Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where are the leaders?

A leader is a must in every organization. One must be knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and sometimes with appeal. One might be the key to one organizations success. A simple idea if implemented well could be a big leap to a shaking company. From interviews and actual experience, everyone couldn’t be a leader, a firm decision maker, strategic response to projects and an empowered mindset doesn’t belong to everyone.

Though success is a group effort, one needs to lead to make it reality. A group of painter has a foreman, same in a group of construction workers. A good construction engineer is nobody without skilled personnel. Thus, it is called an organization, an organized group of people, with the same objectives and common goal which is to achieve success whether accomplishing a certain project or getting the perfect end result.

From IBM, "A lack of leadership capability has become a significant barrier to growth for many organizations… Without sufficient leadership talent, who will set the direction? Who will paint the vision? Who will lead the change? It’s not only an HR issue. It is a business imperative…."

"Companies are finding themselves with a leadership vacuum, with fewer individuals who have the knowledge and experience to guide others through necessary business transformations. Without leaders who can provide the direction, feedback and clarity needed to navigate in a more complex world, companies will struggle to achieve business goals."- IBM

This is where trainings, seminars and hiring the best from the best will be the primary requirements. Continuous education is a must to any individual from the upper management down to ranking files. This is why there are scholarship grants from some organizations. With failures and recession from the first class countries, with all the experts and best from the rest, looks like not enough? Can it be traced to leadership vacuum? These are some questions from developing countries such as the Philippines.

There are different types of leadership. But a popular person does not make him a leader. A celebrity might be good in acting but not in decision making. A boxer might be good in ring but not as a representative from the government. With the popularity contest every election period, what are the qualifications of the leaders we elected so far? Are they leaders?

People are still confused about the American economy meltdown. What went wrong? What happened to once a strong and the land of milk and honey with greener pastures? With all the financial analyst, specialist or expertise, what happened to them? Where are the leaders who are supposed to be the foundations of strength and are used in solving this kind of problems? Do we have a leadership vacuum?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bora ko, Casi-NO o Casi-YES

Boracay Island, with its irresistible picturesque beach and good buys at the D*mall is the most wanted vacation spot every summer. Affordable front beach hotel rooms, turquoise color water, accessible from Manila with only one hour airplane ride to Kalibo or Caticlan and the overflowing sea foods every 3pm onwards, not to mention the affordable prices of buffets and tropical fruit shakes, the ambiance that’s what tourist usually craves.

Majority of the tourist in Boracay are young professionals and family groups, but whether with family or with loved ones, the price of hotel rooms ranges from 700 to 10,000 pesos overnight with air con, internet connections, boat and shuttle services and full board meals. Depending on one’s budget, surely in Boracay, accommodation will never be a problem.

The island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak. These are the 3 of the 17 barangays which make up the municipality of Malay. Coconut trees are the usual sight with vendors of bracelets and necklaces made of shells and semi precious stones. The island is under the administrative control of the Philippine Tourism Authority in coordination with the Provincial Government of Aklan.

With the overgrowing population and becoming the main tourist destination in Asia and vacationers from all around the Philippines, Municipality of Malay with over 24,000 in population, the statistics for the year 2000 is now under the public eye not because of the beach but because of the pending approval to implement a Casino.

From Inquirer.net dated March 13, 2011, “Municipal councilor Jonathan Cabrera, chairman of the council’s committee on good government and member of the committee on tourism, games and amusement, said the operation of the casino in Boracay would bring additional revenues that could fund basic services and projects for residents.
He said the town’s budget for 2011 amounting to P185 million is enough only for the operations and maintenance expenses of the municipal government.
There is a need to generate more revenues for livelihood projects, health services, infrastructure and equipment, he added.”
For three days of randomly selected interviews in the island, most of the Aklanos disagrees with the proposal of putting up a casino. These are the following reasons and issues:
·         Diversion of salary from family to gambling
·         If there will be gambling, it will be followed by illegal drugs
·         Tourist went to Boracay for the beach not for the casinos

The residents and workers also said that there’s a signature campaign that is already done against the implementation of casino. The Malay municipal council last Jan. 25 endorsed a proposal of the CariƱo Development Management Corp. to build a casino at the posh 120-hectare Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Country Club at the northern end of the island. Up to this day, the proposal is pending because of the opposition which is where the church leaders are in frontlines.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


For 36 years, like a roller coaster, fast, colorful, wind brushed into your hair and with friction between the wheels and railings, will go up, down and sideways, the same as life. In the beginning like Genesis when everything is simple, unaware about the political issues, cost of raw materials, transportation need, advance technology and kids enrolled in a private school with tuition fees like in peak three, the feeling of being alive, far away from the civilization was a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

   Rice fields converted to three storey’s commercial buildings, towering the rural area once a mountain is visible in front of thy house, where children could still play in the side of the road, people were jogging before sunrise, consumers were waiting for the opening of the trade. Rivers with clean water heavily flowing with fishes, clamps, shells and green grass all around. That's the old days, where everything is simple.

  As one becomes aware about what’s happening; lack of integrity, corruption, selfishness, crab mentality, killings, car napping, kidnapping, Reproductive Health Bill, Abortion and recession, the arena became the place for animals hungry for wordly satisfaction and material needs. never heard of the term "Bayanihan", it’s been for awhile and the challenges on how to survive is like survival of the fittest.

