Friday, March 16, 2012

A dinner with Chief Justice Corona

A lot of costly controversies, political issue and the telenovela of this year is the Chief Justice Renato Corona on the impeachement trial. Turn of events to this gigantic King magistrate and a feast to all bloodsucking commentaries and opinions pretending to be expert in the constitution.

When President Benigno Simeon Aquino promised to start the change by cleaning up the decades of corruption, he did it with the wave of his wand and one by one. Even his foes made viral the alleged truth about his family owned Hacienda Luisita, the impeachment trial together with Senator Mirriam Santiago high blood moment became the mosts talk of the town.

A lot of people follows the impeachment proceedings on their television or for those who can afford to go to senate and get a one day ticket never missed the event from Monday to Thursday, though I have lot’s of things to do than to follow this comedic political story in the history of this country, I am still aware because of Twitter and facebook.

When Blogwatch invited me to be with them to interview the Chief justice, I never hesitated, even though it will only means waking up early and to finish my work in advance. I will never say no to the opportunity like this, to meet the man in flesh and a chance to know the real story from the magistrate himself, lying or telling the truth, well it’s for me to decice and for him to be careful and good.

It’s 6 in the afternoon and I am the first one to arrive at the lobby of the Supreme Court. Wow! It’s my first time to be in this American style building. While waiting for everyone, there’s a television in the lobby showing what’s happening at the senate that time, the impeachment trial.

One by one from Noel De Guia (@tweetnirizal), Gelo Lopez to Noemi Lardizabal Dado (@momblogger) came and were all ready to meet the Chief Justice.

His office is just the same as any office I’ve been, the only difference are the newspapers with his name on the wall, his plaques from so many recognition events, diplomas and the man himself waiting for us. You will not miss him because of his smiley eyes and omg! He is really big, his built, literally, a giant for me.

He entertained some questions then asked everyone for a dinner with him. Ok, that’s one awesome gestures to think that the invite was past the dinner time but oh well, it was nice of him.Then the moment I am waiting for, the question and answer portion.

I only have two prepared questions and these were all about me too and my advocacy. Actually I even asked my usband if these questions are appropriate.

1. How does the impeachment trial change your life?
2. They said that the prayer rally of the Iglesya Ni Cristo is in support of you, we all know that INC is supporting the passage of RH Bill, so what is your stand to that?

His answer:

1. It changed my life spritually, before we prayed individually but now we even use Facetime to pray the rosary all together because my other child lives at San Francisco, so to be all together we use the internet to do that. My family gives me more strength to fight, they even the one who are pushing me not to resign because they believe that If I did, it will be like accepting what the prosecution are telling against me. I believe with the justice system.
2. Both have merits the anti and pro and my training as a judge prevents me to show my decision right away, I am here long enough to know. Sino sino rito ang mga sumosuporta? ( well of course, a lot raised their hands because a lot are advocates of the RH.), I never though about it (RH).

Learning that his wife was really from a rich clan is a surprise too especially when he showed to us a letter from our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal that Jose Maria Basa might had financed El Filibusterismo. Jose Maria Basa is an ancestor of Cristina Basa Corona.

Some notable quotes from that Dinner interview:

1. My wife is the gentlest person.
2. My children are so finness.
3. Nasaktan kami, hindi madali ang pinagdadaanan namin, we have feelings too.
4. 24/7 they (referring to president pnoy and the prosecution) exist for only reason to destroy me.
5. My great grandfather was a successful pawnshop owner in Binondo.
6. Walang makakapagsabi na uminit ang ulo ko at nagmumura. (referring to asal kalye news)
7. I used to compete, I used to win. (on owning a gun)
8. I am hopeful by April theres a decision.
9. Senate President come and go.
10. Ayokong kausapin sya. (referring to pnoy when asked if pnoy will ask him for a meeting.)

Anyway, diko na nakuha yung iba nyang sinabi cos I am busy understanding kung nagsasabi sya ng totoo o hindi, and of course, only him would know that. I am not even a lawyer or an expert but on this trial, whatever happen, may benipisyo bang makukuha ang mayorya? Magkakaroon na ba ng tunay na pagbabago?.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The unfamous brother : General Paciano Rizal

Dr. Jose P. Rizal only brother who taught him everything, helped him financially and plays a vital role in his life is no other than General Paciano Rizal. An introvert and silent from his descendants today, doesn't even have lots of pictures but stolen few.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) commissioners Dr. Rene Escalante, Ferdinand C. Llanes and executive director III Ludovico D. Badoy led this morning’s (March 9, 2012) ceremony commemorating the 161st birth anniversary of Gen. Paciano Rizal, the elder brother of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

The ceremony held at Paciano’s residence in this municipality, was also attended by Rizal’s descendants descendants: Jose Rizal Lopez, Edmundo R. Lopez, Rufina G. Lopez, Virgilio Villaruz, Doris R. Villaruz, Marlene Lopez- Jacinto, Milagros Lopez- Pinto, Vivencio Villaruz, Ester Lopez Azurin and Teresa Lopez- Houvet.

