Monday, March 21, 2011

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad

If I am Oprah

1. I'll donate 75% of my fortune right now
2. I'll encourage fellow successful entrepreneur to do the same thing.
3. I'll go to all third class countries and be an ambasadress of goodwill from my own foundation
4. Will help talented individuals to accomplish their goals internationally like Charisse
5. Will give funds to Efren Penaflorinda for him to continue his advocacy
6. Will build learning facilities or improvements for children to have a better education with equally passionate and qualified educators
7. Will improve row housing facilities with better quality structures
8. Will promote good governance and ethical leadership
9. My magazine "O" profits will be donated for livelihood programs
10. I'll do a fun run with Illac Diaz to support his "Bottle House" project and promote exercise against plastic surgery

If I am Christy Walton of Walmart

1. I'll donate 75% of my fortune
2. I'll encourage my billionaire friends to do the same way
3. Will put outlets around the globe and sell quality merchandize in low prices that could give works to people
4. Will promote green technology to have an environment friendly community
5. Will help third world countries to promote family planning methods either natural or artificial way.
6. Will give international scholarship grants for talented youths to become more competitive
7. Will build hospitals to 20 most populated countries for the newly board passers nurses and doctors
8. Will promote peace and harmony for Libya, Bahrain, Yemen
9. Will promote the use of paper packaging materials instead of plastics to reduce the purchase of chemicals in doing plastics that could harm the ozone layer.
10. I'll do forums and seminars on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

If I am Liliane Bettencourt of L'oreal

1. I will donate 75% of my fortune
2. I will support Carlos Celdran to promote Reproductive Health Bill passage and give him lots of Condoms from France to distribute
3. I will do a livelihood program for all members of LGBT to become professional make up artist
4. I will promote the use or reusable diaper for babies and adults
5. Will encourage people to become an environmentalist
6. Will encorage mothers to always look good  and healthy by means of exercise
7. Will promote breastfeeding with the help of medical professionals
8. Will promote good quality of life by means of limiting children they could afford to send to good schools
9.Will make Invitro fertilization affordable for parents who cannot conceive and cannot afford the medication
10. Will invite all my models to come with me all around the third world countries to promote the use bicycle to reduce the consumption of carbon dioxide

If I am  Susanne Klatten of BMW, Pharmaceuticals

1. I will donate  my 75% fortune
2. Will introduce and innovate green cars
3. Will go to third world countries and help Red Cross by donating medicines and encourage my billionaraire friends to do it as well
4. Will donate one car for every poor Filipino who could make a difference
5. Will make all hospitals in the third world countries like the Philippines all like "Asian Hospital" in Alabang with First Class facilities and medical specialist
6.  Will invest in the Philippines like putting up Manufacturing Companies of BMW and Pharmaceuticals
7. Will encourage investors to have business in the Philippines
8. Will support groups with advocacies for the betterment of the community
9. Will promote that honesty is the best policy to elementary students
10. Will ask my felow billionaire friends specially in the middle east to help developing countries to lower the price of oil.

If I am a freakin' billionaire

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  1. Someone who is ignorant enough to use, with abandon,the word "freakin", should never be a billionaire.
    Google this word and so see what you are lacking.