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by Grace Nicolas on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 7:34pm
 I believe in freedom of speech and i am telling yeah, i am practicing it all the time. A lot of things are happening for a reason and I believe it has a purpose. for whatever reason there is, I am sure it will just teach someone a lesson, might be in a hard way or the most unexpected way. At Grad School, I realized that nobody is perfect but a late bloomer could do a lot of changes to others life. It is given, for every change, there is resistance because of the difference in culture.

My friends told me that they were amazed to all things I did. How did i do that? becuse of free will, determination, confidence which in my case is overflowing, support of my family, love from my husband and because that I believe in this very popular saying..If other's can, why can't I. I beleive also that experienced taught me a lot about the decision making process, my judgements and the education I learned from Kindergarten and Highschool. My mom was my first teacher, she taught me good morals, how to read well and not to be shy. My highschool experience was different, it taight me how to behave, disciplines and to become a leader. Most of all, My dad taught me how to live life to the fullest, how to be strong, ow to not to do to others what you dont want to do unto you and a lot of wisdom everyday.

Right now, i am the elected officer as the Public Relations Officer. I love it. I guess because i like to meet people, I live to talk a lot which is so obvious and because of the total scope of work. I love being an officer. But who will benefit to all my works? Of course not me, not the students but the school. I donated 96 giftpacks last September 26, 2009 for Ondoy victims, I asked my fellow grad school classmates to come with me but only the Engineering management students were the one who go with me to San Isidro, Bay, Laguna beside the laguna the Bay. We removed our shoes and go down to the barangay hall barefooted because of the flood. It was getting dark, so we decided to use the boat but it started to rain again and finally we decided to go back to shool after we donated the giftpacks with rice, clothes and shoes.

My life is full of adventure I could say and there will be for sure no regret from all the experienced. Good or Bad, it was part of life or else i will not be this strong and confident. The foundation of everything is FAMILY. I believe. Most of your life, you spent it with your family, the quality time i supposed. I have very few friends, maybe beacause I am misunderstood for all my advocacist like Climate Change, Reproductive Health Bill and Empowerment of women. I lead twenty mens everyday and they are all following everything I said and decisions. i did my best in all my work and projects because of the fact that the clients trusted their dream home to me, a very overwhelmimg award and every home that I did became my monument too. I believe in Quality and Total Quality Management. Maybe that is why i am still attending school and still want to pursue PhD after this sem. I believe in a continous learning and that our brain will be dull if we will not use it.

Theres an obstacle in every changes in ones life, i have mine now. I call it CONSPIRACY THEORY. As I am about to finish my school this sem, a lot of problem arises. Lot's got affected and abuse of power is rampant. I attended mass this sunday and the topic is GRATITUDE. In this case lack of gratitude is the problem, I thought it is only happening in movies not in real life. if only envy is deadly, a lot of people dies everyday. A friend of mine with a heart to serve is also involved. The evil sorcerer is using her magic wand. I am not surprised for all eveil sorcerers work is to destroy the good names of good people who are sacrificing everything for the sake of others. Now, history repeats itself and that's what I am calling Karma. i am just waiting for the right time, when the evil sorcerers and her flocks of villains will feel the thunder from poseidon. let's wait and see. But for sure, as history repeats itself, no matter what happened, the truth will set us free.

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