Thursday, December 29, 2011

The day for giving

I am so fortunate to belong to different groups of advocates. I am much aware now than a year ago, what a whirlwind and magical realization about human rights, reproductive health, justice system, poverty, life and family.

For this 2011, I would say the deepest and most challenging year from the rest of my life. I met a lot of interesting people from slams to politics. Everything is different and anywhere and everywhere I go, my point of view to so many things have been change.

For us humans, we thought we are invincible and untouchable. The natural calamity and human induced catastrophe only telling us that this life of ours is a temporary temple of the soul and that just like plants and animals will eventually die. Some of us do a lot of things without respect of others, majority of us actually because of the needs that our government cannot provide. We thought we can do a lot of things, which are against the law, but we tend to justify those acts because of family. What are you going to do if your child is asking for food and you don’t have even a single peso in your pocket? Who am I going to blame?

With a surprised calamity around the world, calamity for me is including war which is human induced and a surprise for me because my parents thought me more than hate but to love our countrymen and more beyond than this. Still, don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you. For us prayers and love could solve everything.

Everyday is a calamity day in all parts of the country, check bayan ni Juan sa Calauan and our 17 barangays. In some deeper parts of each Barangays I would say there are poverty that is not popular or published in even a small tabloid in the area. For the first week of this coming new year, will remove all things in my closet, will put some things I don’t need in a box and will send it to those who are more in need of these things than me. This is also a one way also to clean my closet and helping others at the same time. Can you do that too?

My mother told me that she was not always wearing new shoes before when she was little but with perseverance, love from family and education, she achieve a lot way more than her peers. I admire er so much, her beauty, compassion and wisdom is helping me to do what is right all the time, truly mothers knows best.

Social media as a powerful tool for an awareness program gave us a lot of time to realize how fortunate we are attending parties, with food on the table and have gadgets to connect anywhere. A lot of us are using this change and progress of the technology to advocate human rights and to empower our government official to do what we think is right and morally good. Using this tool, we can influence, encourage and use our democratic rights to speak up. Not only in times of published calamity one must help but must do it everyday because everyday, a lot are suffering, no food on their table, clean water, medicine and education to fulfill ones dream, to survive.

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