Monday, May 26, 2014

Are you Happy at Work?

One vital reason to survive in the organization is happiness, whether you get it from your colleagues who eventually became your friends, total benefits you are receiving or just because of the salary that can pay the tuition fees of your children.It's the total package actually. 

Happiness as what others told me is subjective. Somebody might be happy at his job in the same company you have but others might be not with the different factors to be considered.

According to Forbes, “To achieve greater happiness at work, you don't need your boss to stop calling you at night. You don't need to make more money. You don't need to follow your dream of being a sommelier, or running a B&B in Vermont. So says Srikumar Rao, the author of  Happiness at Work. The biggest obstacle to happiness is simply your belief that you're the prisoner of circumstance, powerless before the things that happen to you, he says. "We create our own experience," he adds.

So the question is for you? Are you happy at Work? If you will revert back the question to me I will say YES. One thing is that I am always thankful and grateful since the head of this organization gave trust and respect to whatever suggestions and proposals I have for the company. Ok let’s check the top 10 reasons why I am Happy at Work.

1. I am doing what I love to do which is Marketing.
2. I am grateful because I have a job.
3. I am thankful that a group of people are trusting me.
4. I chose to be happy.
5. I am in charge of my own personal and professional development.
6. I am responsible to my output.
7. The Boss listens.
8. I am in a work life balance organization.
9. A lot of room for growth.
10. All of the above. I chose to be happy because I want to.

Manpower is the backbone of any organization. For the different companies I been with, it’s all about people and inside or outside of work, we always like to be happy.

For you to understand more about strategies and techniques on how to become happy at work, it might not be for you but for your team members, join and come to the Happy at Work Conference 2014 titled, TeamPLAY: Gameplans for Holistic Engagement Strategies on May 28, 9:00am to 5:00pm at Mandarin Oriental Manila and gain access to the playbook of winning engagement strategies!

I just like to share why I am happy and you can too.

Check their invites below;

The Happy at Work Conference 2014 – organized by Salt & Light Ventures, now a division of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. and the only Filipino learning events producer and organizer to have received international and local recognitions – aims to share the best practices of the country’s top organizations for delivering happiness to both its internal (employees) and external customers. Through this conference, Salt & Light Ventures hopes to contribute to a tipping point where Philippine businesses begin to practice positive employee engagement strategies, which will in turn give the country a greater competitive advantage.

Featured speakers and topics include Business Management Consultant in the Asia-Pacific and
E-Deo Asia's Managing Director, Ben Pwee (“Expanding the Playing Field: Implications of ASEAN 2015”); Investors In People Philippines’ CEO, Gerry Plana (“Do the Drills: Because Corporate Wellbeing Programs Lead to Employee Happiness”); GMA Network, Inc.’s AVP for Corporate Affairs, Teresa Pacis (Time Out: Rethinking Your Team's Role in Creating Social Change); FVP and Group Head of Voyager Innovations and former Country Managing Director of Cisco Philippines and Director of Cisco ASEAN, Stephen Misa (“The Vision from the Top: What a Healthy Workplace Looks Like”); Certified executive and personal coach through the College of Executive Coaching (California, USA),   Dr. Dups de los Reyes (“Working for the Greater Good: Tapping on Emotional Intelligence in Building TeamPLAY”); The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Holdings’ Head of Strategy and New Leaf Ventures’ Managing Director, David Bonifacio (“Capturing the Young and the Restless: How to Make the Edgy Gen Y Commit”); and MTW Sports, Inc.’s Executive Director and Globalport Batang Pier’s Team Manager , BJ Manalo (Achieving Peak Performance at Work and in Life”).

Turn teamwork into teamplay and ensure employee engagement and happiness! Join the Happy at Work Conference 2014 on May 28 at Mandarin Oriental Manila. Call 8132703/32 and look for Juliet/Jenna or text 09228980044 for more details.

The Happy at Work Conference 2014 is presented by Salt & Light Ventures and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. (30)

 Are you Happy at Work?
 Join the Happy at Work Conference 2014 on May 28 at Mandarin Oriental Manila. Call 8132703/32 and look for Juliet/Jenna or text 09228980044 for more details.

