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by Grace Nicolas on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 12:04am

 The woman said to fight for what is right and she believes that the truth will set us free. I believed in her, gave me strenght, reason to proceed based on my principles and been with her quite a few times but meaningful and full of character reasoning. I am from this small town, naive as I am and with no influence of worldly selfishness and cowardness. We are three in the family, all girls, all professonals and married. My dad gave his time to share wisdom and trained us to be independent and not shy. On the other hand, my mother was our first teacher, literally, for fifteen years she taught kindergartens and loved by her pupils.

Our life revolves only from house to school, or from our small hardware store to school or just visiting relatives during holiday season. I spent my two decades in the construction industry where my parents prove to everyone how to become successful from scratch. Our life is changing. Principle number five from the Financial mangement is the Curse of competitive market and principle number two is the time value of money. I learned this from the Graduate school where I am finishing my thesis right now. Before I could say Arib....a, Now? Theres something that hinders me to say that one word. If i didn't join this 2010 May election and filed a leave of absence from that school, I will be graduating as a Magna Cum Laude, I risked that part for the betterness of everyone but not for myself. Public service is a martyrs work, time, effort, money and sacrificing are part of the everyday life which in my case, I am willing to do for the sake of others. My husband supported me and my mom.... but my dad? he refused to even gave me some words of wisdom about politics and always telling me then... to quit.

I lost.... I cried and hide for two months in my bedroom. Text and phone calls are all around for moi but told everyone that I am okey though deep inside, I am furious for my decision to run. But no regrets right now, my eyes are very wide open about poverty... After two months, I gained back my confidence, I was elected as the Public Relation Officer from the Grad School student council and did my best to prove my worth even for the small school organization. The president and the secretary are happy to meet me always and I kinda felt the energies of helping and doing everything with the help of two of them. They are both supportive and in return, I gave my all, for the student council.

As naive as I am, I thought all students who got elected are confident, concerned, supportive and really have the hearts to help, I was wrong. Some are happy because of the status, some dont even attended the meetings most of the time. I was so dissapointed and really want to make a difference and  so i befriended everyone. I am not really a friendly approachable person but If i will focus my attention to one thing, I know I can do it. This is also what I am telling to my eldest daughter, Andria, she is still a child at ten years old of age and still have lots of things to do, so focus in one subject is not in her vocabulary.

A lot of things happened, complaints here complaints there which  just like a candy that can throw to each other without thinking of the consequences. A lot got affected and moi the most. I thought I have few loyal friends, I was wrong, I stand with my principles and even alone and knows the truth, still remain active, over confident and makes me more stronger than before. I thought a lot of things that I prove were all wrong. Trust must be gained and for me, It's easy to just give it away because of my upringing. Dont do to others what you dont want others to do unto you.. thats what I am always thinking and prove to be just a hearsay. From the homily, the priest said " If somebody throw a stone to you, throw it back with bread or if you are really rich, make it from french baker.

I began to love our environment from one of my favorite professor Engr. Rey Robles, he is funny, young and professional. I learned a lot from republic act 6969 to republic act 9003. I learned how long the plastic, glass bottles, filters from cigarettes will be decompose, I am thankful, I have some more knowledge to impart or share to those unpriveledge children, so I founded the "Do It Right Advocacy". So far we have 455 members and exchanging informations and ideas about climate change or global warming or everything about the current events, politics or even fashion shows as long as it is for doing the right thing. We reached a lot of lives. We had feeding programs, distribution of walis tingting to spread the word about cleanliness that you dont need an expensive tool to accomplish that and even clean some rivers through the "Sagip Ilog program" and many more that I could say I am proud I did.

I received a complaint from the Deans Office. Its about my Facebook notes to my surprised. I am a frustrated writer, flight attendant, newscaster, fashion model, fashion designer and well, that is why maybe I am into designing and constructing houses..theres the similarities anyway. I love to spent my saturdays in school till I experienced a traumatic event that changes everything. About the complaint of someone who was not wothy of anyones time. My hubby and moi fight about this. Nightmares and more like a torture for receiving this one page of paper with my name and somebody was complaining? I am so surprise...If carlos Celdran offended the religious feelings of the catholic church..this one is offending her feelng...what an absurd reason. and to think she just can talk to me but instead write a letter of complaint as in kinarir for moi...for what? to destroy my very pretty name? for her satisfaction that Grace Nicolas will say sorry to her as her condition for her to widraw the complaint? She taught its as easy as one two three.

Now my Facebook account I am so sure is under monitor, well bring it on, fans.....As long as I know that what I am doing is right, as long as I have my life...I can stand alone without nobody in my side to fight for the truth. It's not easy to lie, she looks so thin now, well she should be cos of her conscience, I am sure she cannot even sleep now. If people or the administration will think about all of this...there will be only ONE question......who is the one who is in need..of money, fame, insecure, no family, no husband but with a child...who doesnt have everything that I could say even I am not fortunate with so many things like those things from JLO, Heart or Kris, I could say I am fortunate I have family who loves me, I can do a lot of things and could make it happen and don't need to work for my no father child cos his daddy has his own legal family.

There are many situations. I am not rude really, people always took advantage of me and i just gave in..well, they like that, ok have them, but it will not be for long. I believe in karma and one of these days, I know it will happen to somebody. i am still naive, my parents love me so much and visiting me everyday, giving wisdom, challenges and love that nobody could do. Yes I am a bragger, not just a blogger, If I offended you, it is your feelings, write a note too about moi, this is happening now here at Burger King before I went to my bestfriend, nothing, just to check my fb and to write this note from my mind and heart...I am still confuse but I am sure..the truth will set us all free.

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