   War, famine, deaths, bombs, terrorism, different dubious religions and propaganda are everywhere, it's a reality where everyone are ignoring, thinking its just the way it is, feeling of complacent that everything will fall into place without doing anything to help one another or the country where one is living in. One cannot help but to think of ways to spread awareness, to show the benefits and advantages if everyone will be concerned, united and with cooperation. Hard to do it but nobody knows what will be the result, disappointed it may seem, trying is not hard to do, encouraging is a different equation.

  As time goes by and heartaches of sadness grows stronger as one struggle to survive from the majority of the population where everyone is just standing by and few are fighting for the truth and justice to win, Utopia will never be heard, music will never be the same and bamboo will still stood still as the wind blows everywhere for nobody is looking how gracefully the tree sways from the different direction of the wind.

   Life in this world is short, one never knows the time spend is done already. As one travel in this journey where the bamboo keeps on fighting from the storm and just swaying where the wind blows, a farmer keeps on planting for the next generation.

Precious Moments

Every child has a toy and stories, for me I got Voltes V, trains, dolls and my mother’s stories. I love those dewy eyed, blonde curly hair dolls with whiter skin, maybe the colonial mentality strikes, where before, the whiter your skin, the prettier you are...but not today that I know what does it means.

As a child my mother gave me everything I imagined. Fortunate I am with clothes, toys and food I love. The same way I love to give to my every child request. I got a collection of Barbies when I was in high school, though I don’t play with them, I just love to have different multi-faced Barbie dolls but lost or broken when my kids started to play with them. We are three girls in the family, I got three daughters, my sister got two daughters while my younger sister have one boy. that's why pink and yellows are the most familiar color you can find in our home.

I love uber sweet, flowery and charming quotations you can find to hallmark cards with kids playing, praying, sharing or kissing. They are the "Precious Moments" art creations by Samuel Butcher, the artist. Got lot of it before, sent to my love ones. I have one doll which for me is the prettiest, a “precious moments” doll. With buttoned like nose, blonde curly hair but short and with dewy eyes. It’s still on display in my parent’s living room.

Little did I know it will be not the last time I will have vinyl dolls from “precious moments” and not to mention will be in Kalibo, Aklan where one of the resort and museum from the creator is located.

“Aklan Sampaguita Gardens Resort, Inc. is the brainchild of Samuel John Butcher, an American artist and creator of Precious Moments artworks that promote messages of loving, caring and sharing. Mr. Butcher, who owns Precious Moments Park in Carthage, Missouri, put his plans into action in December 2001 and in June 2003, the resort began commercial operations.
      Today, Sampaguita Gardens is recognized as a landmark in the Travel & Trade Industry, and provides employment for hundreds of Aklanons as well as training opportunities for Aklanons students and those from nearby provinces. “ –website
With  vinyl dolls and figurines for all occasions, I imagined Barbie dolls. But nothing will surpassed the talent of Sam Butcher with his all time cute art and drawings.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cyber- activist

   The E Power strikes again with Empowerment, Encouragement and Enrichment. With the accessible World Wide Web and whirlwind changing of direction of the minds not only of the wind due to Climate Change, Cyber-activist is growing not to mention the group with the same advocacy could change the decision of the higher ups. 

   Nothing is impossible nowadays, well we have Stilts “este” Stealth now right, ipad tablet from Steve Jobs, Galaxy from Samsung, and even cars run by gas and water from Toyota. With events and situations like persuading a higher government official, real time communication with senators and representatives, greetings anywhere in the world, following in twitter where you will have updates from your “hinahangaan na” celebrities or even send angry messages under 1 single click, the life of all people in 1 universe will never be the same again.

   With the faster more effective way of communication and well, revolution, The Philippines could use this for democracy. There must never be a queue, no more red tape, no hypocrisy (is there a cyber hypocrite?), with the use of spelling check which I am using now and with the use of different programs like Excel, Picasa, Adobe and Word programs, everything must be efficient.

   Cyber-activism is to encourage, empowered or influence a group of people and with the same advocacy, one step at a time, it could start a revolution. With the radical and whirlwind changes in information production or multiplication which is power and that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition where change is not constant. Assignments from school is just 1 click away by means of Google and even some questions from the professor and even answers, if one is resourceful, everything might be found inside the World Wide Web. Somebody did.

You are a cyber- activist if six, seven or “all of the above” of the following is applicable to you:
  • Spending almost half of your productive time in the net
  • Blogger using Tumbler, Blogspot, wordpress etc
  • Love to attend meet ups
  • Advocate
  • Have more than five groups in Facebook.
  • Have multiple accounts with different names or alias like tweetnirizal, digitalfilipino o SagadaSun.
  • Know anyone of these people Illac Diaz (Environment), Carlos Celdran (RH Bill and Tourism)..
  • Always at SM for Free Wifi kung walang pambayad sa mahal na kape
  • Loves Coffee shops para lang tumambay at makapagbukas ng FB at mag comment sa Twitter.
  • If feeling mo “out of place” ka na pag dimo nabuksan ang internet sa isang araw
  • If tumatakas ka sa trabaho just to go sa Rally.
  • If palagi mong na eencounter ang mga words at symbols  like Theist, Atheist, CBCP, Eye Ball, Blog, (#), (?),( Fuc*&^& H#@%,) Troll, nageefbi, laptop, watda!, wtf!, wth!, watdaeff!, eff or champions, CHR, Congress, Senado, apps.
  • You are aware now about what’s happening in the Politics, Environment or Willie Revilliame.
  • If dika makatulog hanggat di ka nakakapag comment sa na receive mo na updates status sa iphone, blackberry o kung ano ano pang mamahalin na wifi ready na telepono na naka connect sa FB or Twitter mo.
  • If comment ka ng comment sa lahat ng issue na nababasa mo.
  • If inuumaga kana sa pag ccomment at pagbababago bago ng status.
  • Kung feeling mo kaya mong baguhin ang mundo
  • If naintindihan mo ibig kong sabihin sa lahat ng sinabi ko.

