Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1st Health Bloggers Meet:Kapit bisig para sa kalusugan Pangkalahatan.

 Here is a little preview of what I am going to discuss for the 1st Health Bloggers Meet and Launching of Philippine Health Bloggers Society.

In the Philippine's not everyone have an access to medicines or healthcare, even with a good insurance like HMO, some medical practitioner working in first class hospitals even can't provide good services. For 6 months that my husband and I were trying to get pregnant in 1997, this doctor only asked me to drink Buko juice without sending me to X-ray facility to check why I can't get pregnant or even not trying to check what's wrong with me. In the Philippines, kulang na lang itawag sakin "baog" or the inability to bear a child.

Oh! anyway, attend the 1st Health Bloggers Meet to find out why I am advocating the Reproductive Health Law in the Philippines and why I chose to have twins instead of quadruplets and why my choice is giving me a multiple blessing.

Join us on December 14, 2013 at Quezon City, please check the poster below with Ana Santos and Alvin Cloyd Dakis.


  1. Sagot sa lahat ng sakit:

    Dami ako nararamdaman before. Sakit ng likod, mga litid ko sa leeg at litid ko sa ulo, name it... yung leeg ko internally parang may mga sugat. Ang aking lalamunan laging may plema...

    Lahat ng ito may improvement na. Halos 3 months pa lang ako take ng food supplement na ito pero seem that after 6 months of taking, fully recovered ako sa sakit... Imagine, 10 years po ang back pain ko pero ni minsan hindi nawala ang back pains ko. With what I am taking right now, grabe. Super duper naman na effective ang food supplement and this covered lahat na ng sakit

    Alzheimer Glaucoma Lupus
    Anti-Aging Hematoma Lymphoma
    Arthritis High Blood Menopausal
    Asthma Hypertension Migraine
    Cancer Impotency Obesity
    Chronic bronchitis Insomnia
    Cysts Kidney Stones Rheumatism
    Depression Leukemia Stroke
    Diabetes Liver Cirrhosis Tumor

    Even HIV pede gamutin...

    Basta kapag interesado kayo guys, Pm nyo ako or send lang ng email sa kin, je_bb@yahoo.com. I will assist you with this.

  2. Great and a very informative post for me. I like reading this post. Thanks a lot for sharing.