Wall Street who compiled a list of countries where Facebook penetration (usage per population) is highest."

The Philippines tops the list with 93.9 percent of the nation reportedly signed up to Facebook, the full list is below with the summary from each Southeast Asian market following.

Philippines 93.9%
Israel 91%
Turkey 90.9%
Chile 90.2%
Argentina 89.2%
Malaysia 88.4%
Indonesia 87.5%
Peru 87.2%
Colombia 86.9%
Venezuela 86.2%

What is interesting is just how high Twitter usage amongst the three Southeast Asia countries while LinkedIn remains particularly low.

1. Philippines
> Facebook: 93.9%
> Twitter: 16.1%
> LinkedIn: 1.9%
> Internet Use: 29.7%

Social network penetration is incredibly high in the Philippines, reaching 95%. Facebook is the country’s most popular website, more so than Google, and has a penetration rate of 93.9%. The Philippines is also the eighth most popular country for Twitter use on a global scale, with a penetration rate of 16.1%. The popularity of photo sharing has increased by 46% in the country in one year, largely due to Facebook. Social networking is so popular among Filipinos, the country has been nicknamed “The Social Networking Capital of the World.” - Jon Russell

Discrimination against bloggers without knowing what they could do or maybe the Senator thought that bloggers are just those people who are using different Social Media tools for chatting and gossiping and it must be a wake up call to the Senator with majority of the bloggers show their sentiments by using a twitter hashtag #bloggerslangkami (we are just bloggers).

To make the story short, a blogger could be anyone, might be a doctor, architect, engineer, teacher, a government official like USEC like Manolo Quezon, Commissioner from the Bureau of Customs Ruffy Biazon, Senator Pia Cayetano or might be a computer engineer, Information Technology practitioner or the majority of the Philippine population.

Senator Sotto might be in power right now and his vote for the Reproductive Health Bill might be important but from his background as a Television host for sure never adds up to his credibility.The Filipino people elected him to be competent, reliable and fair to everyone, he must understand that as the one in a government office, it is not about him (when he said something about his child who died because of the complication which according to him was because of the pills) but about the majority of the population, rich or poor, for all Filipinos welfare.