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Zoocolate Thrills: Tarsier Conservation and Animal Sanctuary

I am very sure that my friends are still thinking what am I doing managing a theme park. So many hats I am wearing right now, as a writer, columnist, building contractor, project manager, business development head, PR relations manager and now as the new Operations manager of Zoocolate Thrills at Loboc, Bohol. (not to mention as an advocate, revolutionist and pasaway at all times).

Zoocolate Thrills at Barangay Gotozan, Loboc, Bohol is the only world class zoological theme park at Bohol

As empowered and confident I am, oh well, as always and because of my background in managing a big organization for years not to mention my six years in sales, being in operations for this newest theme park under the Zoomanity group that handles and expert in Zoological parks is nothing compare in constructing houses or renovating old buildings at UPLB and DOST. Same way of managing with people and same as in construction, we just like to have skilled and expert manpower.

A welcome pavilion

Our famous man made chocolate hills inside Zoocolate Thrills

We have three Siberian tigers inside Zoocolate Thrills and planning to add more

Our friendly guides

This is Tarsi and can only be found at the island of Bohol. We are conservationist and making sure that we are doing what is best to all our species with vets and experts at Zoocolate Thrills.

As an environmentalist and an advocate of human rights, I need to make sure that work is not just business. Well for me since then, work is personal.Animals and the different species I encountered  and taking care of are as delicate as handling my own babies. I might not be perfect or expert in this field, I am not even a vet but I know about rights and yes, my friends have proofs that I will not stop just to prove what is right. At Zoocolate Thrills we have our own Veterinary Doctor checking the animals, we have a curator and zookeepers to make sure they are all in good health.

A press conference was held last February 21, 2013 to introduce our 10 events for this year.

To start with, yes, here is the biggest and Bohol's world class theme park with International standard. This 5 hectares zoological parks is a home for 24 species and we are still planning to add some more. Plans include Zip lines, cable cars

Zoocolate Thrills is the newest theme park from Zoomanity Group under Yupangco Group of Companies ( 

We own 6 parks like our amazing Zoobic Safari at Subic, Pampanga, Zoocobia at Clark, Pampanga, Residence Inn and Paradizoo at Tagaytay, Cavite, Z Planet and Virtual zoo at Manila. In rediscovering the famous Chocolate Hills and our Loboc River, our team offers different activities for this year and the developments we have to sustain and continuesly develop a world class Zoocolate Thrills at Bohol with a tour to view the biggest and largest Zoological park and International standard developments.

We don't like cages 

2013 Zoocolate Thrills activities (Starting on March 20 and every 20th of the month)

1.  Meet Hello Tiggy
2.  Zoocolate Thrills Zooperb!Chocolate Hills replica
3. ZooMajestic Greyhound race
4. ZooBearcat photo contest
5. ZooM! Loboc
6.  ZooOrganic farming
7. ZooSweet kisses
8. Our Pride for Bohol
9. ZooSpectacular Bird show 
10. Choco loco Animals parade

The biggest bird; Ostrich

Silky Chickens

Our famous Tram


Horseback riding is available at Zoocolate Thrills

Souvenir shop

Burmese Phyton with our curator

This is Hello Tiggy, our 1 year old Siberian Tiger and ready to have a photo opts with you

So join us and let's all make one green theme park. 

For travel and tour and complete package.


Grace Nicolas at 

M:  09213191471

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