Monday, September 26, 2011

Light for Looban

Calauan, Laguna according to the 2007 survey has 54,000 in population. This is when “Bayan ni Juan sa Calauan”, Binay Compound and settlers or relocates from Manila are yet been transferred. Today, more than 70,000 are living in this 3rd class municipality that is headed by our Lady Mayor Feliza Berris. Booming of population is better to some grounds but only if the investors are coming in.

Crime rate went up and unemployment from the national survey for the Philippines is 7% right now, though I am still doubtful about the accuracy. Poor became poorer while the minority few became richer. Still in this place, a lot of people doesn’t have their own land, we have KASAKA at Brgy. Balayhangin and Lamot 2, also from these 17 Barangays, many are illegal settlers but have the right to vote already which made them legal residents.

“Looban” or from the English term “inside” is a place in Calauan, Laguna. It is located in the heart of Barangay Silangan, the town proper of Calauan. More than 50 families are living in this place illegally for more than 50 years which is own by the Catholic Church. The residents don’t have anything but this shelter where they are living almost all their life.

“Do it right” advocacy wants to help them by giving even at least two pieces of Solar Lamp Post to light their way, they are living there illegally but surely a legal residents of the community already. We are knocking once again to your good hearts, at any cost, if together, it will be enough.

At night and if one is not familiar with the place, you will surely have an accident with the slippery and concrete stairs going down to “Looban”, there is no othe way than that. Even some Calaueno doesn’t have any idea that a place like this exist, been there just last year and yet I am just living in the neighboring barangay. Whenever there’s typhoon, imagine them inside with a 3 x 3 square meters home. Some parents living here even have 8 kids without a permanent work that could protect all of them and these are all because of poverty and lack of education.

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