Monday, April 11, 2011


When I first had the first interview through Twitter, attended rally from an invitation through Facebook and sharing my insights, dreams and voice through Blogspot, I knew from that moment that social digital media and activism is here to stay. For two years now, rally is never been the same way with the help of the World Wide Web, secrets revealed, champion’s quit or even vote? And a lot of organized groups have been established.
   Computer hardware’s a decade ago was 10 times expensive than today. It became smaller, thinner and the majority of the population is becoming aware about the social media. If even people whose income is below the poverty line could afford cell phone, does it mean in few more years everyone will have a laptop or even a tablet?
   Nothing is impossible nowadays, just like the inventions of mouse from Xerox, windows from Microsoft, ipad tablet from Apple and even cars run by gas and water from Toyota. With events and situations like persuading a higher government official, real time communication with senators and representatives, greetings, following or even send angry messages under 1 single click, the life of all people in 1 universe is not the same again.
   With the faster more effective way of communication and well, revolution, The Philippines could use this for democracy. There must never be a queue, no more red tape, no hypocrisy (is there a cyber hypocrites?), with the use of spelling check which I am using now and with the use of different programs like Excel, Picasa and Word programs, everything must be efficient.
   Cyber-activism is to encourage, empowered or influence a group of people and with the same advocacy, one step at a time, it could start a revolution. With the radical changes in information production which is power and that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition. Assignments from school is just 1 click away by means of Google and even some questions from the professor and even answers, if one is resourceful might be found inside the World Wide Web.
   The phenomenon of social production or multiplication is reshaping markets, way of living and individual’s minds, while at the same time offering new possibilities and opportunities to enhance individual freedom, cultural diversity, political discourse, and justice. With the use of social media, even the environment could be saved. From the internet “But these results are by no means inevitable: a systematic campaign to protect the entrenched industrial information economy of the last century threatens the promise of today’s emerging networked information environment.”
Cyber-activism might start a life changing revolution.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RH Bill= Karapatan, Kalusugan at Ikagaganda ng buhay

Pakipaliwanag kung nasaan dito ang tungkol sa ABORSYON? Ang RH Bill ay HINDI sang ayon sa abortion o paglalaglag. Wala kahit na anomang nakapaloob dito tungkol sa pagtatanggal ng SANGGOL sa sinapupunan.
Sec. 3. Guiding Principles of RH Bill- Intindihin po natin muli at TAGALUGIN kung pwede

This Act declares the following as guiding principles:

1. Freedom of choice, which is central to the exercise of right, must be fully guaranteed by the State;
2. Respect for, protection and fulfillment of reproductive health and rights seek to promote the rights and welfare of couples, adult individuals, women and adolescents;

3. Freedom of choice, which is central to the exercise of right must be fully guaranteed by the State; 1

4. Since human resource is among the principal asset of the country, maternal health, birth of healthy children and their full human development and responsible parenting must be ensured through effective reproductive health care;

5. The provision of medically safe, legal, accessible, affordable and effective reproductive health care services and supplies is essential in the promotion of people’s right to health, especially of the poor and marginalized;

6. The State shall promote, without bias, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal;

7. The State shall promote programs that:

(1) enable couples, individuals and women to have the number and spacing of children they desire with due consideration to the health of women and resources available to them;

(2) achieve equitable allocation and utilization of resources;

(3) ensure effective partnership among the national government, local government units and the private sector in the design, implementation, coordination, integration, monitoring and evaluation of people-centered programs to enhance quality of life and environmental protection;

(4) conduct studies to analyze demographic trends towards sustainable human development and

(5) conduct scientific studies to determine safety and efficacy of alternative medicines and methods for reproductive health care development;

8. The provision of reproductive health information, care and supplies shall be the joint responsibility of the National Government and Local Government Units;

9. Active participation by non-government, women’s, people’s, civil society organizations and communities is crucial to ensure that reproductive health and population and development policies, plans, and programs will address the priority needs of the poor, especially women;

10.While this Act recognizes that abortion is illegal and punishable by law, the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counselled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner;

11. There shall be no demographic or population targets and the mitigation of the population growth rate is incidental to the promotion of reproductive health and sustainable human development;

12.Gender equality and women empowerment are central elements of reproductive health and population and development;

13.The limited resources of the country cannot be suffered to be spread so thinly to service a burgeoning multitude that makes the allocations grossly inadequate and effectivelymeaningless;

14.Development is a multi-faceted process that calls for the coordination and integration of policies, plans, programs and projects that seek to uplift the quality of life of the people, more particularly the poor, the needy and the marginalized; and

15.That a comprehensive reproductive health program addresses the needs of people throughout their life cycle.

