Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Contest: Blogging for Advocacy

For Advocacy, Political, Lifestyle and Empowered Blogger. My Blog is featured every week at the CALABARZON area newspaper “Kliping Times”. Topics are about Advocacy, Politics, Lifestyle and Empowerment. For this Christmas season, I am planning to feature 5 Blogs before the end of this year. For your opinion, news and advocacy to be heard and printed, I am opening slots and opportunities for you.

I will accept articles the whole month of November that will be published and printed every week up to the end of 2011. One article per person will be published but you could send up to 5 articles to choose from.

Planning to give also additional prize for the Blogger who will be chosen, ok, still thinking about what kind of prize, so stay tuned!

Send your articles to


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  1. Congrats for being a finalist.

    I also started a blog just a few days ago (transferred early posts out from my Facebook account), So maybe you could give a noobie some pointers on how to improve it. I am tied between making it humorous, serious or combination of both. I am also confused if I should make the topics a detailed analysis (which would make me out-of-date because I need to compile all the pertinent facts first) or just spur of the moment bite-size commentaries to make it easier to recall and not very tedious to read. The problem is, there is so much information that I wish to share, a single paragraph would not be enough. I am also arguing with myself If I want to be preachy and opinionated or just tell the story as a third party observer. One thing I wouldn’t want to take out is my penchant for adding my own personalized illustration or graphics. As you could easily deduct, I am still searching for an idendity to call uniquely my own and not just a clone or imitation of another blog. Thanks and more power to you, guys. ..and by the way,I am not after any award or recognition. I just want to learn how to bring out the best in me. Thanks again.