Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog Watch is the ultimate Advocate

Blog Watch is a social media tool that connects people online and offline. The news published by this citizen watch dog are based on their experiences after attending the rally about human rights at Congress, after attending the seminar about child labor at Los Banos, Laguna, after attending a forum about Reproductive Health Bill, after doing a feeding program for instance at Laguna and Aklan or after conducting a forum which the contributing writer organized. The writers are real and ordinary people who have the same and different advocacies of their own.

The published news or opinions are from the common or private citizen of this country who happened to be aware about the poverty, who happened to be empowered to help, who happened to be in need of change and justice and who happened to know that Blog Watch could spread the news because social media today is the best and effective tool for dissemination of information not to mention the fastest way to reach the target audience who are the Filipino People, the Philippine Government and the world.

Blog Watch is composed of Photographers from Pampanga and Manila and Writers as far from Laguna and Bulacan who are contributing their skills, knowledge and talent for FREE even risking their life like the interview with Governor Toto Mangudadatu of Maguindanao just to promote and spread the news about what is the truth and justice that could empower, encourage and influence the readers.

The team composed of different bloggers and writers who are successful in their own way. With Engineers, Journalist, Students, Radio Station Host, Stay Home Mother and Entrepreneur who are willing to give time, who are exerting an overwhelming effort and who are sacrificing their own family and life just to prove what is right. They are not only fighting for the rights of the minority few but for the rights of everyone, rich or poor, believers or non believers or even the rights of the unborn.

Blog Watch deserves the “Advocate” Category award at the Globe Tatt Awards. We all know that words is mightier than the sword, that common people with common interest for the universal good is better than a group of people fighting for only one right. Blog Watch is not here for the popularity but here to be a servant for mankind, to be the pioneer in social media advocacy, to be known as the tool who believes in equality, honesty, integrity, freedom of expression, talent and skills of everyone and most of all, Blog Watch is here to tell the world that the Filipino people is worth for every word and cannot be bought.

An advocate is someone who believes, fight and vocal. An advocate is not a coward, who speaks about the truth, who fights for justice not for himself but for others. An advocate in any means will be seen whether through his writingsb about his advocacy or in the road rallying to prove that an advocate is walking the talk. An advocate is doing what is right, proving what is right and risking his own life without asking for rewards or anything in return.

Blog Watch contributors are writing for Free, a service for mankind, a selfless deed for awareness, for without awareness no one will be concerned. Blog Watch is an advocate of many advocacies like Change, Truth, Justice, Human Rights, Environment, Health, Equality, Reproductive Health, Transparency, Fight for Poverty, Fight for Child Labor, Animal Rights and Freedom and with all these Blog Watch is the ultimate Advocate.

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