Dis-krimi-nasyon sa Trabaho

   Matapos lumampas ang bilang ng edad ko sa kalendaryo ay tila nagka amnisya na at minsan ay nagbibilang na sa daliri sa tamang gulang. Ang masaklap, ano at ngayon ko lang din naobserbahan ang mga patalastas gaya ng mga kwalipikasyon tulad ng edad sa pag aaplay ng trabaho. Eto ako at nakatingin sa "Job Hiring" para sa isang nangangailan ng "Office Assistant". Malakas ang sounds dito sa kinauupuan ko na isang magandang establisyamento, pinipilit kong isulat ang aking pagkadismaya na nasasaloobin, okey, kailangang mag concentrate. Ang nakalagay ba naman na kwalipikasyon, ay 18 to 25 years old, ang tanong ko ay bakit? ano kaya ang kaibahan kung lumampas ng isang gulang tulad ng 26 o kaya ay ehem! 30? May nakalagay rin na "Female, Single".  Hindi kaya ito ay isang diskriminasyon o mayroon bang pagaaral na ito ang nakasaad:

  • Kapag mas mataas ang edad sa 25 anyos ay wala ng kakayahan upang maging isang "Office Assistant?."
  • Kapag may asawa ba ay di na kayang gawin ang kaya ng isang single?
  • Bakit hindi pwede kung lalaki o di kaya ay ehem! bakla? namimili pa eh!
  • Mas mabilis bang kumilos ang babae sa lalaki o di kaya ay mas mabilis kung single kesa may asawa? Mabilis magtrabaho hindi mabilis ang kamay.
  • Ang kwalipikasyon ba na  tulad ng edad na ito, gender at status ay may sinusunod na batayan na standard sa lahat ng trabaho?
  • Mas magaling ba ang babae sa kalalakihan? magaling magtinda hindi mambola.

   Ilan lamang sa katanungan ng aking pag iisip. Di naman sa naghahanap ako ng trabaho kundi naiisip ko ang ibang nangangailanagan ng ikabubuhay. Mas marami raw ang kababaihan buhat sa pagaaral ng ating mga ispesyalista. Isa ba ito sa dahilan?. Maraming kwalipikasyon ang nagnanais lamang ng hanggang 35 anyos, ito ay buhat sa pagsasaliksik ko sa Internet. Ano kaya ang dahilan at ng lubos na maunawaan ng atin mga kababayan? Napakarami sa ngayon ang hindi nakakatapos ng pinag aralan dahil sa pagtaas ng bilihin, tuition at di sapat na kinikita ng mga magulang.

   Naisin mang bigyan ng magandang buhay ang mga anak, mapagtapos ng pag aaral sa kolohiyo ay hindi namagawa sa ngayon, at paano kung ang anak mo ay lalaki? Ibig sabihin ay hindi na sya pwede sa trabahong ito? kawawa naman. kaya pala mahirap humanap ng tabaho sa ngayon dahil sa ganitong mga kwalipiksayon, eh bakit sa amerika, kahit uugod ugod na ay nagttrabaho pa rin tulad ng aking nasaksihan sa isang ospital, mukhang 80 o 85 anyos na si lola ay nag aalaga pa ng mga sanggol? Hirap na hirap nga ako habang pinagmamasdan kung paano nya bibihisan ang isang linggo palang na gulang na sanggol.

   Sa Pilipinas pala ay masyadong mapili sa paghahanap ng trabaho ang isang organisasyon, ito ba ay sa kadahilanang marami ang ating populasyon at masa marami sa atin ang walang trabaho kung kayat namimili tayo ng ganitong mga kwalipikasyon? sa amerika, ang tawagan doon ng isang regular na empleyado at ng boss ay base sa kanilang unang pangalan tulad ng kung ang pangalan ng boss mo ay Gerry Santos, ang tawag mo sa kanya ay "Gerry", first name basis kung baga. Bakit sa Pinas ay may "Mam at Sir" pa? Ito ba ay kaugalian na saan natin namana?

   Ibalik natin sa kwalipikasyon na aking napagtutuunan ngayon ng pansin sa kadahilanang ako ay tumatanda na at naghahanap ng ibang pagkakakitaan kung halimbawa ay nawalan ako ng hanapbuhay, napakahirap pala kahit sa isang nagtapos ng kolohiyo ang mag apply. Kung mahirap humanap ang isang propesyonal, paano ang ating mga kababayang high school ang natapos?

pagnila-nila-yan at kuru-kuru-hin.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogging: Morse Code of this Century

   Revolution from different definitions means CHANGE. Whether from politics or organization, there's always resistance and always if not seldom means sacrificing. Internet is very powerful. Attended an Internet forum at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna way back 17 years ago, the speaker was a graduate of AMA Computer College and worked from JP Morgan in New York City USA though he started in IBM after he graduated. He discussed that Internet evolves and somewhat the change is as faster as the bullet going up same thing when it's going down. Internet is free just like our "Freedom of Speech” where because Gat. Jose Rizal use this powerful tool, he got excommunicated and prosecute in his own land by the foreigners and sad to say by his fellow Filipinos. Through writing or blogging, everything became ours. A blogger is empowered to write everything. Empower that the whole universe can be conquer.

   If one still remembered the “Love Bug virus” where a student from AMA Computer College in Makati hacked the “White House” with all the secret information of the first world country, Revolution is just one click away, with the use of Twitter and Blogging or Social media with the power of DM and PM, a group of digital social activist could start a revolution.

