Monday, February 20, 2012

Awareness Program and Change in the System

Calamba City, (PIA)- February 16, 2012, The City Building Official Head Engr. Joselito Guevarra is already two years as a public servant. The department he handles is the one in position for the regulation of law in accordance to the building code 1096 within the city which have 54 Baranggays and is known for its Industrial Parks.

A contractor himself and an advocate for children welfare, Engr. Guevarrra and the Building Department Office is continuing to give an awareness program to the community of Calamba to make sure that everyone is safe in their own house or building under construction with the help of social media from print, broadcast and the Local government office.

The challenge lies when he doubts about the structure of the design of the building plans submitted to his office, so he asked his fellow engineers for the second opinion for certification. In terms of violation against the building code, he is willing to cooperate and help to solve easily the problem that needs to be corrected. His office is open for everyone and inviting the community for transparency and consultation.

When asked about the alleged corruption in the government, he said that the change will be through the correct implementation of the process inside the system. The awareness program for risk reduction according to him must be done from the start of construction work because the efficiency and effective correct procedure in the construction lies in its foundation.

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