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso: Not your ordinary Filipino Cuisine

 Restaurante Pia Y Damaso is not just an establishment with an interesting name but also with interesting menu like Ibarra's Kiss, Sisa's Dementia or Guni Guni. Located at 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5 in Makati with capacity of 30 pax according to its chef & owner Bambi Sy Gobio and targeting those who have a penchant for Subversive Filipino Cuisine. Very interesting right. Imagine "Subversive?" which according to my dictionary is "Troublemaker."  Right now, I am craving for that delicious, sweet and yummy Bacon with Dates and Walnut. Go there to believe.

              Subversive in a sense that it will disrupt your mind to taste the best in Filipino cuisine.

No wonder that almost everyday, the place is packed. The ambiance is Spanish colonial richness that you can enjoy out from where the character Padre Damaso came from the novel Noli Me  Tangere (Touch me not) with our National Hero as the creator , unless you forgot already the story, let me give you a glimpse, don't  forget that Pia is the mother of Maria Clara while the feisty, notorious but popular Padre Damaso was according to Padre Salvi is the father of Maria Clara while Maria Clara is Crisostomo Ibarra's girlfriend while Pia is Maria Clara's mother who according to Padre Salvi was rape by Padre Damaso. 
Not to mention how good are the food. Check also the Interior Designs and the ambiance. Perfect.

To make the story short, the owner loves the novel by heart & would like to share to you all her unique & special Filipino food. She is inviting you to Restaurante Pia Y Damaso to taste the subversive Filipino Cuisine and I am sure, like us, would always crave the taste of their dishes. 

Here is the food critic Maria Odessa Escaler with me and who loves Filipino Cuisine. 

We Filipinos love food especially those dishes we grew up with. There are so many restaurants of course serving these kind of dishes with a twist or made them a fusion from the usual recipe but under Restaurante Pia Y Damaso, it's not a fusion but as what Chef Bambi told us, like Noli Me Tangere, it's Subversive. For whatever it means, I love it! You will too for sure. Don't forget for big and private gathering, you can ask Chef Bambi to close the whole restaurant for you. For sure, the guests would love not just the food & ambiance but the experience. 

Sharing to you below all the delicious food they let us taste one fine evening at Greenbelt 5. 
Here is my favorite and actually craving for it now. Bacon with Walnut and Dates. Imagine that in your mouth. Now, I am salivating. 

                                          Crispy Cones With Crab, Corn, Tomato Relish


Mixed Greens with Duck Confit, Red Onions, Fresh Apples, Oranges and Champoy ( Salted Plum) and Prune Vinaigrette

Main Dish

Pork Belly with Chorizo and Chicpeas. (Seared pork belly, chorizo de bilbao, olive oil, garlic, paprika, & garbanzos )


Shortribs Rioja. This beef shortribs braised in red wine, celery, onions, carrots, tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, fresh bay leaves with rosemary potatoes will give you a nice dinner that you will never forget. 

           Smoked BBQ Mango Pork. Just looking at this made me full already. Wooh! I will     definitely go back for this. (Smoked BBQ with Mango Mango marinade- serve with spinach, apple, raisin, pinenut and garlic rice with scrambled eggs)


Pepay The Dancer's halo- Halo. Halo Halo with dried Kamias and Pastillias De Leche? Omg! This is sweet galore at it's best especially for this Summer season. Yummy!

Davao Malagos Goat's Milk Leche Plan. My favorite dessert at all time but this time Chef Bambi is using Goat's Milk. Oohlala! This is the best Leche Plan.

                              Brazo Ni Dona Vicki. (Chewy Merengue roulade with fresh butter          curd.                Not                                          your         usual brazo dessert.

                                            Ibarra's Kiss. Oh Ibarra. This Super yummy Belgian chocolate cake is                                          really to die for.

Salvi's Cnonigo. This baked caramel lined merengue with vanilla creme & fresh mangoes will surely delight your sweet tooth. This is always in my list. Need to go back to Restaurante Pia Y Damaso.ASAP.


Chocolate- Tsokolate Eh with Malagos goat milk & Davao Tablea Cacao

 Tubig ni Maria Clara- A cold pitcher of fresh cucumber juice, ginger & citrus water.

Having the Tubig ni Maria Clara.

"DAMASO had taken some raw eggs, beaten up in wine, and that morning had said not a word and taken almost nothing for breakfast; he scarcely tasted a glass of milk, a cup of chocolate, and a dozen busicuits, heroically giving up the fried chicken and half a cottage cheese from Laguna which he had every morning..." 

---From Noli Me Tangere

Jose Rizal

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso: Not your ordinary Filipino Cuisine
2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati, Metro Manila
Tel/Fax (632) 729-5511