Thursday, November 3, 2016

Digital Travel APAC: Most Senior Level E- Commerce and Digital Event For Travel

On April 25 to 27, 2017, Digital Travel APAC 2017 will be launched once again at Resorts World sentosa, Singapore to give more information about the Digital and E- Commerce landscape not only in Asia but globally with the slogan,  “Transforming Digital Travel. Together. The organizers are expecting more companies are going to participate with senior level and top management as attendees.  This conference is tag as the APAC's most senior-level eCommerce & Digital Event for Travel.

These will be the highlights so far;

·         70% new speakers: amongst the 100 thought leaders providing you with new insights and new solutions to your daily challenges

·         Dedicated in-depth tracks for Directors and VPs of eCommerce and Digital Marketing: so whether it’s conversion and retention or owning the customer lifecycle that you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered for the full 2 days

·         New learning formats that give you the detail you crave: forget about sitting in front of presentations and panels all day – you’ll be regularly immersed in intense, small working groups to uncover practical solutions to your day-to-day pain points

·         New “winner takes all” head-to-head debates: offsite vs. onsite – Who really owns the customer experience? Price vs. Loyalty - In today’s price-sensitive market, does loyalty exist anymore? Are smartphones ready for centre stage in travel planning?

·         New interactive lighting talks on China and India: what are the critical success factors for succeeding in the worlds fastest growing travel markets?

·         New interactive case studies: including, how can you combat pricing competition? How can you extract actionable intelligence on every consumer? How can you cater to your local clients to increase sales, reduce risk and build trust? How to own both the front and back end of the customer relationship

·         From Pok√©mon GO to artificial intelligence and virtual reality: how will the rapid evolution of technology change the way businesses and marketers gain insight?

·         Finding the next big disruptor: join our digital travel dragons and assess the latest innovations as start-up companies pitch their tech in a bid to win first place

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