Friday, September 27, 2013

Are you a gambler? I am

What if you're watching a movie about Online Gaming and super relate because you're working at the biggest Online Gaming Company in the world? They said that life is a risk and that if you're risking something, you're gambling. So, are you a gambler? I am.

Welcome to the Gambling world where suspense, more drama and double crossing is the norm...don't forget the bashing part where hypocrites thrive too, the new film directed by
Brad Furman is showing in the Philippines now and will be release in the United States on October 4, 2013. This crime drama thriller set in the world of illegal online gambling for Warner Bros. and New Regency is something that I never expected. Well Thanks to Solaire Resort and Casino for the invite. It became my date night too.


                                                                       Justine Timberlake as Richie Furst
                                                                                 ( Photo from the web)

Watch "Runner Runner" the new American produced movie this 2013 about a Princeton State University Grad student, Richie Furst (Justine Timberlake) at New Jersey who was cheated by playing an Online Poker and was confronted by the University Dean for promoting gambling inside the school. The Online Gaming site run by a multi millionaire and bachelor Ivan Block ( Ben Affleck) offered a job to Furst instead and became Block right hand man because of his skills while the pretty and sexy Rebecca Shafran (Gemma Arterton), the love interest of Ivan after learning that Richie is a good negotiator fell for him and conspire a scene to bring Ivan to the Feds. The scenes were all shot at Puerto Rico and at the Princeton State University at New Jersey though the plot revolves at Costa Rica.

                                                                            Ben Affleck as Ivan Block
                                                                                (Photo from the web)

A must see, I'll give this movie 98% for Timberlake is improving while Affleck is always something to watch out for and Shafran for her sexiness (I love her body and Im sure mothers like me are into gym to have that body.) From the start of the movie till finish, there's a never ending suspense and the twist is something at the end. I Just love pretty women, fancy cars, global companies, private airplanes, ambitious people, luck, gambling, education and a life well lived and If you're into those things, watch Runner Runner. It's worth it.


                                                                  Gemma Arterton as Rebecca Shafran
                                                                                 (Photo from the web)

What If the only choice you have is to work at the biggest Online Gaming Company in the world? (Food on the table, tuition fee for you or your children and good life without even playing poker, black jack..) And why there's critics who are bashing your work but can't even provide you a nice job? Don't forget, the house always wins and if you think what you're doing is right, go for it or walk from it. Life is short.

Film Review: Runner Runner stars Justine Timberlake and Ben Affleck 
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Smiles for the world plagiarized photo is showing the Calidad Humana we have as Filipinos?

"In crisis like this, come enlightening opportunities."  That's the most powerful line from the passionate and full of diplomacy Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga as reply to my email sent to him yesterday. I told him that I'm sad for what happened and that not all Filipinos are like Mark Solis who joined and won the Internet based Calidad Humana "Smiles for the World" photo contest with a photo not his but belong to a Brazillian Photographer who later received an apology letter from Solis. 

The photo from Flickr under Gregory John Smith which he took in 2006.

Photo from GMA News: Ambassador Roberto Mayorga and Mark Solis at CCP during the awards night

I feel sad because of the fact that I myself had a multiple meetings with Ambassador Mayorga and his staff to spread the information about the photo contest. I even organized a media event for this project at his house at Forbes Park. I felt that I am also responsible for knowing if all photos submitted were all original and sad knowing it's an International event and a Filipino did a surprising photo plagiarism. 

Ambassador Roberto Mayorga and me during our first meeting at the Embassy of Chile

Photo taken from the web: Winning Photo?

 Below is the Press Statement from the Embassy of Chile on Calidad Humana Project Smiles for the World.

