Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Investors In People: How to achieve success in a workplace & in life by Annie Bahwani

On April 28, 2014 at 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium in St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City, Taguig, Investors In People (IiP) Philippines hosted the "Secrets to Achieving..International Good Practices in People Management" forum & awarding of Standard Award for Accreditation. 

I'm thankful with our friend Richard Mamuach for inviting me to this wonderful event. I
love to learn & empower myself more and the speakers surely didn't fail me. 

Under the Chairperson of IiP Janet Webster Watson, to become successful, one must do the Planning, Doing & Reviewing which as for me it's like being prepared all the time, walk the talk then learn from it. 

The best talk I would say came from Filipinos; CEO & President of St. Luke's Hospital Dr. Edgardo Cortez & Patricia Whyte of Q2 HR Solutions, Inc. According to Dr. Cortez,"Courage, Focus & Dedication" are the three things that team members under his leadership are what empowered the team. From him, the culture is not an event but a process & if the culture of the company is great, people are great too. I would like to agree with him, people are the ones giving the company reputation & stability. At that moment, can't help but to compare the different companies Ive been because of culture & I would say, Dr. Cortez is right. 

Under Patricia White. I love her story about Q2 HR Solutions, Inc. Her company she built with his husband who died and left her with three beautiful children when they are in the middle of success. She mentioned that, success is about hiring the right people. She acknowledge her Chief Operating Officer who was just a newly graduate student when first joined Q2 but with the right training & mentoring, now in the ladder of success. Wow! A good room for improvement at Q2. I would say, honor & be grateful for those people who are with you from then when there's still no stability but still around. I love what she's doing for her management. A filipina married to a foreigner but now a widow & still empowered. 

Lastly, my fave speaker is no other than the President of Lyceum of the Philippines Peter Laurel. He discussed the importance of Key Performance Indicators or KPI that could result in continuous improvement of the team members & his school. I'm aware about Lyceum since we have one in Laguna. I must say that schools come and go but this one is like mushroom, a lot of branches around the Philippines. With Mr. Laurel undergrad from London & MBA under Asian Institute of Management, he must be doing well. 

Some things I learned & just confirmed that I am in the right track;
1. Be Grateful
2. Have Passion
3. Corporate is Beting profitability. Get people with purpose not because of salary.
4. There must be clarity in direction. 
5. Innovate
6. Collaboration is the key
7. A person must have tenacity, perseverance & courage.
8. Be professional- As for me for Dios por santo, stop laughing out loud specially if you are in the same room with your country manager. 
9.  See small things in life

Overall, my time well spent & from the looks of my article, I learned. Cheers!!

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