Sunday, November 7, 2010


by Grace Nicolas on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 6:59pm
 My mother then wanted me to be a nun. She was serving the community for 15 years as a Kindergarten teacher. She was my first teacher of course, she taught me everything, from sacificing, being a martyr, to always do good to others, to love my only two sisters for the reason that we are only three and that our hearts belongs to each other. She was lovely and today, more beautiful and getting prettier each day, maybe because of the wisdon, love, support and satisfaction from all the things around her.

She taught us how to pray. She was always the host or emcee to all graduation rights or programs when I was still in my elementary school. She is polite, intelligent, rational and most of us so much. She gave us everything our hearts desired even until this very moment. My life revolves only with my family, school and our family construction hardware store.

On the other hand, My dad was the smart, ambitious, thrifty, handsome, boy next door look alike, doesn't care what other people might say as long as he knows he is right, had lots of dreams and visions for his family and for the community. I even believed and still believing because he has the heart for the community, he will be the best and better mayor of this little place of ours. But that's the worst thing that you would say to him for he doesn't have any fait in our political system or government.

I am reading now the Student Handbook for the first time. It is so Catholic. To be subjective rather than objective?. A lot of things are written in any books but I am very sure some are lies. Well, the writer could be in a hurry for the target date of submission. As a catholic for 35 years and told myself that will not change to other religion, as I grow older and face a lot of troubles, criticisms, trials which only lead me to become more stronger, I begun to love life more than before.

I am enjoyed attending community development meetings such as the "Mulat Pinoy", they presented a lot of whats happening right now specially about the population development, control, family planning, poverty, reproductive health bill and help of media about these. I  told them why I attended, for information and more knowledge that I could share in Laguna.

I met again some familiar faces like Ana Santos from Sex and sensibilities who is also a writer, Tita Beth Angsioco from manilla Standard and a lot of exeptionally talented people who are making a difference in their own way, one step at a time. It was my Mothers Birthday and I am not with her, I sacrificed my time wt my only mother to attend the meeting at Quezon City for the whole community. Got lots off text from my hubby and relatives, why now for so many days? i told them, because my mom already know how much I love her and I want my mother to be proud of me by helping other people.

I am a working mother, student with only one subject in preparation for my PhD which I am thinking Environmental Science to be the major. I am an environmentalist and attended meetings at DENR for Earthday Network Philippines, another organization that I am geting information to become aware about what is happening around our only environment. A lot of people in Laguna dont discuss things like these, probably because of poverty or culture.

It is a sad realization. But an achievement to know that there are people who stil cares and can do something even it's hard for almost everyone to accept the changes and informations about the truth that is happening in ur country today. There are so many issues and I am even confuse why I am thinking about all of these. I am so busy with my construction projects as the senior engineer of my own company, a graduating student, a mother of three with demanding but responsible and loving husband, a daughter who always like to help her parents and  a  niece trying t be good in so many ways to help and show love to her relatives.

Yes, Iam misunderstood, might be misguided but I know inside my heart that i could do something..I dont know yet what will it be, but confident I am..I know it will come soon and I will welcome it wit my two little hands.

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