Friday, October 12, 2012

Calauan: Are you ready for a change?

In 2007, the population in Calauan, a 3rd class municipality at the province of Laguna was 54k. At present it ballooned to more or less than 70k because of the National Housing Authority
(NHA) that caters to different calamity victims from all around Manila with ABS-CBN Bayan Ni Juan sa Calauan and Binay Compound.

Calauenos, from then till now, do we have any good changes? 

Let's just talk about the three years that passed to make it more detailed.

1. Infrastructure like Schools and Hospitals.

2. Peace like the ratio of our Policemen and people. The ratio must be 1:500. What's our ratio? How's the peace and order within our 17 Barangays? How's the crime rate in your area, lesser?

3. Health and Education accessibility- How's our ambulance, medicines and information dissemination for health? Do we have an easy access as in!  did our officials reached us or exerted effort to reach everyone?

4. Livelihood programs for the majority.

5. RA9003 or Waste Management System

6. Social Contract- Don't forget about PLATFORMS or their Plataporma. ALL things they PROMISED last campaigning period, don't forget that it's their COMMITMENT. 

Even though there's no written contract between those elected officers and us, their platforms are their social contract to us. Did they ACCOMPLISH all already? Because if not, WHY ARE you going to vote for them once again? 

Remember, VOTE WISELY. It's not about NOW but check the long term programs they have for the community. 

Some might be good sa pagsasalita during the meeting de avance but was it enough?

WHAT DID THEY DO from the 3 years they spent in office? For some, it's more than one term. 

Here's the list of candidates who are seeking for different positions. Some are new in the position, some are incumbent, one doesn't have a competition, some are just returning back and some are just nuisance?

For Mayor;
Jun Brion
George Berris
Darry Velasco

For Vice Mayor;
Allan " Dong" Sanchez

1. Agonia, Fermin
2. Catapang, Apolinario
3.,Celario, Nestor
4. Del Valle, Filemon
5. Escarez, Dante
6. Hernandez, Chesska
7.Hilario, Zenaida
8. Ilagan, Germegildo
9. Kraft, Kingsly
10. Larona, Joseph
11. Larona, Maria Jesusa
12. Maligalig, Dimna
13. Manalo, Joselito
14. Mendoza, Evangeline
15.  Putungan, Oscar
16. Ramilo, Roberto
17. Roxas, Gertrudo
18. Sanchez, Allan
19. Urbano, Renato

A lot of familiar names. As much as I don't like to care and just curious about the candidates about their real motives or real deal, there's something beneath our heart that is very much concern. It's a human characteristic and nature to care and to give our own opinion for all things we see. As much as we know that politics to some are just business, we still believe and hoping for the best. 

One candidate who I know could bring CHANGE and I will surely vote is #14 Mendoza, Evangeline "Vangie" from Barangay Imok. She's an incumbent Barangay Councilor. I'm very sure most Calauenos don't have any idea about her but after reading below, I'm sure you will be just like me, she's not only our local pride but a national leader for many. 

Here are my reasons;

1. For truth, justice and pride of Calauan- She is the national president of PESANTE Filipinas, a group of farmers from all around the country who are fighting for their rights. I am with them when they did a rally and barracks for days at the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) main office at Quezon City and got to have a conference with the DAR Assistant secretary about their needs. 

2. Empowered Leader-She made Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay come to Calauan for the Farmers Congress. Twelve provinces with 300 participants attended the event with the support of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Governor Jeorge "ER" Ejercito together with different government leaders from different provinces. The congress was a success. 

3. Environmentalist - When Father Robert Reyes known as the Running priest did an environmental awareness run, shes the only government official from Calauan who supported the event and joined us to different cities and municipalities in order for the people to know the importance of being aware and concern about the environment. Last 2012, she actively joined me when I conducted a Talakayan about the Ozone Layer with different leaders from Calauan. 

4. Against corruption and fighter- Remember the Oakwood Mutiny? that controversial uprising against then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Councilor Vangie are with General Danny Lim, Father Robert Reyes and General Antonio Trillianes.  If you will closely check the pictures, she's the only woman hand in hand with them on the road. She spend an overnight at the cell for fighting what she thinks was right.

Councilor Evangeline Mendoza runs as independent candidate. For whatever reason, oh well! I have some in my teeny weeny brain of mine. 

To Calauenos, I cannot blame. We all have our reasons but for me it's not about me and the reasons I explained already in 2010.


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