Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sponsorship Speech for RH Bill suspended due to malfunctioning aircon.

  March 1, 2011. I am at Congress right now but sitting in their cafeteria. Hungry from Laguna and having lunch. Supposed to attend a session but is suspended due to non functioning aircon. Imagine a barrio girl from Laguna came all the way here for that? They told me to wear shoes and dress up nicely. I did. The session is supposed to start at 4 in the afternoon but arrived here at 2pm. Early because I am always late for every meeting at Likhaan with a group of empowered women and men. I am representing the DIR advocacy which I am the founder. As a working mother, doing this kind of things like attending rallies and checking problems not my own is not easy but I am happy and enjoying every minute. If others cannot do it, I can.

   I am waiting for almost 500 individuals from DSWP to Gabriella. Women who are fighting for the truth and justice and I am just a “salingpusa”. I became aware about my community and current events in 2009 when the senator of the republic who was a congressman then asked me to organized an event for him. Ondoy was also one reason. With my favorite subject in graduate school, I became aware about the disadvantage of being uninformed.  People tend to blame the government for every disaster. But what did you offer as the citizen of this country.  I came all the way from Laguna and the session is cancelled. It’s two to three hours drive not to mention the boring travel time and my work.

   Truly in helping, need to be unconditional. No proofs, no exchange, no returns and no rewards. Though very disappointing, here I am waiting inside the cafeteria.  Got a message from RHAN, we will just have a rally outside, South wing gate to show our support for the RH Bill and to show our disappointments. Everyday, Eleven mothers are dying because of the birth complications, uninformed and induced abortion.

   Rep. Kaka Bag-ao, Dr. Junice L. Demeterio Melgar, Elizabeth Angsioco, Rep. Edcel Lagman and almost 500 supporters of RH Bill are in attendance.  This morning, I heard from the radio the session about the ombudsman, impeachment and congress which is also done inside the House of Representatives. True or not, with budget, maintenance, generator and scheduled sponsorship speech about the pending reproductive Health Bill, I cannot help but think if its sabotage? But why?

   Lots of vehicles are coming out from the south wing gate with number 8 in their plate number. From a very expensive Hammer to an old Van, I wonder about the congressman inside, who is he/she and I wonder what they are thinking seeing us shouting and with banners outside the gate. I remember  when some congressmen last May 2010 election, even the heat of the sun, they are campaigning, wanted to shake your hands and with a smile on their face. Now with a very important session, because of air conditioned, its suspended.

   Joy Salgado of Likhaan Center for Women's Health Inc asked me if I wanted to talk infront of all supporters and I said yes. I said about my disappointments, my will to attend eventhough I will be coming from Laguna with the intention to bring home and share my experience and knowledge from this event. There are also attendees from Pampanga to my surprised. With me is a writer, Ricky Maramba, the author of he book “The Force”, member of DIR advocacy and came from Malate.

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