Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogapalooza: They came, we blog, we conquer.

September 17, 2011 Almost 150 most influential blogger from all around the Philippines attended the first Blogapalooza event. Organized by “WheninManila” or most famously known as the Deejay Vince Golangco of 94.7 Mellow FM. Bloggers and Entrepreneurs all gathered at Fullybooked, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Sponsors came with their products for the attendees and the loot bags after the event was overwhelming from foods, products to gift certificates.

Right now with 1 single click, most will be empowered, influenced and could encouraged the followers or supporters from the most advance influencer today, the social media. Bloggers are the one who are shaping the digital world with overwhelming energy to spread what gets their attention. Online shopping or online purchases of products are not new nowadays especially abroad but in this developing country we are living in, people are still asking about the safeties and accuracy of what we see in the cyberspace especially those that we are buying whether with the use of credit cards or payment through bank deposits.

Thanks to the first ever Blogapalooza where the 150 most influential bloggers has been chosen for their objective and influence level they are sharing in their website or blogsite. These are the people who can make you choose what they like because of the credentials and reputation they have online. A perfect combination with the sponsors of the event, the business sectors.

The event which was actually dubbed as the B2B or Business to Bloggers networking meet ups is for both sides to understand the following:

1. Product quality
2. Awareness
3. Uniqueness
4. Client satisfaction
5. Impact to the consumer
6. Cost difference
7. Effectiveness and efficiency
8. Impact to the environment
9. Impact to the community
10. Advantages

Sponsors/Presenters during the event:

Avira Antivirus
Beyond Beauty
Blue water day Spa
Budoir Dolls
Creative Voices
Lay Bare Waxing Salon
360 Degrees
Easy- Phamax
FART (Fashion Art)
Focus Ventures
Golden ABC (penshoppe, Regatta, memo, Forme)
Healthy First
Human Nature
Kamera World
Leslie Corporation
Matabungkay Beach Resort
Gallileo Enrichment learning Program
Sofitel Hotel
Sparkle Spa
Lazer Extreme
Freestyle Ballers and Watch
Polecats Manila
Size Matters Burgers

Bloggers came not because of the giveaways but to share their passions and understand those with the same passions as they have, Bloggers came to meet the friends they have online in flesh and they came to check the businesses they think will help the community through social media. Businesses came to connect and meet the new influencers, right now because of passion. Bloggers could advertise their products/services without giving out big quid unlike in print/ tv or radio. Majority came to understand each other and to experience the first business to blogger (B2B) networking event for the first time.

As an advocacy blogger who tackles everything about life, community, environment, human rights, people, progress and change, some businesses or products took me by surprised. As an Environmentalist, TreeHugger got my attention, the presenter show to us a recycled body cover of the pen from corn husk. Magnificent indeed, a waste but still can be use and could help the environment. They also asked the attendees to write their own wish for the environment that will be posted at the Treehuggers website and yes mine is to spread the word about the Reproductive Act 9003 or known as the waste Management Act of the Philippines for people to become aware about the significance of recycling.. How cool! They did their part, how about you?

Because we also value life and good physical and mental health, Aquabest, Easy- Phamax, Healthy First juices and Lipton Tea are my choice to sustain our healthy body. They also gave samples for the bloggers to try. Yummy and healthy into one.

For physical wellness too, I like what the Polecats are offering, a different kind of exercise for me is dancing and having fun at the same time. They even did their great routine for the bloggers to see, how it feels like and how to arrive with the body like theirs. Healthy, Enjoy and must try with a lower cost for each session.

My blog watch family who are a group of independent minded advocate bloggers and social media users who are actively participating in all kinds of events attended Blogapalooza too, we write, we blog, we are conquering the social media and a finalist too at the Globe Tatt Awards which from that company are the best in social media. Blogwatch writers attended everything from travel, convention, rally, food congress to technology related affairs. We are composed of people in different fields like a housewife, entrepreneur, radio deejay, travel magazine editor, cyber wellness speaker, project engineers, club emcee, professional photographers, TV producer and even the best voice actor and food expert. Truly the event was amazing to see old and new acquaintances.

For our own Filipino made website for online shoppers, I am now aware about Shopinas.com, the CEO Sheila Lina is still young, maybe at her early 20’s but with high spirit and determined for her business to be known not only in the Philippines but worldwide with the use of FedEx and Air21. Shopinas.com even allotted a page/template in their website for the new products/business/services who are interested to join in their new but obviously growing company. Don’t forget that Shopinas.com also guarantee the security for the clients and checked the partner businesses about legalities. Truly amazing Pinoy and may I say, an empowered woman.

Because we would like to help the community in our own way, I appreciate Farmer John Premium Potato Chips and the Chicharone which are distributed by Leslie’s Corporation. Because they are the maker of my favorite “Clover chips” and truly a Filipino invention, I highly recommend to have these Pinoy products than to buy an imported one with the same taste, just like the movie Ratatoille, the food is an experience that you will never forget and will bring you back in time when you are still young. Don’t imagine that, taste it.

For our own Filipino Talent, Here comes Creative Voices with no other than Pocholo Gonzales, the voice behind so many productions. Giving you a quick review and yes from Wikipedia, see how talented he is: Pocholo THE VOICEMASTER Gonzales is a veteran in the art of Filipino voice acting. His voice was already used in a thousand characters in anime, hundreds of local commercials in radio and television, and various children's programs, films, foreign telenovelas, drama, and other TV shows.
Apart from being a voice director of Hero (TV Channel), a voice artist and coach, he is also busy with organizing events and voice acting workshops. Known as the Father of Philippine Podcasting, he is also voice talent producer. He also owns a talent agency known as(Creativoices Productions). At his age, Gonzales was already able to establish a standout career. He was also a board member of Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines and Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc.
Creative Voice is a company helping talented kids and individuals to achieved their dream using their voice. Creative Voices even gave everyone a gift check worth php 3,500.00 pesos for a session one will never forget. One never know, you will be the next voice master.

So far, that’s the review and the outstanding products and services that got my attention. We came and now we are blogging as objective as we are based on our actual experiences. Blogapalooza is a success with 150 bloggers and 50 businesses into one Fully booked place at The posh Fort Bonifacio area t Taguig, a history already and yep! Bloggers and entrepreneurs will never forget it and looking forward already for the next amazing 2nd Blogapalooza. Now we are ready to conquer the world..in just 1 single click.


  1. Hi there, this post is really helpful. Would you know upcoming events & details of joining as a business? (like rates for joining perhaps) Will really appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. cool tripologie was part of thie event, love that store a one stop shop for a frequent traveler like me

  3. saan mga branches ng tripologoe stores?

    1. @kendrick check out their facebook page for more info about tripologie https://www.facebook.com/Tripologie

  4. meron tripologie sa eastwood, sa BGC and Alabang Town Center