Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Road Safety Awareness

Filipinos love to have a good life, well, actually all people are. Parents would love their children to be safe inside and more on outside the house. In the recent years, because of the traffic congestion, limited resources for safety program, lack of discipline, lack of means to maintain the vehicle to be always in good condition, driving under the influence from drugs or alcohol, over speeding, overloading, violation of traffic rules, texting while driving or even social networking while driving are just some of the causes of deaths in the road which are all from human error.
Road accidents happen when people violate rules, fail to keep their vehicles in good running condition and unintentionally do the wrong thing, such as making a wrong turn or even wrong signaling of lights. Accidents happen because drivers are selfish, greedy and always in hurry and thinking that road accidents only happen to others but not to them. They are very confident while driving without thinking that some cause of road accidents might be from the other drivers with a wrong decision to overtake.

Road safety is not only limited for the drivers but to all people who are riding or inside the vehicle whether one is inside a car or mass transportation. People need to be aware also about the crimes committed in the road like Car-napping, Hijacking or even to become aware about those people in your routine daily route or people you transact in a car business. Awareness usually is the key, to save lives.
The Philippines is compose of more or less 95 Million in population and majority are unaware about the right traffic rules because of the lack of funds from the different government agencies for programs and trainings that could help the drivers on how to be safe on the road and to know the correct traffic rules and ethics.

Mr. Alvin Carranza, Father Robert Reyes who is known as the Running priest and activist for Environment and good governance, Izabelle Palanca Enriquez, Wenchie Flores Sabban, Boy Evangelista ( child has been hijacked and killed and the Dominguez brothers are the suspects) and General Danny Lim were among the advocates who attended the meeting and organized and plan the “Fun Run for Road Safety” awareness. It was held at Café Lupe, Antipolo last February 3, 2012.

Media Advisory:
“Run for Love Run for Life”
(A Fun Run for Road Safety)

OneA Events Place would like to invite you on its fun run, a campaign for ROAD SAFETY CONSCIOUSNESS entitled

“Run for Love Run for Life: A Fun Run for Road Safety”.

Date: February 12, 2012
Time: 6 am
Meeting place: café Lupe grounds along Sumulong Hi- way, Antipolo
End: Katipunan across Ateneo campus

Andrew Grace Home Builders, a Construction firm is supporting this advocacy as its Awareness program for the community.

All participants are requested to wear red as a sign of solidarity on the advocacy and because Valentines Day is in the air. Prizes and certificates will be given away to winners and finishers of the run.

Joining us are its lead advocates Gen. Danny Lim, Fr. Robert Reyes, Senator Pia Cayetano, celebrities like Chuckie Dreyfus and some other notable personalities. This is to create greater awareness on the importance of road safety and call the attention of the government to enact stronger laws on keeping our roads safe.

Donation: ph 100.00

Questions and / or clarifications may be directed to Eilleen Esteban at telephone number (02) 624-9664, mobile number (0917) 854-8235, and email address lockerroom.sportsmarketing@gmail.com.

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  1. Read the highway code to find out more about speed limits. Be an ambassador for driving within the legal speed limits, if you comply the chances are that the driver behind you will too.