Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 10 Takeaways at Asia E- Commerce Expo 2015

Last November 25, 2015, we recently concluded the biggest E- Commerce Show in Asia with 30 speakers and 30 exhibitors at SMX Convention Center Aura, Taguig, Philippines that happened from 8AM to 6PM.

Diverse and various industries joined the event with even the former Ambassador of Chile Roberto Mayorga attended and received the "Lifetime Leadership Award" from the organizer- TAG Media and Public Relations headed by Andrew Troy Nicolas.

 Ms. Camille Montejo received the award in behalf of his father, Secretary Mario Montejo of Department of Science and Technology, TAG Media and PR CEO Andrew Nicolas and Former Ambassador of Chile Roberto Mayorga

Please check the Top 10 Takeaways from the event which made it another successful occasion under TAG Media and Public Relations.

1. VIZA Card- Sponsors are the backbone of any events, since it will not be possible without the support of these companies. To make sure that the attendees and visitors will visit all the booths, TAG Media and Public Relations distributed  stamp cards. All attendees received one each to visit all booths in order for them to claim the loot bag/souvenir bag from the registration area. After visiting all the booths, the companies participating put the stickers or signed the circle area in the VIZA card as proof that the attendee visited their respective booths.

2. Business Card Exchange Activity- The organizer's one objective is to endorse the attendees to their target clients or partners. The Business Card Exchange Activity will made sure that all attendees met their target clients. For every 2 minutes during the session, the attendee will change partner in order to do the pitch and exchange business card. All attendees participated and the 30 minutes time might nor be enough for the 200 participants but at least an engagement has been made.

 Zoomanity Group COO JB Badon and Alfox printing CEO Abigail Joan Lim during the Business Cards Exchange Activities (BCEA). Top most photo also during the BCEA.

3. Learnings- There were more than 18 main speakers that includes the following;

• Constantin Robertz- Managing Director, Zalora
• Lars Jeppesen- CEO, Tech One Global
• Jacqueline Van Den Ende- Managing Director, Lamudi
• Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Viber
• Janette Toral- Founder, Digital Club Filipino
• Subir Lohani- Managing Director, Carmudi
• Chinkee Tan- Book Author and Radio Host
• Robert Yupangco- CEO, Yupangco Group of Companies
• Frederic Levy- Founder & CEO, CashCashPinoy
• Camille Montejo- CEO, Tree Top Adventure Inc.
• Bjorn Pardo- CEO, Xend Business Solutions
• Quentin Boucher- Managing Director, Ensogo
• Amor Maclang- Director for Communications, Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications Inc.
• Mannix Pabalan- CEO, Hashtag Digital
• Joey Gurango- CEO, Gurango Software Corporation
• Mario Berta,- CEO,
• James Jimenez- Spokesman, COMELEC
• Allan Donato- Brand Ambassador, Payoneer


• Chris Kiklas- President, EmLogis
• Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creativoices Production
• Spanky Enriquez- Corporate Communications Consultant
•.Mike Grogan- Founder, BestOfYou Consulting

 Managing Director of Zalora, Constantin Robertz

 Managing Director of Ensogo Quentin Bouche

 CEO of Mario Berta

  A presentation from Payoneer with Allan Donato (Brand Ambassador)

4. Investors - The event was a success partly also because of the investors presence. Mark Vernon of TAG Cash and Robert Yupangco of Yupangco Group of Companies made sure that they listened to the 11 StartUp Innovators pitch. After 4 days of the event, Mark Vernon announced that he chose as his newest baby.

5. StartUp Innovators- The new and young entrepreneurs did their pitch. All 11 of the innovators showcase their products and services sharng the advantages, innovations and benefits of using their applications. 

6. Free Exhibition Viewing- The organizers opened the exhibition floor for free unlike the previous events under TAG Media and Public Relations that viewing was exclusive then by the participants of the conference. With the opening of the exhibition floor for free to everyone, more visitors came which in return beneficial to the exhibitors.

7. Sumptuous Food- KCs Catering was the one that caters the event. More dishes and overflowing pastries during the whole event. For more information or catering services, please call 09196231899. 

8. Souvenir Program- We are very thankful and grateful with ALfox Printing services for sponsoring the event brochure with contents as follows; Agenda, Welcome address from TAG Media and Public Relations CEO, Andrew Troy Nicolas and Payoneer CEO, Scott Galit. There are statistics also from PWC inside which tackles about Digital Marketing, Innovation and Social Media.

TAG Media and Public Relations Team

9.  Philippine Landscape Update- Janette Toral, the Asia's E- Commerce Guru discussed with a powerpoint presentation the E- Commerce landscape in the Philippines and Asia. This is in order for the attendees to understand and learn more about the effectiveness and advantages of having E- Commerce in their companies especially in retails and  tourism industries. 

 Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Club Filipino

10. Giveaways- Only events under TAG Media and Public Relations gave aways so much for the participants. We are thankful with the following sponsors; Mernel's Cake, Casa Alegria, Cafe Lupe, Zoomanity Group, TAG Cash, Tree Top Adventure, ALfox Printing, Infinity Hub, Payoneer, Melba's Farm, KCs Catering, Victoria Court, VOffice, Alveo, Subic Bay Yacht Club and Citibank. 

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