September 23 (Manila) The Embassy of Chile, together with the partners of the Calidad Humana Project, would like to express its gratitude to the Filipino people and our media partners who have provided their support for this initiative, including giving information regarding the irregularity of the photo submitted by Mr. Mark Joseph Solis, who was declaredwinner of the “Smiles for the World” photo competition.
Their support affirms the Filipino’s innate Calidad Humana, which is translated as strength of human character and all that contributes to a culture of excellence and a life of virtue well spent.
In accordance with the information that we have obtained confirming that Mr. Solis indeed plagiarized the work of Mr. Gregory Smith, the committee is in the process of re-evaluating the other submissions and has decided to revoke the prize issued to Solis. After due evaluation, a new set of winners will be announced.
Part of Calidad Humana involves living with integrity and upholding the values of the Filipino people. Obviously, Mr. Solis has failed to abide by this and we are considering taking legal action against him.
According to Ambassador Mayorga, “we must take this situation as a sign inviting Filipinos to an open discussion about the urgency to protect the Filipino people from the erosion of theirCalidad Humana. Filipinos still have innate values, such as honesty, compassion, and resiliency, although there are exceptions such as this case of plagiarism…this case must strengthen our faith and make us aware that we are in front of a hard challenge to take care and preserve the Calidad Humana that the majority of Filipinos have.”

With the Calabarzon and Manila based media during our meeting at Forbes Park with the Calidad Humana Team, Ambassador Roberto Mayorga and his wife, Former Board Member of Laguna and now Asec General of Philippine Red Cross Neil Nocon, UPLB professors and some of my friends.

From the official website:

Calidad Humana” is human compassion, sense of humaneness, strength of character, and human tone. It is unique to the world. It is expressed through our cordiality and friendliness, our positive outlook in life, and SMILES on our faces. “Calidad Humana,” literally translated as the quality of being human and loosely translated as strength of character, may refer to the sum total of distinctively human characteristics that dignify and ennoble a person and enable him to contribute to a culture of excellence either in his immediate, mediate, or broader environment … either in unusual or day-to-day situations and circumstances. It is not a state a person is in but a constant movement to attain the state of human perfection. “Calidad Humana” marks the person noble in his dealings, steadfast in his convictions, and unfaltering in his equanimity, without any pretensions … everything that contributes in the end to a life well-spent. One need not have most, or much less all, positive traits in heroic proportions, nor would one need to be exempt from defects of character. What is needed for “calidad humana” is a quality or a cluster of qualities that steadily stands out in one’s personal and social life, hand-in-hand with an unwavering struggle for the other human virtues.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alexis and her eating habit

My youngest daughter with twin, Alexis is a very good Public Speaker, she receives praises for being the best at her school and as delegate to many competition including Art competition. Shes pretty, with dimple like her gorgeous father and petite, well not a surprise right and just like her mother, ehem! empowered. I have one only problem, shes having a difficulty in eating. 

Who could resist these yummy, delicious cupcakes? Oh! I know one.

 Unlike my other two children who have an appetite like their mother (yes at present I can eat all but when I'm still a child too, same as my two sisters, we're all choosy, Toyo or Sugar as ulam ok na, I dont know if its my dila but I know then that my parents had a hard time Kung paano namin kakainin those delicious food.) 

Alexis my youngest child with a twin sister

Alexis is very choosy. Her food, mabibilang sa daliri; Chicken Adobo, Fried Hotdog, Chicken Teriyaki, Corned Beef, Tocino or Chicken/Pork BBQ. My conclusion actually is that since shes inside my tummy, her twin sister Alexa nakaupo sa kanya thus the umbilical cord with the umbilical veins that supplies the nutrients from the placenta prevented the complete daloy of foods sa kanya thus even now, konti appetite nya sa food (well just my haka haka).

Alexis with her twin Alexa

She's a consistent 2nd Honor Student, always active and good in public speaking, art and a leader at her school. Now at age 10, her twin sister Alexa is 10-15 pounds heavier and 1 foot taller. Though her pediatrician said just to give all foods she likes plus vitamins, I still like her to gain more weight. She will be prettier and stronger I am sure. Till a friend invited me to attend a conference about IMFed. Now I know what to do more to help Alexis to her feeding difficulty. 

