Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Call Center Week US Comes to the Philippines!

Low labour costs and excellent English language skills mean that the Philippines has some of the largest contact centers globally and is still growing. The Philippines expects to boost its revenues from call centers to nearly US$15 billion by 2016!

Following the runaway success of Call Center Week in the US and market demand for a regional event in the Philippines, we are proud to launch Call Centers Philippines. This exclusive event will help you redefine customer experience, manage and retain the best talent, and get to grips with the latest technological innovations revolutionising call centers in the Philippines. In short, you will learn how to make your call centers more profitable!


  • As the Philippines is the BPO hub of Asia, we are bringing the largest Call Center conference in the world to you - Call Center Week!
  • Topics will include both call center and contact center topics and surround the transformational journey of the Philippines. With so many new contact centers, this is the place to learn!
  • 3 Unmissable Workshops: Take your call center to the next level with 3 workshops designed to give you with a blueprint to improve your business.
  • Unmissable networking opportunities: like Call Center Week, this event is designed to get you chatting and peer-learning from end-user delegates is one of the most important benefits of attendance
  • Technological Transformation: Learn everything you need to know about the latest technological revolutions to make your call center more profitable

PLUS! Interactive learning at expert-led workshops

  • Workshop 1: Raising the Management Performance Bar:
    5 Steps for Rapid Leadership Development of High Potentials, Supervisors and Middle Managers in a Philippine Contact Center
  • Workshop 2:Training Staff on Customer Satisfaction:
    Formulating an In-Depth Training Programme to Re-Align Your Employees Motivations to the Need of Your Customer
  • Workshop 3: Cutting Cost Per Contact:
    Discover Where You Can Reduce Costs and Improve Quality in Your Contact Center Process


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