Monday, September 23, 2013

Alexis and her eating habit

My youngest daughter with twin, Alexis is a very good Public Speaker, she receives praises for being the best at her school and as delegate to many competition including Art competition. Shes pretty, with dimple like her gorgeous father and petite, well not a surprise right and just like her mother, ehem! empowered. I have one only problem, shes having a difficulty in eating. 

Who could resist these yummy, delicious cupcakes? Oh! I know one.

 Unlike my other two children who have an appetite like their mother (yes at present I can eat all but when I'm still a child too, same as my two sisters, we're all choosy, Toyo or Sugar as ulam ok na, I dont know if its my dila but I know then that my parents had a hard time Kung paano namin kakainin those delicious food.) 

Alexis my youngest child with a twin sister

Alexis is very choosy. Her food, mabibilang sa daliri; Chicken Adobo, Fried Hotdog, Chicken Teriyaki, Corned Beef, Tocino or Chicken/Pork BBQ. My conclusion actually is that since shes inside my tummy, her twin sister Alexa nakaupo sa kanya thus the umbilical cord with the umbilical veins that supplies the nutrients from the placenta prevented the complete daloy of foods sa kanya thus even now, konti appetite nya sa food (well just my haka haka).

Alexis with her twin Alexa

She's a consistent 2nd Honor Student, always active and good in public speaking, art and a leader at her school. Now at age 10, her twin sister Alexa is 10-15 pounds heavier and 1 foot taller. Though her pediatrician said just to give all foods she likes plus vitamins, I still like her to gain more weight. She will be prettier and stronger I am sure. Till a friend invited me to attend a conference about IMFed. Now I know what to do more to help Alexis to her feeding difficulty. 

Hotdog is Alexis fave food

IMFed (Identification and Management of Feeding Difficulty) is a network of Doctors advocating and trained to give free consultation on how to solve the feeding difficulties for kids with planned program. More than 400 Medical Doctors all around the Philippines are ready to discuss this solution to Parents who will seek their help on how to improve the right and nutritious feeding program to kids who are having feeding difficulties. By recognizing the specific feeding difficulty of the child, a diagnosis and customized management can be provided for free by different pediatrician who are under the IMFed Network. 

IMFed kit at Karri Family Clinic, free for everyone.

Abbot Nutrition Philippines supports the proper identification and management of children with feeding difficulties through the IMFed Network and continues to raise awareness on the need to properly manage feeding difficulties with the help of trained individuals. 

According to Dr. Rita Paz Rowena A. De Guzman, "There are four types of kids who are having a hard time eating who are often overlooked and underdiagnosed and these kids are categorized with the different types of feeding behavior; Parental Perception, Fundamentally Vigorous Child, Highly Selective Eater and Fear of feeding."

Parental Perceptions is when the child achieved satisfactory growth but the parents still believes that their child appetite is still limited. 

Fundamentally Vigorous is a child  who is active and constantly playing without any signs of hunger. 

Highly Selective Eater is a child who has a limited food selection and has a negative reaction to taste, smell, texture and appearance of food. 

Fear of feeding is a child who is always afraid to eat. This is the cause of a bad experience or painful experience with eating. 

The different types of feeding difficulties according to IMFed could be solve or reduce if we will ask any IMFed physician about the program they are introducing for the different types of feeding difficulties. IMFed have a different program for different specific kids to solve this problem. IMfed aims to screen assess and diagnose children with feeding difficulties. 

IMFed employs a systematic approach in investigating feeding difficulties among children and Abbot is supporting the program by means of awareness or meetings to discuss the benefits of seeking any IMFed Pediatricians. 

Alexis, Alexa (Twin) and Andria

With IMFed, I hope Alexis will change her eating habits. I love her so much and she will be smarter and  prettier with this program. Yes Alexis, this article is for you. Don't get mad. :) 

*Photos from Foreveryday Photography. Thanks to Katrina Nicolas Alonzo.

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