Hotdog is Alexis fave food

IMFed (Identification and Management of Feeding Difficulty) is a network of Doctors advocating and trained to give free consultation on how to solve the feeding difficulties for kids with planned program. More than 400 Medical Doctors all around the Philippines are ready to discuss this solution to Parents who will seek their help on how to improve the right and nutritious feeding program to kids who are having feeding difficulties. By recognizing the specific feeding difficulty of the child, a diagnosis and customized management can be provided for free by different pediatrician who are under the IMFed Network. 

IMFed kit at Karri Family Clinic, free for everyone.

Abbot Nutrition Philippines supports the proper identification and management of children with feeding difficulties through the IMFed Network and continues to raise awareness on the need to properly manage feeding difficulties with the help of trained individuals. 

According to Dr. Rita Paz Rowena A. De Guzman, "There are four types of kids who are having a hard time eating who are often overlooked and underdiagnosed and these kids are categorized with the different types of feeding behavior; Parental Perception, Fundamentally Vigorous Child, Highly Selective Eater and Fear of feeding."

Parental Perceptions is when the child achieved satisfactory growth but the parents still believes that their child appetite is still limited. 

Fundamentally Vigorous is a child  who is active and constantly playing without any signs of hunger. 

Highly Selective Eater is a child who has a limited food selection and has a negative reaction to taste, smell, texture and appearance of food. 

Fear of feeding is a child who is always afraid to eat. This is the cause of a bad experience or painful experience with eating. 

The different types of feeding difficulties according to IMFed could be solve or reduce if we will ask any IMFed physician about the program they are introducing for the different types of feeding difficulties. IMFed have a different program for different specific kids to solve this problem. IMfed aims to screen assess and diagnose children with feeding difficulties. 

IMFed employs a systematic approach in investigating feeding difficulties among children and Abbot is supporting the program by means of awareness or meetings to discuss the benefits of seeking any IMFed Pediatricians. 

Alexis, Alexa (Twin) and Andria

With IMFed, I hope Alexis will change her eating habits. I love her so much and she will be smarter and  prettier with this program. Yes Alexis, this article is for you. Don't get mad. :) 

*Photos from Foreveryday Photography. Thanks to Katrina Nicolas Alonzo.

Monday, September 16, 2013

NGCP’s transmission charge decreases

The country’s transmission service provider, National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) clarifies that it did not increase its transmission charge or its Power Delivery Service (PDS) charge billed to its power customers.

According to NGCP’s latest customer bulletin, its PDS rate for Luzon Grid, which covers the franchise areas of Meralco, decreased by Php 1.11 per kilowatt/month. It is, however, the Ancillary Service (AS) charge that increased by 42% last August.

“The AS charges are “pass through charges” which we bill and collect on behalf of generation companies or AS providers. It is similar to generation charges billed by distribution utilities, which are also “pass through charges.” Distribution utilities bill for these services, but remit them directly and entirely to the generators. It is the same for NGCP and AS. It is this charge which increased for the month of August.” reiterated NGCP Spokesperson Atty. Cynthia D. Perez-Alabanza.

AS charge forms a part of NGCP’s billing statement that is remitted directly and entirely to generation companies that provide the AS. NGCP does not earn profits from this. NGCP merely collects then remits its collections entirely to the AS providers.

“NGCP is committed to actively find ways to ease the cost of transmission charges. NGCP’s charges were, in fact, designed and approved by the ERC to decrease over the 3rd regulatory period which covers the years 2011 to 2015,” stated Alabanza.

NGCP is a privately owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid. It transmits high-voltage electricity through “power superhighways” that include the interconnected system of transmission lines, towers, substations, and related assets. It continues to perform its mandate as a transmission service provider in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the ERC and existing laws governing its operations.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My trip to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

If we're talking about benefits, The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) at Morong, Bataan is absolutely could provide big advantages such as cheaper electricity, jobs for the Filipinos and environment friendly community. These are actually the three issues we have at present; Cost, Jobs & Climate Change. 

