Monday, May 6, 2013

The Digital landscape in the Philippines

The digital landscape in the Philippines is changing fast. 100 million Filipinos right now have mobile phones and 33% are surfing the internet. Philippines is the networking capital of the world and ever growing as time goes by. Almost everyone know how to use Facebook and thriving next is the use of Twitter and Instagram. Big companies are researching and integrating Social Media now in their pie and as much as possible putting a bulk of budget to reach a wider audience or target market with the use of digital marketing.

Trying to reach the voters under Blogwatch Citizen Media

Fifteen years ago, Public Relations with the use of traditional media was the only tool to reach the market effectively but now, with the use of Social Media, even politicians are using this tool to reach their constituents. Big companies are contacting bloggers to their events and maximizing the cyberspace which not only cheaper but could make a viral news in one minute if the content is spectacular.

The key in Digital Marketing is quality content. Everyone could disseminate information but how many are your readers? All big corporations that could see the future in Digital Marketing are into it right now and investing to get good and expert professionals that could make a boost in their digital power.

Photo from Blogwatch during the Meeting De Avanze for JuanVote

Digital marketing could make a traditional company have a brand at an instant which is one of the main point in Digital Marketing. We must understand who are changing the game or who are the exceptional leaders who are the key players. Having 500 followers on Twitter is not enough if the basis is 33 million Filipinos online as of 2013. The company must get an effective Digital Marketer that could make the followers turned or convert into customers.

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