   From one physicist in the name of Dean Jorge Bocobo, there’s no late bloomer in Blogging. One could be a professional blogger in just a span of one month.  Because blogging is new and people just started to became aware about the use and power of the internet just recently. So what is blogging? From Erica who is a novelist from Huffington Post, “Blogging is the only addiction that won’t make you fat, drunk or stoned. But it might make you so hungry for instant gratification that your books get’s shorter.”

   A Software consultant sent a book about blogging but what is a blog? It is a fundamental level which is simply a “web blog.” That is the regularly updated amount of events or like a diary but posted for everyone to see or view. This is a new form of human communication in which it is the easier way to start a revolution, in just one single click, communication can be done and send from different parts of the world. In just one single click, it could start a life changing revolution.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Focus on facts with Dr. Martha Madison Campbell and Former Senator of the Republic

   I had the chance of meeting Dr. Martha Madison Campbell when I attended one conference at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) about Population. With her solid credentials as an international expert and Lecturer about Global Health at the University of California at Berkeley, with her soft voice but strong and confident stand about Reproductive Health together with the facts and issues she discussed, I cannot help myself to admire her and her husband. This is not just a profession but an advocacy, being everywhere or anywhere, the resorces and observations they did are exceptional. On the other hand, from the Facebook of Carlos Celdran, I read that his fellow San Agustinian, Rep. Anthony Golez "called the attention of the public to Pott’s alleged crimes. He demanded that  Potts must be deported for  insulting the Philippines by comparing it to  “super backward” Somalia  and for promoting abortion. which the author wrote " If I remember my lessons well, that’s what we call argumentum ad hominem where instead of answering the issues, a person attacks the character of the one he is arguing with".

   I went straight to Former Senator Vicente Paterno when I saw that he was available for some interview from one probinsyana and to have some souvenir photos with him. He told me that he was a Senator under the Marcos Administration who happen to be related to me and even told me that he had an often chit chat with the youngest son of he previous president who is now Senator Bong Bong Marcos.

   Thats his birthday and meeting those exeptional people is something and I could say a very overwhelming experienced to me. The former Senator sofly spoke with a smile to everyone with the help of his wood cane. The panels were all supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill. There were many in attendance that were against the bill, there were catholic nuns and critics. Though majority there were all supporting the bill, there was no commotion or debate that happened.

   There were public figures like the former government official Rafael Alunan who is now connected with the Lopez Foundation. Writer, Reproductive Health advocate and chair of Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines Elizabeth Angsioco and some advocates like Mulat Pinoy, Writers Block, Filipino Freethinkers and walk ins who were all curious about the event.

   This is the awareness program I am pushing and I want to bring those people who could give the people of Laguna first hand information about the Reproductive Health Bill. Awareness is the key and Curiosity keeps us knowledgeable and concerned about the issues that we all are involve. One step at a time, as young we are and as experts like Dr. Martha Campbell and Dr. Potts, I am sure that we can do it, one step at a time. This is not for us but for the next generation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Padre Damaso

   We went to one Catholic Parish Church yesterday. I know the priest very well personally and I joined my two relatives to go there with an intention to ask him about the issue of Reproductive Health bill because I want to know his idea about it first hand.

   He looks different now since I last saw him. He is physically fit, smarter but still with that same smile on his face. He was from louisiana, one remote place in Philippines, where the means of living is selling native products like baskets, placemats or anything out of panday leaves which gave me an idea that one day, i'll reserve a time to go there and see those things for myself. Curious and for business I guess.

   We said our greetings till got a chance to asked him what he is usually doing as a priest or was it always the same everyday...he told me aside being the director of family and living something which really got my attention, he is also facebooking..to my surprised actually...so using my iphone, asked the password and voila!, I am connected.

   I asked him what is the biggest issue the Catholic Church is facing right now? and suddenly with a twinkle in his eyes he said wt an upbeat voice than before.."RH BILL". alright gotcha! I asked him why? he narrated that there are pro rh who are just attending the events or rally because someone is paying them to go with extra food..so I am like thinking....why I didn't receive anything like that and I am surely not hakot because I went to all rallies and events with just a driver and myself, not minding the two hours drive and traffic at SLEX and not to mention the effort.

   He said also about that the bill promotes abortion. well, as I read all the bills...there is one thing about abortion from that bill and it is PREVENTION. I remember one katekista and asked him if he is a PRO he said no, I asked him if he knows what RH BILL is all about and he said again..NO. How come people will be so against if they didnt even know anything about it. I am so dissapointed and thinking...am I the only one thinking about this?

   He said the the "catholic church CONDEMN THE SIN BUT NOT THE SINNER"....suddenly I remember what Carlos Celdran did, the famous tourist guide and became more famous for the method he used inside the Manila Cathedral during the Ecumenical meeting with a Damaso sign with him. So I asked again, "what do you mean by that father?"...he said an example about the Pope before, someone tried to kill him, the pope forgave him and even embraced the man but he was imprisoned because of the law of the government...so I understand.

   I asked him again, "Father is using a condom a sin?"..he said YES, because there must be a union..kaya nga raw sinabi ng diyos before "Humayo kayo at magpakarami..", I told him that it might be applicable before but not now. He told me also about the muslim issues that in the year 2030, the philippines might be a Islamic or muslim country..why? because for every couple the minimum children is eight, well i was informed before that if you are a muslim you are allowed to have four wives so I computed at instant if one man have 4 wives with 8 kids each as a minimum, for every man, he will have a minimum of 32 siblings....then remember a certain actor who converted himself to become a muslim because of his many women...for me, he is just justifying that it was just okey because he is a muslim now, but for me it is still just his escape goat.

