Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Turnover for May 2011- Modern Asian Tropical Architecture

Total Quality Management is a must for every Organization

  Since Grade Six, My dad taught me how to deal with a lot of people. Carpenters, Concrete Masons, Homeowners and Employees are my usual acquaintances. 5 am is my usual wake up time. My dad owned the biggest Construction Hardware then and clients were waiting for him already. His instinct, wisdom and charm in dealing with different kinds of people were amazing. Everyone loves him but there is no lack for critics.

I like to design and updates whether from Gucci, New Automobile or the new type of stone works. Asian Tropical design is what I love to do best, with natural stones like Red, Yellow, Green or Black Araal, clean straignt cut steel grills and big oversized windows are just part of my fave designs.

How much are you willing to spend to your dream home? For 6 to 8 months, Yours will be mine first, from raw materials will become a masterpiece.

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