Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positively muah!

As a government employee ( is it the correct term if one is appointed?) whom I didn’t even dreamt to be and well yeah imagine, survived to get my first cheq, yes, you heard me right folks! They are paying me now and to write about good governance, climate change, livelihood program or in other words, just POSITIVE news which really is very hard to do than blogging without an editor.

In blogging it’s all about me. You heard it right, my opinion, my commentary and all about transparency. I am fortunate that I can do anywhere, well thanks to my mom for the car and my friends who could give me more information without limits. Actually writing anything positive is what I want to do especially if it’s the reality. Though reality bites with so many poor people in poverty and corruption among the highest officials who does not want to quit or our admirable lady senator who is always hyper. Anyway, I am here at exactly 5:00 pm meaning I can go home now and yet, we are here with food just delivered from Chowking. Spicy siomai at it’s best and black gulaman while waiting for my officemates to go home.

Today, I just interviewed the Provincial head of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources which was planned while when I was in the City Hall of Calamba City doing some business, I am caught with their quarterly earthquake drill and so because I am there already, I interviewed the facilitator which is the Public order and safety office department. Voila! I have two news to report and yes, all about enforcement and awareness.

Surprisingly, whenever I interviewed some government head, they were like have uneasiness. They thought everything they will say will be published. Honestly, why that thought and mindset? Oh well, I am assigned to get news from different provinces like Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Quezon which is very hard to do because of the appointments and schedules. It’s BIG! Big time.

Ok I think my spicy siomai is done and I need one more gulaman.

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