Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Victoria Court, the empowered pink card and the amazing sticker

Filipinos have a different mindset when they heared the word “motel.” Usually whenever I tell to everyone that Victoria Court is supporting me in my events, they smile, naughty smile but hey! They are very gracious and generous, they supported our  Laguna Blogging Summit lunch/dinner  for two days.  Anyway, going back to the Filipino mindset, honestly speaking, I cannot blame them because that’s the Filipino culture and maybe they haven’t been to any other countries unlike me where me and my family always had an overnight in a motel in the states because sometimes a hotel is not available in that place, motel is usually cheaper and accessible.  For many in the Philippines, one thing in their mind when they heard the word "motel" or the brand is we are talking about sex and worst, sex outside marriage and Filipinos are still not use in talking about it. Upps! Sorry, not moi.

All I can say is that, not to defend Victoria Court but to tell to the whole world that it’s the biggest motel chain in the Philippines with thematic themes, clean, good food and an extraordinary room with different unique designs to admire. I remember meeting the heir, Ian King for showing to him our Interior Designs. I am connected then to the “Purpose Store” which is the biggest Advertising Company in the Philippines, I presented our products and services to him with my CEO in tow. In VC office in Malate, it’s kinda like an art gallery with different design of ceramic and porcelain tiles. The building is posh, it’s like a designing company.

Anyway, just like to add also that Ian King is a Reproductive Health advocate. He donated 250 Tshirts to Carlos Celdran through me (Yep! I received the 50 and distributed all to my friends) as a form of his support and very vocal about this in Social Media, watta guy right? Ok here it goes, they have a promo and I am telling you, a common Juan cannot just get their accommodation because of the cost, it’s not a cheappo but just right. So this is your chance. Let’s just say that what you pay is what you get and in case of VC, it’s amazing.

I also like to spend a party at VC and looking forward for that.

Just check below. I like to get the pink card.

The Victoria Court Sticker Rate 

Victoria Court loves to innovate and always strives to be the first in introducing new ideas in the hospitality industry. Most of us know about the elite Black Card, Victoria Court's signature discount card that provides loyal guests a 20% discount on the room rates and 10% off on the food and beverage menu. The Marketing Team also followed up with the beloved Pink Card for the Ladies, giving them the right and power to choose. Empowering women to choose where they want to go. 

Now, Victoria Court is reinventing the discount card and came up with a new, cool, hip and faster way for the guest to enjoy the Black and Pink card benefits. The discounts now come with the Victoria Court Sticker. As long as you have the Victoria Court sticker at the rear window of your car, you can enjoy the 20% discount on all rooms and 10% discount on F&B items. If you plan to stay for 12 and 24 hours, you are entitled to a 5% discount too. 

Just drive and check-in at any Victoria Court Branch to get your free sticker and feel the distinction.

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