   I asked him again "Father how about masturbating, is it a sin?" he said YES, and I am like, really!!!!...he said that is why they are celebating( is my spelling correct?). anyway..he said he is just praying and go to sleep when....
...to make the story short..because I know him pretty well..I know he is lying...when i was a child my mom told me to give donations to the church because thats the only way the priest can survive..from the donations...until, he saw my iphone and asked how much is it and i told him right now its only $99.00 in the states and he was like ok ill get one....

   I asked one of my employee this morning..I said..come here I have something to ask..."Is masturbating a sin?" he was surprised, he thought i am gonna asked him if there were materials that are lost or broken or something..though he answered..No its not...and he doesnt believe about what the priest said because he said, even a family man is doing it, what more if you dont have a partner.

   I am a Catholic and I believe about there are external forces helping and planning about everything, just like what Steve Jobs said..."connect the dots backwards for you to move forwards" and if he didnt became out of school in college maybe he will not be where he is now, maybe there is no pixar, iphone, macbook etc etc...he was talking as a guest infront of an ivy league graduates, stanford university.

   Curiosity kills the cat, well maybe he was not thinking well, that is why i am into continous education because knowledge is power though there are many geniuses who dont need to finish their college because at an early age they did something different already that others cant and bacame exceptional in their field. But because people are not satisfied..we innovate because of the need...we can decide thats why we act...we have reason to believe, a choice and could differentiate what is wrong and what is right. i believe that the basis of good morals came from our home, if you don't have a good family with you, where did you get the basis of your judgements? I know experience is the best teacher which in my case is my mother...my first teacher literally, she knows what i am doing and supporting me all the way.

   I respect my priest friends bcause they also believe on something..just like we all do. but aside from that, nothing more..there is nobody holy for moi. everyone is a sinner..there just some gauge and measures. Nobody is perfect anyway. but i also believe that to speak up, to stand even alone as long as you know you are right is courageous. I don't believe now with many loyal friends...proven...maybe FEW but not many..they might be there when you have something or they need you, but you will experience the meaning of friendship if they are still there when EVERYONE LEFT YOU.


When does life begins?


This is the only question that keeps on bugging me wherever I go. My mentor told me not to share my experienced and the scientific method that I used which is the IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, not to mention the amount I spent to have my three precious babies.

We all know that science and religion will never be at the same side, like the government and the Catholic Church. Most of the time people incorporated Science, Fertilization and Conception to Reproductive Health. They questioned God or even incorporated atheism and the bad part is not in layman’s terms which makes it hard to understand by the majority of the population and in which the target market is only the minorities and who are they? Those minds who thinks that they were the best of the best and the logic will always keeps them in a safer side.

Books are good but people must also consider that mostly they are research, theories and experiments. One priest considered using a condom as a sin same thing as masturbating, this fact was when I interview him who is from the biggest Baranggay in San Pablo City, Laguna province.
Does masturbating especially if you don’t have any partner with you a sin? Mostly even those who are married do that, what more if that somebody is single? I even saw that priest kissed a girl. Liar. I am not talking in general because it is the same as everyone else, everyone has flaws and obviously not perfect. Human Beings. Nature whether you like it or not. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Why need to lie?

Organism, oh yes organism, but we are talking about the human life, not just any kind of organism. This human life will have feelings, conscience and will have the ability to love. Let’s talk about worms. Yes they are important because of the ecology. The circle of life when one needs another. The question is, does worms have the feelings like human beings?

  I love to meet a lot of different people with different views, I am fortunate to talk to both sides and observe. I learned to know their own flaws, hypocrisy, integrity and the fact about just being human. What is the essence of a human? Maybe this is the question that the two sides needs to answer.

  I experienced being in  Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City with the best doctors and the best health plan. The doctor even asked me if they could do some experiments on me because of life and death, but I declined. If you know Celine Dion, We have the same situation. Experienced is better than books.

   I have two godfathers who are with different points of view, the former Senator, Former  Laguna Governor and Former DILG Secretary Joey David Lina and the incumbent senator Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos III. One is against for the passage of Reproductive Health Bill and the other one is supporting. I am lucky to have both sides with my family, so honest to tell me for what is right and their different views.

   My view (before), when does life begins.

   As a human being, this is when the egg and the semen meet then fertilized (point of CBCP or all against the bill). It will have heartbeats but I experienced to have six fertilized eggs though four got heartbeats at the same time inside my tummy. Salt, yes it is, to save the few.

That’s when I experienced hell, literally without anesthesia, twice because one syringe per fetus. That was my choice. Is it a sin? Yes to some I encountered. The doctor asked me to choose between one or two, I chose two. Reason; I am petit and my body cannot hold four babies inside my tummy.  Reproductive Health bill is all about choice. It's about thinking what is good for you and for the whole human beings. If this law will passed and there’s going to be corruption, that will be another story.

RH bill didn’t tell us that this will be the solution but rather MIGHT be one of the solution because our government cannot support everyone in need. Work is not equal to people. Yes compare it to China. What is a difference? It is a communist country unlike in Philippines with “kanya kanya” system and corruption is rampant. China based from Sen. Joey Lina is populated but unlike the Philippines, China’s economy is soaring high. Investors went there because of the tax, low salary for workers and if there is no corruption, it is moderated.


