Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I can do...

I am just proud doing what I think I can do best which is designing. Oh nope! not for beauty queens but for the whole family as their dream home. Since I came back in the Philippines as this major lame years as a housewife living and yes! Enjoying too at the east coast and exposed with their different house styles, interiors and newest technology, I decided to pursue what I really think that I can do and that is constructing houses, preserving ancestral homes or even renovating a World War II building.

I love to play with colors, talk to people and managing an entire manpower. They said that it’s passion but for me I think it is destiny. Would love to share with you guys my not so finish products, my assistant just took some pictures today, this will be turnover maybe a week from now, enjoy and check what I am empowered to do.

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