A mass was celebrated before the opening of the program, followed by flower offering and a 21-gun salute.

Gen. Paciano Rizal played a vital role in the life of national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. As the only brother of Jose, he helped financially and supported him in all his struggles against the Spaniards and the fight for Philippine freedom and democracy using his writings.

Paciano joined the secret group "KKK" under Andres Bonifacio after his brother was shot at Bagumbayan, now Luneta. He also became treasurer of the revolutionary government under General Emilio Aguinaldo because of his integrity and fight for the rights and truth for the Filipino people. He died peacefully at his house at Los Banos, Laguna at the ripe old age of 79.

Meanwhile, also in attendance were Los Banos Vice Mayor Baby Sumangil and Board Members Rey Paras and Andrew Nocon.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Justice for Rochel on this International Womens Month of March (ASAP)

When I heard the news about what happened to Rochel "Cesil" Geronda, a 14 years old 1st year student from Los Banos National Highschool and a sampaguita vendor, the first thing that appears to my mind is my eldest daughter Andria who is 12 years old right now and a student from Los Banos too.

Once I read it from my mobile phone, I told it to my husband who was with me that time having a dinner at Joes at Los Banos, Laguna just in front of Rochel school. I am sure my husband was so gross and can’t comprehend why it is happening, a 14 years old girl with so much life and with bright future ahead was brutally raped and killed by these sex maniacs and low life.

I remember last year when I covered Given Grace. A student from University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB), Laguna. There’s even a vigil for days and lots of media attention. For sure it’s because she was a student from this prominent school, mga iskolar ng bayan. Now, with a story from my Victory Christian Fellowship groupmate Dewmaine, a teacher herself and isa ring Iskolar ng Bayan, even made me feel sorry for not only for Rochel but for the whole women and daughters in this world. To think March is the International Women's Month where last year, with the help of an international women's group, I conducted a forum about the rights of not only women but equality with notable speakers from the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) President Elizabeth Angsioco to a student from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

So what’s this about sex and killing innocent children. I enjoy sex and yes it’s productive literally, I have twin daughters and don’t want to happen to them what happened to Given Grace,Rochel and to all woemn na inaabuso at inabuso. For some men, was it fulfilling or does it give them more joys and earthly greed when they raped and killed children?.

As into transparency and human rights, I would like to know if this is also about poverty; men who couldn’t afford to pay prostitutes resulted to just kidnapped, raped then killed kids. One questions too like if they were high on illegal drugs or something. Enforcement of the law and kamay na bakal ang kailangan na dito. I am ino death penalty anyway.

I am into death penalty to give model for those people who thinks they are God. And for now, I will stay this way, into awareness program and if possible could do something different in my own little way. I want to be the CHANGE, if lot’s of stalkers, haters and critics will arise, I don’t care. Justice for Rochel. Justice for Women.

With this view and for Rochel and for all women na kailangan ang pagkalinga ng bayan. With the help of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA and Do It Right advacocacy, I am organizing an event for this International Women's Month with the theme: Violence against women "Pagusapan at talakayin." This is an awareness program with our Homan Rights advocate and empowered women Ms. Elizabeth Angsioco to give the media insights about justice and also coming to participatemight be the Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Justice for all women.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positively muah!

As a government employee ( is it the correct term if one is appointed?) whom I didn’t even dreamt to be and well yeah imagine, survived to get my first cheq, yes, you heard me right folks! They are paying me now and to write about good governance, climate change, livelihood program or in other words, just POSITIVE news which really is very hard to do than blogging without an editor.

In blogging it’s all about me. You heard it right, my opinion, my commentary and all about transparency. I am fortunate that I can do anywhere, well thanks to my mom for the car and my friends who could give me more information without limits. Actually writing anything positive is what I want to do especially if it’s the reality. Though reality bites with so many poor people in poverty and corruption among the highest officials who does not want to quit or our admirable lady senator who is always hyper. Anyway, I am here at exactly 5:00 pm meaning I can go home now and yet, we are here with food just delivered from Chowking. Spicy siomai at it’s best and black gulaman while waiting for my officemates to go home.

Today, I just interviewed the Provincial head of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources which was planned while when I was in the City Hall of Calamba City doing some business, I am caught with their quarterly earthquake drill and so because I am there already, I interviewed the facilitator which is the Public order and safety office department. Voila! I have two news to report and yes, all about enforcement and awareness.

Surprisingly, whenever I interviewed some government head, they were like have uneasiness. They thought everything they will say will be published. Honestly, why that thought and mindset? Oh well, I am assigned to get news from different provinces like Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Quezon which is very hard to do because of the appointments and schedules. It’s BIG! Big time.

Ok I think my spicy siomai is done and I need one more gulaman.