My new view and stand and answer to the question " When does life begins?"

  • It’s a subjective question and could answer or defines by different authorities philosophically,   morally, religiously or liberally. It depends on the perception, culture and tradition of the receiver of this question. I would go with my endocrinologist point of view which is towards the liberal definition, it’s after 24 weeks of gestation, when there is already a fetal vitality. Morally and in religious point of view it’s when there’s a fertilized egg or after the ovulation period. The question is not about abortion, because I myself is against abortion and that is why I am supporting the passage of the reproductive health bill that says Prevention of Abortion, for the quality of life, women empowerment, prevention of HIV/AIDS...

Using In Vitro Fertilization procedure is not easy, Celine Dion used this too. I am thankful to my husband’s health care provider which is Aetna, everything even the impossible became possible, the beauty of science. The process starts with checking of the estrogen level in my body. The purpose is to check when will be the exact menstruation period. With the help of many syringe and medicines, menstruation came for the preparation of ovulation period. It was a joyous and painful process. My husband is the one who was injecting the meds after a one try testing from the laboratory with a three inches syringe to my body and not to mention that there is a correct way or angle in doing it. Every day, it will be injected in the muscles whether to my arms or legs. The objective is for me to ovulate. On the time of ovulation, there’s a scheduled process in the clinic with my endocrinologist Dr. Daniel Navot, that will be the time they will inject the semen after being washed. Well they asked me to check the bottle if the name there is my husband’s name to make sure.

After the procedure, I waited for a week and checked with the use of disposable pregnancy test. Everyday, the lines was getting darker which means to say that the procedure is a success. I am pregnant. Weeks after, curiosity became me and the rest is history.

  I can’t help but being sad, disappointed and smile at the same time. We elected the best from the best but how come they cannot solve this. I don’t want to start about the Environment with all the Republic Acts and Climate Change. One step at a time, will someone who is smart, has power, has the best lawyer, has the best advisers, has all the money in this world can do something? I am your Boss.


   Proven, when people saw that you have lots to give, more are there to take advantage of you. A beach is one encouraging tool eventhough you dont like to swim, Boracay beach? you  cannot resist it with it's perfectly color bluish water and the ambiance. Any chocolates from 'Bizu"? eventhough its his first time to taste that so expensive chocolates, with a room to destroy you or if you don't have anything to give anymore after..they will leave you or even tell something bad about you. I am calling them "Leach".

   As one grow older, one must gained wisdom. 2010 is wonderful and amazing. The dissappointments only taught one to become stronger than ever. People have diferent character. People knows how to Blog..but what is blogging? (thanks Thor Nicolas)

   When I saw the post of one " Out of School youth girl from a prominent school"  with a status of being angry, foul words, unethical manner...the action does not follow the words..lack of integrity. It came to me like when one guy is drunk..he could say everything as if being drunk was an excuse for his manners...No, we are not dumb or unless few are..its the attitude and the silence that counts. No matter what school you are from, truly Family is the foundation of everything, the basis of our judgements, decisions and points of view. So does it mean without family theres something missing? (debate me on this)

"Our minds should not be empty because if they are not preoccupied by good, evil will break in upon them."
- Johnson

" Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind"
- Earl Nightingale
" Wicked people are always surprised to find ability in those that are good."
- marquis De vauvenargues

Now heres something for everyone.

   Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. The experience of gratitude has historically been a focus of several world religions and has been considered extensively by moral philosophers such as Adam Smith. The systematic study of gratitude within psychology only began around the year 2000, possibly because psychology has traditionally been focused more on understanding distress rather than understanding positive emotions. However, with the advent of the positive psychology movement, gratitude has become a mainstream focus of psychological research. The study of gratitude within psychology has focused on the understanding of the short term experience of the emotion of gratitude (state gratitude), individual differences in how frequently people feel gratitude (trait gratitude), and the relationship between these two aspects.--wiki

   Truly Education gives power but action gives a louder impact than words. I don't believe that using text messages is more effective than calls unless the other person is hiding from you? text is better for surely he will read it. While email is one effective tool to hasten transaction, problem arises about electricity and connection.

  For youngster, idealist but reality bites. Getting comfort with so called friends is temporary specially without money. Life is survival of the fittest. So I believe in a Total Quality of management where continous education and improvement for all parts of organization must be consider to get the better end result. If someone gave you the only money he has..treasure it for he is truly your friend. It's the quality not the quantity of friends you have.

   Proven, when people saw that you have lots to give, more are there to take advantage of you. A beach is one encouraging tool eventhough you dont like to swim, Boracay beach? you  cannot resist it. Any chocolates from 'Bizu" eventhough its his first time to taste that so expensive one, with a room to destroy you or if you dont have anything to give after..they will leave you. I am calling them "Leach".

  If someone offers you something which you are not asking, treasure that someone..for they are only few. Now lets go back to GRATITUDE.


   Nakakatuwa naman ang aking mga kababayan sa pagbubukas ng dalwang pamilihan mula sa isang tanyag na departamento na kilala sa “eSeM”, nakita at natunghayan ang pagnanais ng isang magandang pamumuhay. Malmig sa loob, aircon daw at masarap lumakad lakad na hanggang patingin tingin lang din naman dahil di kayang bmili sa liit ng sweldo mula s pagiging guro, kulang pa kasi para sa pag aaral ng mga anak at baon sa araw araw ang natatanggap. Nagtapos sa Kolihiyo si Sisa pero siguro sa dami ng kasabayang nagtapos buhat sa ibat ibang panig ng Pilipinas ay napakahirap humanap ng trabaho at ng makakita ay nasorpresa sa baba ng matatanggap na swedlo. Hindi naman makatanggi sa kadahilanang, kapit sa patalim na ang pangangailanagan.

