Thursday, October 24, 2013

Democracy in Social Media by Grace Bondad Nicolas

I'm in my "Book Mode or Reading Mode" zone these days. My Dad, an Entrepreneur for more than three decades always telling me that we can learn so much from those successful businessmen and that their vast experience from different challenges could help us solve our own, I agree. 

These days, hard copy books can be expensive not to mention some might not be available at the nearest bookstore at your area. I remember ordering a Php 10,000.00 worth of book from Amazon, that's the book requirement of my professor when I'm still taking my Masters at Letran and thank goodness at the end of that semester, I received the highest grade. That's what I'm calling, it's worth it. 

Today in the Philippines, 33% Filipinos are online while 100% are using mobile phones, that's a whopping 100 million Filipinos having the power in their fingertips because of smart phones. With the available materials online, there must be no reason or excuse not to be aware or informative about what interest us, there's many online books that we can download or just read it at instant for free. 

More and more people now are jumping and revolutionizing the use of Social Media whether they use it for their business to target their intended market or just plain engaging to different Social Media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to socialize, post opinions or just to troll around. 

According to an award winning US journalist  Katie Couric, “The good thing about social media is that it gives everyone a voice. The bad thing is… it gives everyone a voice.”  

Now not only those in democratic states, but anyone with access to the Internet can actualize this freedom. Insightful content has indeed reached mass audiences, but many are beginning to ask, ‘Do we actually want to hear what everyone has to say?’

My Twitter followers came from from different sectors; Senators, Congressmen, Artists, Online Gurus, Entrepreneurs, Advocates, Bloggers or Students. They engage and yes sometimes a few of them are annoying. They talk about everything under the sun and moon and sometimes without sense or maybe just bantering out their opinion even though some of the messages are best kept with them. 

Social Media yes is free, everyone can have multiple accounts and  everyone  can set up their own blogs with the newest ready and easiest templates in front of you but that's the worst thing about it too, not everyone have the passion, not everyone could write a good content and definitely not everyone could engage to her followers. 

The democracy in Social Media is overwhelming but I am sure there will come a time that there will be standards. Social Media is revolutionary and I am confident, not everyone must have the power.

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