I was invited by Congressman Mark Cojuangco to attend this free tour at BNPP. Mark Cojuangco was a Representative of the 5th District of Pangasinan. He is the son of SMC Chair Danding Cojuangco and nephew of President Cory Aquino, that made him President NoyNoy Aquino as his second cousin. He also authored and pushed the controversial House Bill number 04631 that mandates the re- commissioning and commercial operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Congressman Mark wife Kimi is the incumbent Representative of the same district of Pangasinan and also pushing for BNPP. 

It was the second invitation actually but the first invite came from the Chairwoman of Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines and a good friend Elizabeth Angsioco. For this second invite, I made sure this time that no matter what, even my other eye was kinda red that day, mind over body, I went..eventually the eye is ok. 

I am early at NAPOCOR QC, the meeting place since I invited media from Region 4A; Jojo Busayong of KBP, Joel Cabactulan of Ronda Balita, Sol Luzano and Robert Maico of Kliping Times, Josephine Escovidal of Magic, it's effort for them to come from Calamba so I must to be there early to welcome them. I also invited 3 media from NCR; Ely Valendez of Elys Planet, Estrella Gallardo of Manila Newsweek and Custer Deocaris of DWBL. 

It's 3 hours drive to BNPP, first stop was a delicious brunch courtesy of Congressman Mark at NPC Hotel before heading to a 30 minutes drive to BNPP. At the actual site, Cong. Mark gave an introduction with a PowerPoint presentation that explained the benefits BNPP could provide to the Filipinos. 

Photo ops inside the Bus

Here's the summary:

Cong. Mark believes that the poor will avail the electricity more in half its price under Nuclear Power Plant. Though he strongly support renewable energy sources like wind, the cheapest of them, it requires an investment 4.5 to 7.5 times than the investment required for nuclear or fossil fuel power. Solar is even more expensive. The renewables, excepting possibly geothermal, are not of baseload quality—that is, not 24/7 because it needs sunlight.  To make it so would require further investment in storage technologies (batteries) and inverters, which then makes it even more unreachable and impossible. 

Cong. Mark said nuclear power can be sold at around P2.50 per kilowatt hour (kWh), or below the National Power Corp.’s current rate of P4.50 to P5 per kWh. Meaning half the price and half savings with BNPP. 

PressCon and Plant Tour

Nuclear Power Plant is proven to give more but paying less in other countries like in Korea, which have over 25 years of successful operations. These plants, more than any other paper study, physically demonstrate the validity of BNPP advantage.

Answering the safeties of BNPP, the construction materials used were all US Made and according to the Engineering standards and manpower were all skilled under Westinghouse. The BNPP is situated in the most strategic location and structurally sound more than the standards of the usual Nuclear Power Plant design. 

In 2010, the cost for rehabilitation was US 1 Billion based on the specifications needed that time which according to Cong. Mark, The Return On Investment will be received in a short period of time or 4 years.  In his tenure as the Representative of 5th District of Pangasinan, He proposed two nuclear power plants that would cost about US $ 5 billion. He said constructing the two units will only take five to seven years. He added that the best place to construct the nuclear power plants is on coastal areas, as its equipment needs the water from the sea as coolant.

According to Earth Day Network Philippines President Bert Guevarra, " My position is that no country has solved the issue of nuclear waste disposal. Even US has no official disposal site for nuclear waste. Unless we have clear disposal, we cannot begin nuclear power. That is besides the water requirement for cooling, since we are in a warm country."

Filipinos right now are in poverty and with the increasing cost of basic commodities such as food and power consumption, BNPP could be the answer. Law of Supply and Demand, the higher the population, the higher we need electricity to supply to these people & the higher the cost of electricity from the Private firm thus according to Cong. Mark, that's why we need to re open the BNPP, to help the Filipinos & for the environment since Nuclear Power will not emit hazardous chemical. 

In 1976, the administration of then President Ferdinand Marcos started building the BNPP. But in 1979, following the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the US, safety issues were raised and an inspection revealed that the BNPP had around 4,000 defects.
It was nearly complete in 1986 when Marcos was overthrown in a people power revolt.
The government had spent more than $2 billion for the nuclear facility we never used.