Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ignition Venture Studio: The Perfect Space For Entrepreneurs

When the super Tanya Llana (The Marketing Guru of Victoria Court) sent an email invite without anything but a big red dot as image and with the word "Ignition" on top of the invitation, I know right away that it is a revolutionary facility that will help freelancers, young entrepreneurs and StartUp innovators. The name itself, gave it all away. Ignition. It's a common term right now if you are in different groups of young innovators which lucky enough that 1/4 of my network belongs to that category.

Ignition Venture Studio has more, according to Paolo Villonco, the CEO and well, one of the most eligible bachelor for 2017 ( It's really important to know to understand such aggressive venture, yeah, the search engine is just in my little fingertips and just so happened that he can be the Brand Ambassador of the company since his aura is uber pleasing to the eyes according to some blogger friends who attended the event. Okey, let's go back to the main point, the Ignition Venture Studio not the CEO.) According to Paolo, it's one stop shop. Yes, you heard it right with the services that only them can provide such as the following;

Assistance in accomplishing the Business Registration, Government Compliance, Corporate Housekeeping, Immigartion, Real Estate Transactions, Intellectual Property, Accounting/ Book Keeping and Tax Filing, Human Resource anagement and Tax Planning and this because the Co- Founders are lawyers and entrepreneurs who are experts in these services.

I love the ambiance actually with the Modern Asian Architecture design. The earth colors, wood tables and Trellis like ceiling gave me that feeling that you're just at home relaxing. When Atticus King, one of the Co- Founders approached us also with the ready and very welcoming smile, I am ready for that next interview. He mentioned that aside from the facility and the services that they can offer, his background as a successful serial entrepreneur can help also the soon to be members of Ignition. For those who are still confuse and needs guidance, they are there ready to help everyone. Guys, don't forget that Atticus is the son of Archie King, the man behind the successful Victoria Court- The biggest drive in hotel in the country. So, he got that charm and expertise from his Dad thus he is there to inspire also the members to succeed in spite of any hurdles and challenges. The facility is designed according to Atticus to show confidence, success and high level of competence thus their objective is to reflect it to it's members.

Oh here comes, Margo Flores who is the only gal among the founders. She sat beside me and introduced herself. She is an expert in financial planning and equities with experience in office development, management, leasing and rehabilitation thus she is perfect as one of the igniters among the pack.

Well, actually, I am so familiar with these kind of facilities, for me, I am calling it as Co- working spaces with a lot more to give- Peace of mind.


Atty. Paolo Villonco, Atticus King, Tanya Llana and Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas

Kim King, Atticus King, Atty. Rod Nepomuceno and Tanya Llana

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