Monday, November 17, 2014

Introducing Cebu’s first dedicated Shared Services & BPO Summit

Cebu is rising as a premium destination for Shared Services and BPOs and it is now all the more important for you to re-examine how you will maintain your competitive edge. Full-time employment in the outsourcing sector of Philippines has gone up by 11%, having crossed the one million mark and growth of BPO business by 2016 is forecasted at US$25 billion.

To differentiate yourself from the competition and stay on top of your game, I’d like to invite you to join us at Shared Services and BPO Cebu, the only event for shared services and outsourcing in Cebu between 10th – 11th February 2015 as we discuss key strategies such as benchmarking, customer centricity, talent management and retention, data analytics and more.

Our expert speaker line-up includes:
Caesar Parlade, CEO Integris Offshore Business Solutions who will share process methodology agnostics that will maximize customer centricity for BPOs
Christophe Calligaro, Director, Lexmark Cebu Shared Services Center who will unveil the secrets behind building an award-winning,global powerhouse SSC
Heiko Nitsche, President & CEO, Daimler Group Services Philippines who will join the all-star CEO panel for a rapid fire discussion
John Manzano, Global Shared Services Lead, QBE who will reveal strategies on how you can enjoy up to 25% cash savings through automation
Matthew Nyren, President, Ubiquity Global Services Inc. who will be a part of a panel tackling the pertinent issues of recruitment and talent management
Wilfredo T. Sa-a Jr, Managing Director, CEDFIT who will highlight what the future holds for SSCs and BPOs is in the next 3-5 years

To find out more and secure your place at this event simply:
1. Call +65 6722 9388
2. Email
3. Visit the website at

PLUS! Register by Friday 12th December 2014 to save up to USD$600 on the ticket price!

2nd annual Leadership & Talent Transformation Summit 2015: Ensuring the rapid progression of inspirational leaders, cheaply, quickly and efficiently

We all know the Philippines is booming! The BPO and contact center sectors alone are looking to grow from 900,000 workers to 1.3 million by 2016, but what does this mean for your leadership & talent transformation strategies? Developing a strong team of future leaders has never been more important than now.

The 2nd annual Leadership & Talent Transformation Summit will give you the opportunity to hear best practice case studies, discuss reliable and proven strategies for leadership development and initiate crucial changes for the coming year.

Building a pipeline of future leaders to anticipate business demands is just one of the topics being covered at this year’s event. We will also discuss cross cultural talent transformation, utilizing technology to reduce training costs and rapidly progressing the careers of a young workforce.

A snap shot of the industry gurus speaking at this event include:  
  • Benedict Hernandez, BPO Service Delivery Operations Lead, Accenture
  • CS Yue, Chief HR Advisor, Jolibee Foods Corporation
  • Pradeep Bhanotha, CEO, AIG Shared Services-Technology
  • Linda L Rosales, Country Human Resources Director, DHL Supply Chain Philippines Inc.
  • Prabhakar Bisen, Country Head, Global Delivery Lead Insurance Business, Cognizant Philippines
Download the full conference agenda and speakers line-up here:

All Tribune Post members are eligible for a 10% discount to attend the event. Please use the discount code ISG_Tribune when registering (

I hope you can join us this March where together we can face these challenges head on, benchmark from one another and create more robust means to manage our talent.

For more information:

2nd annual Leadership & Talent Transformation Summit
Main Conference: 10th-11th March 2015
Workshops: 9th March 2015
Master Class: 12th March 2015
Future Leaders Competency Development Course: 11th March 2015
Venue: Manila, Philippines
Tel: +65 6722 9388

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What will make you stay in the company? by Sunny Yaw

A common question every time an applicant is in a job interview is "What will make you stay in the company?." This question is usual especially if there is a high rate of attrition and the company is struggling to get the right fit for the available important job especially if there will be a vital task under the position like as Team Leads, Managers or Directors where the positions are handling a vast manpower or decision making that will make an impact to the organization.

Here are the 5 answers based on the study I conducted. 

1. Salary
2. Working Environment 
3. Benefits 
4. Colleagues
5. Boss


This is the compensation and fixed amount of money for the employee or compensation paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed. Salary is commonly paid in fixed intervals, for example, monthly payments of one-twelfth of the annual salary. 

Working Environment

We are not only talking about the facility here but the overall fit to the team members with positive vibes that makes the employees coming to work every single day and this also provides motivation and can also boost morale. Aside from the job scope itself, one factor that significantly influences how employees feel about work is the environment. By work environment, It is everything that forms part of employees’ involvement with the work itself, such as the relationship with co-workers and supervisors, organizational culture and room for personal development. 


These are the extra more like compensation other than the salary but usually in a form of packages. Heading the list of must-have benefits is medical insurance, but many job applicants also demand a retirement plan and disability insurance. Some companies can provide bonuses also intact in the contract between the employee and employer to differentiate the company from the rest. 


These are the people you work with at your job and usually those you constantly have transactions in a daily basis. The relationships with your colleagues are important. Good workplace relationships can help more to do the job better. They can make going to work everyday enjoyable. Bad relationships with colleagues can distract you and can turn your job into a nightmare. These resources will help you have good relationships with your colleagues.


These are usually the immediate supervisors where employees report to.  They are in charge in the decision making of one department or the whole organization. A lot of employees especially millennials according to different reports likes to work with leaders not managers who can share, empower and lead the team. 

It’s not easy being a leader these days. You’re responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, modeling, engaging, monitoring, motivating, anticipating, prioritizing, planning, evaluating, clarifying, adapting, envisioning, directing, disciplining, reinforcing, reporting, recognizing, budgeting, and building alliances. And that’s all before lunch. And if you struggle with just one, your reports will say you’re over your head.

Employees included the "Boss" as one vital part for them to stay in the organization. Usually, the immediate head. Though it's a two way process, employees must also be professional in dealing with the bosses in the workplace and vise versa meaning with respect, reliability and skills in producing an output for the task given.