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by Grace Nicolas on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 6:27pm

 We went to one Catholic Parish Church yesterday. I know the priest very well personally and I joined my two relatives to go there with an intention to ask him about the issue of Reproductive Health bill because i want to know their idea about it first hand.

He looks different now since I last saw him. He is physically fit, smarter but still with that same smile on his face. He was from louisiana, one remote place in philippines where the means of living is selling native products like baskets, place mats or anything out of panday leaves which gave me an idea that one day i'll have a time to go there and see those things for myself. Curious and for business I guess.

We said our greetings till got a chance to asked him what he is usually doing as a priest or was it always the same everyday...he told me aside being the director of family and living something which really got my attention, he is also my surprised using my iphone, asked the password and voila!, i am connected.

I asked him what is the biggest issue the catholic church is facing right now? and suddenly with a twinkle in his eyes he said wt an upbeat voice than befoore.."RH BILL". alright gotcha! I asked him why? he narrated that there are pro rh who are just attending the events or rally because someone is paying them to go with extra I am like thinking....why I didn't receive anything like that and I am surely not hakot because I went to all rallies and events with just a driver and myself, not minding the two hours drive and traffic at SLEX and not to mention the effort.

He said also about that the bill promotes abortion. well, as I read all the bills...there is one thing about abortion from that bill and it is PREVENTION. I remember one katekista and asked him if he is a PRO he said no, I asked him if he knows what H BILL is all about and he said again..NO. How come people will be so against if they didnt even know anything about it. I am so dissapointed and I the only one thinking about this?

He said the the "catholic church CONDEMN THE SIN BUT NOT THE SINNER"....suddenly I remember what Carlos Celdran did, the famoust tourist guide and became more famous for the method he used inside the Manila Cathedral during the Ecumenical meeting with a Damaso sign with him. So i asked again, "what do you mean by that father?"...he said an example about he Pope before, someone tried to kill him, the pope forgave him and even embraced the man but he was imprisoned because of the law of the i understand.

I asked him again, "Father is using a condom a sin?"..he said YES, because there must be a union..kaya nga raw sinabi ng diyos before "Humayo kayo at magpakarami..", I told him that it might be applicable before but not now. He told me also about the muslim issues that in the year 2030, te philippines might be a slamic or muslim country..why? because for every couple the minimum children is eight, well i was informed before that if you are a muslim you are allowed to have four wives so I computed at instant if one man have 4 wives with 8 kids each as a minimum, for every man, he will have a minimum of 32 siblings....then remember a certain actor who converted himself to become a muslim because of his man women...for me, he is just justifying that it was just okey because he is a muslim now, but for me it is still just his scapegoat.

i asked him again "Father how about masturbating, is it a sin?" he said YES, and I am like, really!!!!...he said that is why they are celebating( is my spelling correct?). anyway..he said he is just praying and go to sleep when.... make the story short..because I know him pretty well..I know he is lying...when i was a child my mom told me to give donations to church because thats the only way the priest can survive..from the donations...until, he saw my iphone and asked how much is it and i told him right now its only $99.00 in the states and he was like ok ill get one....

I asked one of my employee this morning..I said..come here I have something to ask..."Is masturbating a sin?" he was surprised, he thought i am gonna asked him if there were materials that are lost or broken or something..though he answered..No its not...and he doesnt believe about what the priest said because he said, even a family man is doing it, what more if you dont have a partner.

I am a Catholic and I believe about there are external forces helping and planning about everything, just like what Steve Jobs said...connect the dots backwards for you to move forwards and if he didnt became out of school in college maybe he will not be where he is now, maybe there is no pixar, iphone, macbook etc etc...he was talking as a guest infront of an ivy league graduates.

Curiosity kills the cat, well maybe he was not thinking well, that is why i am into continous education because knowledge is power though there are many geniuses who dont need to finish their college because at an early age they did something different already that others cant and bacame exceptional in their field. But because people are not satisfied..we innovate because of the need...we have cission thats why we act...we have reason to believe, a choice and could differentiate what is wrong and what is right. i beleieve that the basis of good morals came from home, if you don't have a good family with you, where did you get the basis of your judgements? I know experience is the best teacher which in my case is my first teacher literally, she knows what i am doing and supporting me all the way.

I respect my priest friends bcause they also believe on something..just like we all do. but aside from that nothing more..there is nobody holy for moi. everyone is a sinner..there just some gauge and measures. Nobody is perfect anyway. but i also believe that to speak up, to stand even alone as long as you know you are right is courageous to me. I don't believe now with many loyal friends...proven...maybe FEW but not many..they might be there when you have something or they need you but you will experience the meaning of friendship if they are still there when EVERYONE LEFT YOU.


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