Saturday, February 26, 2011

EDSA 2011


  Sunny and people are wearing yellow shirts. All networking sites are talking about it and its been twenty five years. Time Street, where the former president Cory Aquino lived before are surrounded by Presidential Security Guards. Likhaan office is just few blocks away  and the meeting is about the controversial bill from six authors but the current administration just consolidated everything and renamed it as Responsible Parenthood (RP bill). The leaders inside the Likhaan compound are serious and focus on how to make the bill into a law to help the unfortunate individuals. It is February 25, 2011 and after twenty five years of the famous EDSA Revolution where the former president for two decades,  Ferdinand Marcos experienced the worst which was change. Change from his administration to a new administration and in front line is the widow, a housewife and wife of the former Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.
   Among the many individuals, officials and guards surrounding the house of the President is the Assistant Executive Secretary. He is wearing a yellow polo shirt and a lawyer from Arellano University. Only 31 years old, obviously, his work is exceptional and not ordinary, as the “alalay”, the word from him, he is happy all the time side by side with the Pnoy. His parents are both working in government. He is single and given a chance, he wish to have four children. He have two sisters, a lawyer like himself and the other one was a graduate of accountancy.

   For him, condom is not a sin, he is in a practical side, same as the issue about population and demography. Overpopulation from him cause poverty that’s why majority of our population are poor. Talking about demography, he thinks that the Philippines have enough for everyone though not everyone are can afford to get even one square area of every land. He told me not to release this for the media to know, but I am sure not telling his name is enough. People need to know everything, specially about the people who are with the head of the state.
  The last question is if he is supporting the reproductive Health Bill, he said that whatever will be Pnoys decision, which is into Responsible Parenthood, that’s also voila!, that’s from him…into Responsible Parenthood, that’s the conclusion actually, even though never saw even the famous porche.

   People are everywhere, radios all about this event and the topic sometimes is focused with the juniors of the leaders from the last generation not too long ago. Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos said that if his father was still alive and still with position, Philippines might be the same as Singapore  right now, while the son of the late fierce and strong senator who is now the incumbent President of the Philippines, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino III said contrary to what the young Marcos press release, the philippines might be like Japan.

Former mayor of Calauan, Buenafrido Berris, Zagu Owner Joy Inumerable, Engr. Grace nicolas and then Congressman who is now a senator, Bong Bong Marcos exchanging jokes in one of the events.
 Democacy is the word I heard over and over with the past two weeks. Freedom sometimes though with critics for comparing the then and after the February 25, 1986 EDSA revolution, some questions even the measurement or weights of the corruption before and after, which is which and what is the worst. One cannot blame someones opinion, it might be because he experienced the actual issue while a lot are still kids then, they know that something needs a turnover but the question still remains, Which life is better,before or after EDSA?

at the Marcos Mansion

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