Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An environmental cause

 August 1, 2011- A man of faith, Father Robert Reyes who is known as the Running and Activist Priest together with some runners from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources and runners from Los Banos, Laguna started the much awaited Takbundukan event. A fun run to different mountains of Laguna that started from Makiling Botanical Garden inside the University of the Philippines in Los Banos down to different municipalities and city such as Los Banos, Bay, Calauan, San Pablo and Alaminos.

Students waited for the group together with Mayor Joe Padrid of Bay, Mayor Felisa Berris of Calauan, Councilor Evangeline Mendoza of Barangay Imok and San Pablo City administrator Loreto Amante. Father Reyes discussed the advantages of clean living, advantages of being aware about what’s happening with the environment such as Climate Change and on how one could help in his little own way. He discussed also the benefits of education to young students from Baranggay Maitim, Liceo De Bay and Liceo De Calauan.

Father Reyes wants everyone to help save the environment from illegal mining, illegal cutting of trees, environmental killings and corrupt politicians. With the degree in PHD major in Cultural Anthropology from University of the Philippines Diliman, Father Reyes is telling the students to finished college education for a possible better future. He made a point to have an eye contact with his listeners and telling them that it’s a one way for good communication.

As an environmentalist he made a point to tell the students the benefits of waste management system, planting trees and even tackled about the issue in the Philippine government such as dynasty and charter change. Takbundukan will ends on August 4, 2011 in Los Banos, Laguna.

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