Tuesday, October 12, 2010


by Grace Nicolas on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 7:05

In the events this past few days, what Carlos Celdran did is heroic to me. Standing in front of everyone at Manila cathedral and voicing out what he think is right. Right or wrong, he still choose to make a difference and stood by it. ( for info there is no mass on that time, it was an ECUMENICAL MEETING.)

Lots of us became silent to this topic about the controversial RH BILL. But we have a choice. Whether you are against or you are supporting it..speak up than to be quiet. Know what RH BILL is all about.

This is not about religion. This is about what is happening right now which are poverty, over population, HIV, AIDS and a lot of issues that we need to be aware and concern.

God gave us free will and our democracy gave us the freedom of speech. whatever is in your mind. Share. You never know...you are the one we are all looking for.

Lot's of my friends dont even talked to me anymore, they don't comment but that's alright. Now I know what they are and their beliefs, but I am here to pursue my advocacy, I will be a Catholic as long as they will not excommunicated me, I am who I am. Confident I am for my beliefs. My Family even helped a lot of seminarians to graduate to become a priest and have lots of Catholic priest friends and even have  one Catholic Rector Godfather for my kid.

Separation of church and government is also one issue. It is like science and religion. Two separate entity. I am a catholic and I believe that the church must save our souls but I also believe that the government has the right and must save the filipino people from poverty and ignorance.

If you are happy to see kids knocking at your car window and selling you a sampaguita, If you are happy that many illegal settlers are around our nation, If you are happy to hear about unwanted pregnancies, If you are enjoying living in this country in poverty...then stay quiet.

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