Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogging for Advocacy- "In just one single click"

I am always curious about the search engine, there I am, searching my own name. Surprised to see my name under the category of "Blogging for Advocacy" under iblog7, a yearly Blogging Summit in the Philippines and organized by the U.P Diliman College of Law, Internet Society. I remember that in one click from my tiny fingertips I left a message that says " I like to attend and I want to be a speaker ", I forgot all about it, so surprised from that one single click, I'm in.

   Because of three construction projects, not to mention articles I want to submit for Blog Watch and Mulat Pinoy where I am a contributing writer, I can't get enough time to do the Powerpoint presentation for the event. It's my first time to do the talk infront of bloggers which I dont even consider myself as one. When my brother in law sent a book from the Huffington Post about Blogging which until this day, I haven't get a time to read all, though wants too, not until last April 2, 2011 where I undestand what the word "Blogging" is all about.

   When the start of the talk is about Blogging 101 until the last speaker before me, I cant help but think that I am like going back in time. I am already a Blogger without knowing it and Blogging is not for everyone. I am under the Blogging for Advocacy together with Sonny Santos and from all the speakers, I am the only one who is not making any money from Blogging. I am not a web developer or even an I.T expert just a mother of three and an Engineer. My husband told me to be myself and I did. The title of my presentation is "In one single click".

   "In one single click", the power is within your fingertips. One could empower the other person, encourage and influence a politician, organization or individual about your advocacy and could enrich a lot of people in just one single click. Blogging is not for everyone, one need to have Passion. What ever you do its sharing about yourself, it came from the heart and writing will be easy because it is who you are, what happened to you and in which you are just sharing it to others and you never knew, you are already empowering, encouraging and enriching  a lot of just one single click..when you press the "Enter".

   "In on single click", an Advocacy could start a Revolution. The hottest issue today is the "Reproductive Health Bill". Because of Blogs and Facebook, rallies happened, people joined and politicians are empowered. All published articles I have for Blog watch and Mulat Pinoy are part of who I am, my experiences and facts of life. I will never have any topic if I don't like to be with people, If I dont want to interview politicians, If I dont want to be with the majority of the population. Everything is about sharing which became an advocacy and could be shared in just "One single click".

   "In just one single click", I will never be infront of these magnificent bloggers and more than 200 curious aspiring bloggers. With the power of the internet, in just one single click, I create groups with the same advocacy, I expand and advertise my personal business through posting the perspectives of the houses and current projects and standing infront of the people who are listening, taking pictures and taking notes. The experience is overwhelming and it happened because of one single click.

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  1. Congrats Ms. Grace for sharing your thought on iBlog7