Monday, November 22, 2010


The municipality became famous not with its multiple hectars of springwater forest resort, sweetest pineapple or hacienda where one of the few business mogul with its lavish style and famous spanish name live by. With its towering mountains all around the area where some of the famous manufacturing companies did their business with fresh air that enticed them for so many years. The third class municipality not because of all those, became knowN anywhere even overseas but because of the crime which was so popular that made it through its way in the film industry.

Calauan in the province of Laguna is composed of less than 60,000 residents and less than 22,000 voters. The companies are gone now like the wind in mid summer day. Came the President elected in the year 1998, the dollar value to peso went up while sipping hot tea in HongKong. Years gone and while watching the snowflakes down to my feet, heard the news of National Housing Authority settled in one barangay out of seventeen. The location was perfect with sprawling hills and naive residents but with live the highest registered voters.

The naive new housewife, in love and settled in the land of milk and honey is always curious just like her father who envisioned the community with leading restaurants, malls and quality education. The father built the highest tower and made the place the most expensive and sought for every shrewd, greedy or passionate for profit as the objective.

Time flies so fast and with three brilliant and pretty siblings living with mixtures of languages and the kingdom of the free, decided to go back for the taste of the sweetest lansones and pineapple. From there the difference arise like heaven and hell. Poverty is eveywhere. Recession became a surprised to many and the global warming alarmed those who are aware. From the many few, fortunate and blessed felt with  compasion to help the same time as the heartbeats so fast like a racing animal focus to win.

Knowledge became the stressed free zone, with settings so different from what usually own. Came the typhoon that washed out all the covers of home and people to death, opened the eyes that somebody could lead. Efforts did through connections and murmuring. 96 in a paper bags with clothes, shoes, rice and goods distributed to the neighboring city. Overwhelmed with the capacity to give and to lead but disappointed why cant those in position can be.

As the confidence to proceed  and knowledge receieved like gifts thats ready to give. Decided to join the romance with dirty politics like a child, wide eyes and ready to see. Those mountains, rivers and bamboo that leads to nowhere, reached and touched like an angel gone down from the sky, so many truths that nobody even uttered, realized the future and the reality of none.

Started to share the advocacy for trees, as natural from all RA's from 6969 to 9003, shared and spent the life like a bee. The heart of the sea saw the laziness of some free, dependent and happy with the boardgame or a game in a table which only now I see, why people are blaming others for the richness they dont  seek and just sitting like a tree.

Standing in the podium and telling what can someone do, like a fortress and someone is the queen. The only one who has plan and ready to be, as helpful like someone who can die for free. Lost is absurd and painful as it be but gained the soul when someone as supportive as he. Awareness is the truth that everyone must see, to believe and be concerned not just as lazy like she. Did an extra effort even obstacles felt, as long knowledge and wisdom can bring someones home, to share and to show, what life really is. Awareness is the key, for everyone to see.

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