Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grilling Keh on the Chief Justice on Trial

It’s 1:30 pm and Izabella Palance Enriquez and I went to the Senate of the Philippines to see the actual Soap Opera. I don’t watch television and seldom open the car radio, everything was from Twitter and Facebook about this controversial trial of the Chief Justice Renato Corona for the alledged Not filing of the correct SALN which according to many is a disgrace in the government.

My Media Identification has been checked while I need to get a one day pass ticket for Belle. Contacted already the Office of Senator Pia Cayetano to provide one ticket for Belle so we headed directly to her office located at the fifth floor.

In the elevator going up, we were together with Senator Frank drilon, Senator Ralph Recto and some more people. Saw Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. too and he was in a hurry for the session. Ok, it’s Second floor and the session hall was packed. We went directly to the other side and saw Leslie Bocobo sitting at the media/ VIP place, he is our colleague from Blogwatch.

Leslie called us to meet Senator Kit Tatad and while they were talking, I decided to take some pictures and to check the wifi. Oh, need a password so I texted one friend from the senate and voila, the password and now I am connected.

It was former Akbayan Representative Risa Hontiveros Barraquiel on the witness stand and as usual, with her calm and relax voice, her time spent short and without any tension from the audience. It was different with another witness, Mr. Harvey Keh of Kaya Natin Movement of good governance.

I came to know Kaya Natin because sometimes last ear they contacted me for an event. Though I never met Harvey Keh in person, we are Facebook friends. He is the same like me is into Social media with Twitter account and blogs to top it all.

In person, I think he gained weight, his like 10 meters away from me but I can stilll remember his voice. I know it’s hard to b e in that seat wih all the 18 senator judges scrutinizing your every word and not only that, testifying against the Chief justice and the whole Philippines are watching you, live.

Atty. Marlon Manuel on the other hand was one of the prosecution volunteer lawyer while for the defense, they have Atty. Dennis Manalo. Atty. Manalo asked questions and to my surprised, a lot of stumble and lies came from the Kaya Natin Champion. I know from there that it was his dooms day though I know his intention to prove that the Chief Justice did something wrong, doesn’t help him because of the red enveloped he gave to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile together with media personnel with him.

Senator Enrile was furious and told Keh that he was offended and that Keh just likes to influence the decision of the court. I am sure Kehs hear beats so fast that time, turn of events. On the other hand, Senator Miriam Santiago just shown her expected High blood persona judge, he make sermon and looks like she will have a heart attack any minute, she was shouting and like JPR, furious about the lies of Keh when he told in the court that he sent text messages to two of his media friends about the Anonymous envelope.

Oh well, I cant believe it, with my own two eyes, the Kaya Natin Champion credibility in one minute are down 100 percent and to think one of the Senator Judge, Senator TG Guingona is with Kaya Natin movement too and vocal about this, the Senator was just looking at Keh and quiet while Senator Miriam Santiago was shouting while telling to keh about his 1000 members.

Kaya natin Movement conducts caravan going to shool to school to teach and orient the students on how to become good leader and to value honesty and integrity. With Keh as a witness agaionst the Chief Justice and with Senator Miriam Santiago squabling and shouting at him, I think the movement will have a decline in memership.

Cafeteria and looks like the Session hall was transferred into this place only with food, waiters but the same faces from the Session Hall. Leslie introduced us to Governor Silvania Perez of Antique and to General Cunanans wife. They were both lovely, softspoken and powerful. They ordered food and it’s their treat. Governor Perez called Raul and yes it was Representative Raul Daza, he sat down beside me and with his age, I could see wisdom.

It’s time to go back to the Session hall, b elle and I stayed for awhile till 5:00 pm, my car was waiting already outside and yes, acual soap opera is better than television. At the end of the day, does this trial affect the Filipino people? Whatever will be the result, theres only one thing certain, few people are rich while a lot are suffereings because of corruption in the public office.

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