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Eating healthy for this Holiday Season with Hally Berry and Herbalife

Sometime in 1999, my nutritionist gave me a list of dietary programs to follow and from like 120 pounds, I became 90 pounds. Very effective and well, to think that it’s all about power, determination and control, I would say, a lot of effort and work. I don't want to hear that pregnancy and motherhood alibi for being fat, I like to be sexy because that's what I like....I don't know about you but as for is sexy, period....ala Hally Berry style. (Even when she was pregnant, she's still sexy my golly.) So pardon HBs photos scattered here, just like to share where I want to focus....a nice body shape for this about you?


Time flies and now I am heavier so far in my lifetime. I am thinking of that crash diet or maybe have that Bangkok pills. When you are not getting any younger, a lot of teeny bitty things are happening in your body already and as for me with 5 feet in height the 120 pounds, it’s worst as I ever imagine. Arthritis.

Christmas is coming and as much as I want to divulge with Lechon and all kinds of puddings, I want to control my food intake and I would like to start it now. 

For the program, I will try this list from Herbalife.

According to Samantha Clayton, Herbalife’s director of worldwide fitness and education, it’s all about minimizing impact. “No matter where you are on your personal wellness journey, think twice before over-indulging during the next few weeks. My advice is to, at the very least, try to break even and maintain your weight this holiday season. It’s amazing how easy it is to gain weight in such a short amount of time, and although weight gain is an easy as eating a few too many pieces of pie, taking off those pounds come January is a much harder tasks.”

To keep those calories from creeping on this holiday season, Herbalife is sharping these top 10 tips:

            Tip 1 – No savings:

Don’t cut down or starve all day to enjoy the party at night. Skipping your breakfast and lunch is a not a good way to avoid weight gain. There are many reasons why this is a good tactic; a drop in sugar level, lack of energy and lack of concentration are just a few of the down galls of the “starve and binge” technique. Chances are, if you wait all day to enjoy the party food, you will consume twice the amount because you will be so hungry.

            Tip 2 – Snacks:

Have a healthy protein rich snack before you head out to a holiday party. Filling yourself up on healthy snacks that contain protein will keep you full and stop you from having that extra cup cake.

            Tip 3 – Move around:

Use holiday parties as an opportunity to socialize with your friends. Keep walking around and don’t park yourself next to chips and dips. Walking counts as exercise so the more you move the better.

            Tip 4 – Dance:

Let loose and dance off the party calories; the extra bonus is that the more time you spend dancing the less time you will spend eating.

            Tip 5 – Routing:

Don’t skip your work-outs. The best thing you can do is keep your exercise routine intact. We all know holiday diets can go awry, but if you can at least keep your workouts going it will help.

            Tip 6 – Watch your drinks:

Try to avoid drinking too many sweet drinks. It’s amazing how many calories can be hiding in a simple holiday punch. Stay hydrated with water helps.

            Tip 7 – Maximize your time with quick fix workouts:

If time is tight try to do a quick 10-minute routine in the morning and another 10 minutes before you go to bed. Simple exercises performed in an interval style will help burn some calories and keep you toed over the holidays.

            Tip 8 – Step away from the computer:

Sitting in front of your computer screen looking for that bargain may cost you in the long run. Stay active this holiday season by walking around the shops and carrying bags or boxes doubles up as a workout.

            Tip 9 – Make every minute count:

Think active all holiday season. Take the stairs. Park in the furthest spot from the store. Get outside and go for a walk. The more active you are the fewer points you will gain.

            Tip 10 – Routine:

Don’t wait until January 1st to start you exercise plan, start today. The sooner you get your body into a positive active and healthy routine the better chance you have of reaching your personal health goals. 

About Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) is a global nutrition company that sells weight-management, nutrition and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in more than 98 countries to and through a network of independent distributors. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife program to help bring good nutrition to children. Herbalife's website contains information about Herbalife, including financial and other information at

So, just gettig ready for summer actually. Pardon Halley Berry's photos, I just really like her body..need an inspiration here.


For me it's all about determination, control and empowerment. Focus Grace...Focus. Let's all try this top 10 under Herbalife, well, it's all about us, our body and our decision. Let's all be sexy.

*all photos of HB from the internet images

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