Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reality Tweet

Most of my followers on Twitter are my friends, literally. We met, talk and yes share our advocacy. We have lots of things in common and yes, lots of things we don’t agreed too. All of my status and tweets are all based on my expewriences, even about my feelings or tantrums when I am angry or feelings of sadness when somebody pissewd me off but most of all, my tweets are all about my advocacy which is awareness.

I am proud to say that I belong to a group of bloggers that are advocates too. We might have different things in mind or different in profession but we have one thing in common, my advocacy, awareness whether it’s about Human Rights, Transparency of the government, reproductive Health Bill, FOI Bill, Epal Bill, Cild welfare or even about restaurants or food.

Twitter surely is the middle ground of everyone I know right now, well they say that only few could survive this kind of networking medium but well, I am still alive and kicking so far. My followers are mostly poltically aware of what’s happening. From all walks of life, I have Senators, lawyers, bloggers, activist or even a 14 years old student are giving me joy in every morning whenever I open and read their tweets.

Information is faster nowadays especially if you are active and so engaged in this networking site. I am enjoying so far though it’s my substitute already to all newspapers, television programs or even a leakage to what will happen next whether it’s about the incomg Commissioner or about an event that still in process.

Because of Twitter, we did the “Road safety” fun run for awareness and because of it, I am writing this story. Maybe some people who are curious are not aware that Twitter is faster than any print news. Well, the news from twitter is when or while it’s happening.

Now that I belong to those who are assigned to dessiminate positive news about the Philippines, I use twitter and all my access to digital social media to give my opinons or commentaries, that way I can still practice my freedom of speeach, without deletion. This was my dream actually whan I was little. Yes to be with people and to tell them everything that’s happening, literally as it happen.

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