Saturday, November 3, 2012

2013: Spark a Change

Because of poverty and lack of means, even kids now ages from 12 to 15 years old are working hard just to make ends meet or to help their parents, irony. Filipinos have extended families. Our parents treasure us and as much as possible would love to take care of us even already were adults. Some fortunate few went abroad to work as OFWs to support our brothers/sisters studying in College or our parents. Filipinos sacrificed a lot even to be far from our love ones in order for them to survive. 

Just like Paciano as a farmer when he supported the young Jose to finish his degree. A brother who will do everything for his family. Filipinos even then and right now are the same. Will sacrificed his own life for the sake of others. We still have Paciano with us, the question will be, when are we going to meet him. 

May 2013 is coming and campaigning period is getting nearer. The candidates will introduce once more their platforms, some candidates are new in the position but most of them are already an elected government officials but did they accomplished already their social contract to their constituents before? We need to check their track record.

Another year, another opportunity but how about the masses? Do they have a chance for change? Do we have a choice? 

Yes, we do have a choice. Campaigned period is not only for the candidates to show off their credibilities, their Partylist, their super wide smile or their firmed handshake. Campaigning period is the time, we could listen to their platforms, check their backgrounds, track records, ask questions during the meeting de avance or scrutinized every details about their capability to become a leader. The power is within all of us. We need to choose the best. We need to choose those candidates who have a will. Will to fight for what is right, will to fight against corruption, will to sacrifice himself for the sake of his constituents, will to show to others that in-spite of poverty, the community can do it as long there's unity. 

The candidates are campaigning because they know he needs each and everyone of us. Check the bills they are supporting, from there you will find what kind of person he is. Check their educational attainment, we need competent, knowledgeable and educated leader who could stand in any stage or could talk to all leaders around the world who could help the community for investments, infrastructure and could entice world leader not only national to visit the community. Let's all aim higher. Let's not settle for the "pwede na" but for the best of the best. Let's spark a change. The power is within our fingertips in this coming election. 

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