   Maliwanag, malamig at ibat ibang paninda ang makikita sa loob ng “eSeM”. Masarap na mga pagkain na ditto lamang matatagpuan tulad ng Kenny Rogers, Starbucks at mga pinagbibili na para bang mga mamahalin pero makikita mo ring nagkalat sa lansangan. Tuwang tuwa ang mga bata, ibat ibang palaruan kasi ang nasa sa loob. Kung nakukulitan ka sa tatlo mong anak ay pwede mo ng iwan sa hawla, ay! S palaruan pala na may oras bago mo makuha muli ang iyong mga nak, per oras ang bayad at di sila makakalabas. O diba, edi, libre ka na sa pag wiwindow shopping. Ok lang wag bumili, busog naman sa tingin at malamig sa loob, at least walang bayad ang aircon, libre.
   Mahilig akong bumili ng libro, pinipilit kong tapusin ang pagbabasa pero diko magawa, busy kasi ako sa pag susulat  tungkol sa mga bagay bagay na aking naoobserbahan sa araw araw at pakikipag usap sa ibat ibang tao sa aking kapaligiran na may ibat ibang antas ng pamumuhay, may mayan, mahirap o di kayay katamtaman lamang na kinikita. Ang liwanag pa sa loob ng “eSeM”, may libreng “wifi” na tinatawag na at kahit sa mga Cellular Phones pwede na ring gumamit ng internet. Ang galling naman ng nakaisip nito, sigurado ako, napaka yaman ng may ari .
   Ang mga taga probinsya, tuwang tuwa na, di tulad noon mahigip na talong oras ago makapunta sa pasyalan at bilihang tulad nito. Sa ngayon, sasakay ka lang sa jeep or trike, ok na. Nasa “eSeM” na. Puro taga lugar naming ang aking nakikita, teka ayun si Robi at wow may kasama, pwede na rin palang mag date sa “eSeM”. Teka bakit andaming tao kahit wala naman akong nakikitang pinamimili? Pasyalan lang ba talaga ito, akala ko pamilihan.

   Nagbayad ako kanina sa kinain kong lugaw. Aba e wala daw syang bente singko sentabos na pansukli, teka nakakahiya naming kunin ko e maliit na halaga, wala na ngang nabibili sa ganitong sentimo. Kung wala silang panukli bakit ang presyo e php 30.75? sana ginawa ng 31 pesos para di magulo at teka kung sabihin ko kayang wala akong 75 sentimo e ok lang din kaya?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogging for Advocacy- "In just one single click"

I am always curious about the search engine, there I am, searching my own name. Surprised to see my name under the category of "Blogging for Advocacy" under iblog7, a yearly Blogging Summit in the Philippines and organized by the U.P Diliman College of Law, Internet Society. I remember that in one click from my tiny fingertips I left a message that says " I like to attend and I want to be a speaker ", I forgot all about it, so surprised from that one single click, I'm in.

   Because of three construction projects, not to mention articles I want to submit for Blog Watch and Mulat Pinoy where I am a contributing writer, I can't get enough time to do the Powerpoint presentation for the event. It's my first time to do the talk infront of bloggers which I dont even consider myself as one. When my brother in law sent a book from the Huffington Post about Blogging which until this day, I haven't get a time to read all, though wants too, not until last April 2, 2011 where I undestand what the word "Blogging" is all about.

   When the start of the talk is about Blogging 101 until the last speaker before me, I cant help but think that I am like going back in time. I am already a Blogger without knowing it and Blogging is not for everyone. I am under the Blogging for Advocacy together with Sonny Santos and from all the speakers, I am the only one who is not making any money from Blogging. I am not a web developer or even an I.T expert just a mother of three and an Engineer. My husband told me to be myself and I did. The title of my presentation is "In one single click".

   "In one single click", the power is within your fingertips. One could empower the other person, encourage and influence a politician, organization or individual about your advocacy and could enrich a lot of people in just one single click. Blogging is not for everyone, one need to have Passion. What ever you do its sharing about yourself, it came from the heart and writing will be easy because it is who you are, what happened to you and in which you are just sharing it to others and you never knew, you are already empowering, encouraging and enriching  a lot of people...in just one single click..when you press the "Enter".

   "In on single click", an Advocacy could start a Revolution. The hottest issue today is the "Reproductive Health Bill". Because of Blogs and Facebook, rallies happened, people joined and politicians are empowered. All published articles I have for Blog watch and Mulat Pinoy are part of who I am, my experiences and facts of life. I will never have any topic if I don't like to be with people, If I dont want to interview politicians, If I dont want to be with the majority of the population. Everything is about sharing which became an advocacy and could be shared in just "One single click".

   "In just one single click", I will never be infront of these magnificent bloggers and more than 200 curious aspiring bloggers. With the power of the internet, in just one single click, I create groups with the same advocacy, I expand and advertise my personal business through posting the perspectives of the houses and current projects and standing infront of the people who are listening, taking pictures and taking notes. The experience is overwhelming and it happened because of one single click.

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